The incoherent Middle East policy of Obama

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Examiner Editorial:

Teddy Roosevelt famously talked softly but carried a big stick. President Obama does the opposite: He talks big but carries a stick that is steadily getting softer. And sometimes he doesn't say or do anything at all, which is the worst possible situation. Consider Obama's declaration that Libya's Moammar Gadhafi "must go." But after making a clear statement of aggressive intent, Obama refused to apply sufficient U.S. military power to make the dictator's departure a reality.


Meanwhile, the situation in Syria has become a nightmare, with the security forces of dictator Bashar al-Assad slaughtering protesters in the streets. Nearly 300 protestors have now been killed, with a flood of grisly amateur videos of the clashes exhibiting the horrendous lethality of modern sniper weaponry. Obama's response has been virtual silence and inaction. Yes, he condemned the shooting of protestors, but, as the Washington Post pointed out in calling his response "shameful," none of the usual diplomatic actions have been taken to put pressure on Assad. Since Syria is Iran's closest ally, Obama's silence on the Syrian crisis chillingly recalls his utter lack of interest in aiding Iran's democratic protesters two years ago.

This is part of the unfortunate context of Obama's plans to cut back on defense spending, at a time when we need to replace the inventories lost in a 10 year war in Afghanistan as well as a long war in Iraq. He has been killing off programs like the F-22 as well as advanced weapons for the other services too. When liberals are at war they seem to give little thought to planning ahead.
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  1. Can you even define liberal? What does liberal or conservative have to do with it? Is it liberal to hesitate to send Americans to lose their lives defending non-Americans, or is it libertarian conservative? Is it liberal to hesitate to spend borrowed money to send the military to Africa, or is it fiscal conservative? Would it matter what Obama does, or would you find a way to criticize regardless? You have a full quiver of totally contradictory positions and catch phrases for every issue. How large a specifically-designated war surtax do you propose for paying for what you want Obama to do in Libya and Syria?


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