Border post skirmish leads to capture of Qaddafi forces by Tunisia

MISURATA, LIBYA - APRIL 20:  Rebel fighters ca...Image by Getty Images via @daylife

The Libyan civil war briefly spilled into Tunisia yesterday as the west of the country saw heavy fighting on two fronts and Nato reported that Muammar Gaddafi's forces were laying anti-shipping mines in the sea off Misrata.

Pro-Gaddafi troops made incursions over the border into Tunisia in a battle to retake a key crossing from rebel hands, drawing condemnation from Tunis.

Libyan soldiers were captured by Tunisian forces after firing indiscriminately in clashes that lasted about 90 minutes, according to reports. Witnesses said three Tunisians were injured.

Any sign of the Libyan conflict stretching into Tunisa would have serious regional implications.

"Given the gravity of what has happened … the Tunisian authorities have informed the Libyans of their extreme indignation and demand measures to put an immediate stop to these violations," the Tunisian foreign ministry said.

Rebels later claimed the Wazin-Dehiba crossing was back in their hands. "Gaddafi forces are no longer in Dehiba. They were defeated," a witness named as Akram told the Associated Press. Control of the crossing has changed several times in the past 10 days.

The Qaddafi forces must have left their GPS at home. The description suggest they are an undisciplined rabble. While I am sure the Tunisians are displeased by the incursion, it does not sound like it was much of a threat.
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