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The bogus Trump trial

 Red State: ... Watch: The ad starts with Bragg taking to the podium in April 2023 to announce that Trump had just been arraigned for the charges. The music turns ominous as former Attorney General Bill Barr says, “This case is an abomination.” Truer words were never spoken, but the New York jury didn’t seem to care. Barr continued: “You know, it's obviously political. Seven years to try to come up with this case. They're just wrong on the law.” “The only crime that Donald Trump is being prosecuted for is the crime of running for president,” former White House speechwriter under George W. Bush Marc Thiessen agreed. ... The Democrats deserve to be defeated for this lawfare attack on a rival candidate.  I can't wait to vote against them for this.  See also: RFK Jr.'s Reaction to Trump Conviction? 'You Can't Save Democracy by Destroying It First' null And: Lefty DA Bragg did his evil job in bid to ‘rig’ 2024 presidential election And: Megyn Kelly: Democrats Wil

Trump offers Musk a role in new administration

Newsmax: Former President Donald Trump and Elon Musk have discussed an advisory role should Trump be re-elected president, the Wall Street Journal reported. The Tesla CEO and Trump have talked about ways to give Musk input and influence over border security and the economy, which Musk has tweeted about on X, formerly known as Twitter, which he now owns, the Journal reported. Musk's role would be like one Isaac Perlmutter, former Marvel chairman, held in the first Trump administration, according to the Journal. Musk had previously served on a White House business advisory group during the first Trump administration, but resigned in 2017 after Trump withdrew from the Paris climate accords. Musk and billionaire investor Nelson Peltz have also pitched Trump on a data-driven project aimed at preventing voter fraud, according to the Journal. Musk and Trump chat on the phone several times a month, people familiar with their talks said. Trump and Musk have discussed immigration, technology

Voters see through the unfair trail of Trump

   Townhall: As the jury deliberates on the verdict in the Trump hush money trial, I wouldn’t have been shocked if this body got deadlocked. Then, Judge Merchan decided to  tilt the scales , offering confusing instructions and guidelines to the jurors and setting up fertile ground for an appeal should things go sideways. One thing is clear: the American people do not care. CNN’s Harry Enten broke that down, showing the Left’s attempt at damaging Donald Trump through weaponizing our legal system has backfired: It reached the point where hosts on this network, who I’d never thought would offer rational takes on this matter, admitted that if Trump weren’t the defendant, a trial in this hush money matter, let alone an indictment, wouldn’t have been handed down. Most Americans don’t think that Trump can get a fair trial—they see through the shenanigans here: The former president got  engulfed in a legal circus , where a misdemeanor charge was elevated to a felony but whose statute of limita

Trump has 8 point lead with Independents

   Newsmax: Former President Donald Trump early Thursday touted the results of a new NPR/PBSNewsHour/Marist poll showing him ahead of President Joe Biden by 8 percentage points among independents. "54 to 42," Trump said outside the Manhattan courtroom where jurors are to reconvene for deliberations in his business records trial. "That's among independents. That's the best we've ever done, the poll says, among independents." According the poll, Biden and Trump are in a statistical tie — with 50% for Biden and 48% for Trump lying within the margin of error — but Trump pulled out the lead of 54%-42% over Biden among independents. ... It is hard to imagine why any independent thinker would support Biden.  The results of his presidentcy have been high inflation and wars popping up in Europe and the Middle East leading to the US throwing Billions in support of those wars.  See also: Dick Morris: Trump Will Still Win

Musk attempting to get other elites to turn against Biden

   American Action News: Billionaires Elon Musk and Nelson Peltz are reportedly involved in an ongoing campaign in powerful networks to persuade influential business executives nationwide not to back President Joe Biden’s reelection effort, The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday. Musk , who owns social media platform X, is a prominent critic of Biden and has faced many investigations stemming from the current president’s administration since purchasing the company, which was formerly called Twitter. Musk and others who share his political views have been organizing meetings to target Biden, according to individuals familiar with the discussions, the WSJ reported . Peltz, who founded an investment company called Trian Partners, told The Financial Times in March that he plans to support Trump because of immigration issues and due to fears about Biden’s “mental condition.” Musk, Peltz and others intend to keep hosting dinners and meetings around the U.S. with business elites tha

The war on Medicare

  Newt Gingrich & Jim Frogue: null President Joe Biden’s full-frontal assault on Medicare is becoming visible to America’s seniors. It will result in fewer patient choices, reduced benefits, and ultimately worse health outcomes. Biden’s efforts, assisted by Congressional Democrats, are destroying Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage. Medicare Advantage was originally created as Medicare Part C in 1997 when I was Speaker of the House. It was introduced to create more comprehensive health plan options for seniors that included, for the first time, prescription drug coverage. The idea was to leverage consumer choice and market competition by insurers. Seniors can change plans annually for any reason. More than 30 million seniors are in Medicare Advantage, which is more than half of all Medicare-eligible seniors. Enrollment has been on a “steady climb for the for past two decades,” according to the Kaiser Family Foundation . All MA enrollees have voluntaril

Celebrities wary of backing Biden this election

 Fox News: President Biden is trying to court Hollywood stars to back his presidential campaign in the tight 2024 race, a new report claims, but many celebrities are hesitant to do so this time around. "It’s a different world than it was 10 years ago. You can’t make anyone happy. You can’t win," one celebrity publicist told CNN. Celebrity insiders who spoke to the news outlet said that tensions over Israel and the increased polarization in the country has left many stars wary to back Biden. "Celebs feel, more than ever, that the perceived cost is higher," a political strategist who advises celebrities added. "Is it even worth it?" ... Biden has been a terrible presdient.  During his administration Inflation is out of control and wars are popping up in Europe and the Middle East.  Inside of running on the issues he is trying to put his main political opponent in jail.  That is not something someone with a record to run on would be doing.  BTW, Trump had a

Voters should decide that Democrats are guilty of election interference

Headline USA:   Trump: Voters Will Decide Guilt or Innocence in November 'Everyone knows what happened here. We didn't do a thing wrong. I'm a very innocent man. It's OK. I'm fighting for our country. I'm fighting for our Constitution....' Democrats have become a disgrace to democracy in this country.  Their bogus attempt to criminalize their chief political opponent will live in infamy.  Trump is already showing  increased support from black voters in this country. See also: Trump Attorney Hints At Possibility Of Suing Alvin Bragg For ‘Malicious Prosecution’ I don't think Bragg had much of a case to begin with and the Judge in the case appears hostile to Trump which suggests he did not get a fair trial.  And: Trump After Guilty Verdict: 'This Is Long From Over' null And:   Hill GOP blasts ‘travesty’ Trump verdict — and vows it will motivate party base in November null Underscoring the link between their fury over his conviction and their Electi

Trump triggers the Special Counsel

  PJ Media: On Friday night before the Memorial Day weekend when no one was looking, Special Counsel Jack Smith, he of the J6 and Mar-a-Lago federal cases against Donald Trump, made a move that looked desperate, contemptuous, and vindictive. Now Trump's lawyers have responded, and you may want to get the popcorn.  Since Joe Biden unleashed the dogs on Donald Trump and green-lighted all the criminal charges against the former president, including the raid on his Mar-a-Lago home in Florida, sentient Americans have wondered how much more ridiculous this lawfare will get. Asked and answered. Friday night's latest insult move came in the form of an urgent request to federal Judge Aileen Cannon to essentially gag the former leader of the free world because he's DANGEROUS and says dangerous things about the FBI!  Smith said that Trump's TruthSocial post on May 21 put FBI officers at risk. Trump wondered in his post who's a bigger "threat to democracy," him or the

Biden's foreign policy ineptitude

   Athena Thorne: In entirely predictable developments, the Biden administration's projection of weakness, indecisiveness, and moral collapse has led to instability and strife all across the globe. Was it only less than four years ago that President Trump oversaw the historic Abraham Accords? That Israel signed recognition and normalization agreements with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain in an unprecedented swing towards peace in the modern Middle East? Ah, those were the days. Now, war rages as Israel hunts down the Hamas barbarians that attacked civilians last fall. The Biden administration is worse than leaderless; it's actively taking positions that will prolong the conflict. For Israel's sake, thank God that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu still knows how to win a war: by crushing the enemy. It's not pretty, but in this situation, it's the best chance at re-establishing longer-lasting peace and stability. Meanwhile, the Biden administration busie

Attacks on Justice Alito not working

 PJ Media: Alito Rejects the Left’s Hypocritical Calls to Recuse Himself I suspect the Democrats' motive is to try to rig the outcome of a case. See also: Trump Praises Alito for Not Recusing From Jan. 6 Cases And:   The Jokes Write Themselves After NY Times Reveals Cringe Details on Alito Neighbor at Center of Dispute

The Dems' trans agenda

 Washington Times: GOP introduces resolution to overturn HHS rule that forces taxpayers to fund transgender surgeries I do not see much support for paying for these surgeries with tax money. 

Polls indicate Trump and GOP favored in 2024

 The Hill: Former President Trump and the GOP are the favorites to win the races for the White House and for both chambers of Congress a little more than five months before Election Day, according to a forecast model released Wednesday by Decision Desk HQ and The Hill . The model gives Trump a 58 percent chance of winning the presidency, and shows him with slight leads in most of the key swing states in the presidential race. ... Republicans are a more comfortable favorite in the House and Senate, the model says. The GOP holds an 80 percent chance of winning the Senate majority and a 64 percent chance of holding its House majority. ... When you consider the Biden record which most Democrats supported, voters are clearly disappointed in the Biden agenda and the Democrats who supported it.    See also: The Democrat Party just waved the white flag of surrender and now Biden is sweating

Biden panicky over loss of black support

   Fox News: President Biden is launching a new effort to reach out to Black voters as polls show the president is losing ground with that key Democratic constituency to his rival, former President Donald Trump. The Biden-Harris campaign on Wednesday announced an eight-figure spending blitz to drive engagement with Black student organizations, community groups and faith centers nationally and in battleground states as the president seeks to rally support for his reelection. Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are scheduled to speak at a rally in Philadelphia Wednesday afternoon for the first official "Black Voters for Biden-Harris" event. "Today’s launch of the Black Voters for Biden-Harris coalition is yet another example of our campaign working diligently to earn every single vote. This coalition and the newly announced summer outreach and engagement programming serve as the next phase of our campaign’s ongoing historic investments in outreach to the backbone of th

Democrats judicial hypocrisy

   Newsmax: Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito should not recuse himself from any Jan. 6 cases, former U.S. Attorney Brett Tolman told Newsmax on Wednesday night. Alito has rejected calls to step aside from cases involving former President Donald Trump and defendants from the Jan. 6, 2021, attack at the Capitol because of the controversy over flags that flew over his homes. In letters to members of Congress on Wednesday, Alito said his wife, Martha-Ann, was responsible for flying an upside-down flag over his home in 2021 and an "Appeal to Heaven" flag at his New Jersey beach house last year. Both flags were like those carried by protesters who attacked the Capitol in January 2021 while echoing Trump's claims of election fraud. "I know Justice Alito. I worked on his confirmation actually and have been following his career for many years. I can tell you, if you want to talk about judicial temperament and discretion, there's not a more thoughtful man that I've

Biden officials accused of covering up terror attack on Marine base

 NY Post: By refusing repeated chances to answer simple questions about a May 3 incident at Quantico Marine Corps base , the Biden administration has essentially confirmed one of America’s worst — and most politically consequential — nightmares related to the ongoing border crisis. Two illegal immigrants just attempted a terror attack on US soil. We know that a Jordanian who illegally crossed the border joined up with another Jordanian who had overstayed his visa, and drove a box truck to the gates of Quantico. They claimed to be Amazon delivery drivers , and tried to access a site that houses the FBI training academy, military officer training schools, and military criminal investigations and intelligence commands. Quick-thinking military police stopped the truck, and charged the men with trespassing before turning them over to US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. ... The government refuses to say if either of these men were on a terror watch list, if they made any confessions in c

Panic times for Democrats

 Rick Lowry: Minority voters bolting from Biden could mean disaster for Dems ... A New York Times poll in March had Trump, astonishingly, beating Biden among Hispanic voters 46% to 40%, while a Wall Street Journal survey last month found that 30% of African-American males say they are definitely or probably going to vote for Trump. Other surveys show less stark results, but there’s no doubt that something is going on, especially with Hispanic voters. ... The Democrats are losing the support of those hurt the most by the Inflation Biden triggered with his reckless spending.  See also: 'Full-Blown Freakout,' Democrats Are Having a Panic Attack Over Joe Biden's Electoral Prospects null And:   Biden’s Covert Plan to Sabotage a Trump Comeback 'The White House fears Trump could try to advance an ideological agenda...' And:   The Biden campaign is in ruins after being exposed in humiliating fashion

The political trial against Trump

  The Democrats have a problem in that Biden is not a viable candidate to most voters so they have decided that the way to hold their grasp on power requires them to put their chief political opponent in prison.  It is one of the most disgrafeul acts in American history. See also: Top Biden Donor Revealed to Be Pakistani Government Official - What Did He Get in Return?

The Climate Kooks push for unreliable energy

   Stephen Green: America produces more energy than any other country in the world, has more energy reserves than any other country, and pioneered clean, inexpensive, and virtually unlimited nuclear energy. So why does even the Washington Post admit that " America is running out of power? " The answer is simple. Take a look at your smartphone. Binge-watch the new season of Bridgerton on Netflix. Ask ChatGPT to produce an outline for your marketing plan. "For years tech giants have been helping climate catastrophists shut down reliable fossil fuel electricity, falsely claiming they can be replaced by solar/wind," Alex Epstein — energy expert and author of "Fossil Future" — reported on X a few days ago. "Now the grid they've helped gut can't supply their growing AI needs." ... There are few things more destructive than a major corporation with lots of money to throw around making themselves look good on trendy social concerns. "Tech g

Biden administration accused of violating the Hatch Act

   Prudent Politics: ... The Biden administration’s initiative to boost voter registration is raising legal concerns, with experts suggesting it may violate multiple federal laws. President Joe Biden’s executive order, signed in March 2021, directs federal agencies to explore ways to promote voter registration and participation, collaborating with nonprofits in get-out-the-vote efforts. However, the initiative’s opaque implementation process has made it difficult to ascertain its legality, according to legal experts who have been recently interviewed by reporters. At the heart of the controversy is the Hatch Act, which restricts federal employees from engaging in political activities. Election law attorney Audrey Perry Martin indicated that the order could breach this law, depending on its execution. “If executive agencies accept volunteer services from third-party organizations with a partisan purpose to register voters, that would appear to violate the Hatch Act,” Audrey shared with

Judge rejects Dem effort to censor Trump

 Headline USA: Judge Cannon Rejects DOJ Effort to Block Trump’s Criticism of Mar-a-Lago Assassination Plot Trump: Biden's DOJ was 'locked & loaded ready to take me out & put my family in danger...' Trump was responding to the raid on Mar-a-Logo that allowed the FBI to use "deadly force."  It was also a nonsensical raid, to begin with, that has become typical of the Biden adminsitration's attempt to go after a political rival.

Dems try to restrict Israel operations in Rafah area

 Newsmax: The White House on Tuesday provided the most complete definition yet of what it considers a "major ground operation" in Rafah that could trigger a change in United States policy toward Israel, and said Israel's actions there have not yet reached that level. "We have not seen them smash into Rafah - we have not seen them go in with large units, large numbers of troops in columns and formations in some sort of coordinated maneuver against multiple targets on the ground. That is a major ground operation. We have not seen that," White House national security spokesperson John Kirby told reporters at a briefing. Israel's three-week-old Rafah offensive stirred renewed outrage and prompted an outcry from global leaders after an airstike on Sunday that Gaza officials said killed at least 45 people when a blaze ignited in a tent camp in a western district. As the war's toll rises, President Biden has been facing increased pressure from all sides -- lawm

Supreme Court backs Texas right to control border

 This is a setback for Biden's open borders agenda. ꪻꫝể ꪻꫝể @TheThe1776 · 2h Supreme Court decision changes everything when it comes to immigration law. Today the Supreme Court with the three liberals dissenting decided that Texas could Go forward with its SB 4 Law. This means that Texas now has the authority to arrest, incarcerate, and deport Illegals Show more 365 3.9K 8.8K 95K