Multinational impotence in face of Syrian atrocities

United States Department of State, Washington,...Image by Rainer Ebert via Flickr
NY Times:

Syria’s bloody crackdown on protesters — which seemed to signal a new, harrowing chapter in a conflict that has already killed nearly 400 people — provoked growing international concern on Tuesday with calls for the violence to stop and talk of possible sanctions.

The Syrian Army stormed the restive city of Dara’a with tanks and soldiers and helped detain dozens nationwide Monday in an escalation of the counter offensive against Syria’s five-week-old uprising, according to residents and human rights activists. They said at least 25 people had been killed in Dara’a, with reports of bodies strewn in the streets.

Such was the alarm in the West about developments in Syria, a critical regional player adjacent to Israel and a close ally of Iran, that the United States State Department urged American citizens not to visit the country and said Americans already there should leave immediately.

Of course the Syrians have a harder time leaving the blood bath. This administration continues to show a lack of leadership when it comes to the mass murder of Syrians by their government. In fact, the administration appears to be standing on the sidelines doing not too much to stop events. They are becoming complicit in Assad's attempts to restore Syrian fear of their government as a means of staying in power.
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