New Jersey solar panels--Not in my front yard

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NY Times:

Solar Panels Rise, Followed by Gasps of ‘Eyesore’

They are hanging from just about every power poll in the state or will be by the time the project is finished.  "Clean energy" is not so pretty when it blocks your view.  As they go up in attractive subdivisions people worry about lost property values.  Obama should be a=worrying about lost votes because of his energy policy although this was a product of the Corzine administration in New Jersey, it comes from a requirement that the local utilities have a high percentage of their output from "renewable energy."  What the residents get with the solar effort is higher utility bills  and lost vistas.
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  1. New Jersey always tries to overcome limitations in whichever manner possible. Though it does not enjoy bright sunshine, high winds, vacant land etc, it has found places where solar capacity can be squirreled away discreetly.

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