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AG admits it is not a crime to question elections

 Apparently, some in his office think it is. Daily Caller @DailyCaller · 5h . @RepBarryMoore : "Is that a crime when citizens just question an election in America now?" GARLAND: "No." MOORE: "I questioned the election results in 2020, and there are a lot of people in America that do. And they question the weaponization of government attacking American…   Show more 23 86 249 250 19K

Biden trails at least three GOP candidates in 2024 race

 The Hill: President Biden is trailing former President Trump, former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley and Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) in several hypothetical 2024 match-ups in a new survey from Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll shared with The Hill. The poll found that 44 percent of respondents said they would vote for Trump when asked about a hypothetical match-up between him and Biden in 2024, while 40 percent said they would back the current president. A separate 15 percent said they were unsure or didn’t know. The polling is largely unchanged from a similar Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll conducted in July, which had Trump at 45 percent and Biden at 40 percent. The poll also found that 41 percent said they would back Haley, compared to 37 percent who said they would support Biden. When asked about a match between Biden and Scott, the president received 37 percent, while Scott received 39 percent. Still, both hypothetical match-ups featured larger shares of respondents saying they didn’t know or were unsur

Biden's corruption defense

 Victor Davis Hanson: ... One of their strategies is to deny, then hedge, then ignore, then grow silent—and repeat the wash/rinse/spin cycle of stonewalling as many times as necessary to evade the mounting truth. Insidiously Joe Biden has retreated from his once loud protestations that he supposedly had no idea of what Hunter and his associates were doing. Such a patently dishonest denial set the model that the President would have no compunction about lying to the American people until the evidence of his wrongdoing becomes overwhelming. But this first line of defense did not crumble for years—only to be replaced by a second line of denial: Biden may have known of Hunter’s shenanigans, but he had no business interests with him. That was another blatant untruth. And that additional stalling also allowed Biden to ignore the closing walls of incrimination for even more months. When these two forward lines of defense collapsed, as the Biden consortium knew they eventually would, a retreat

Columbia a way station for migrants to the US

 Breitbart: One million economic migrants from around the world will exit Columbia for the United States in 2024, says the leftist president of Columbia, Gustavo Petro. Colombia will not interfere with the huge flow out of Colombia, across Panama’s Darien Gap, through Mexico, and up to the U.S. border, Petro  told  the  New York Times : The answer to this crisis, he said, was not to go “chasing migrants” at the border or to force them into “concentration camps” that blocked them from trying to reach the United States. “I would say yes, I’ll help, but not like you think,” Mr. Petro said of the agreement with the Biden administration, which was big on ambition but thin on details. He said any solution to the issue had to focus on “solving migrants’ social problems, which do not come from Colombia [but come from the United States].” “He expects half a million people to cross the Darien this year, he said, and then a million next year,” up from 250,000 migrants in 2022, the newspaper  adde

Dems accused of ballot box stuffing

Athena Thorne:   Whether it’s because they have no fear of consequence or because they really are that stupid, Democrat operatives regularly stuff ballot boxes in full view of cameras. The pattern is nauseatingly familiar at this point: First, Big Left’s candidate comes from behind to win an election with a handful of mail-in or absentee votes. Then, video, sworn testimony, and/or official complaints of ballot harvesting and ballot box stuffing emerge. The matter is referred to law enforcement, which opens an investigation. And then … nothing. In the film “2000 Mules,” rampant ballot harvesting — which is illegal in Georgia, one of the states featured in the film — was documented. The matter was referred to Ga. Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, whose office launched an investigation. “If Georgia’s investigation into organized ballot harvesting leads to actual arrests and punishment, it will be a great day for America,” I wrote at the time. “We are all weary of lengthy investigati

Pelosi accused of failure to secure Capitol building on January 6 event

 Gateway Pundit: ... Chief Steven Sund has been outspoken of Nancy Pelosi and her failures to secure the US Capitol that day. It has been widely reported that President Trump asked for the National Guard three days in advance of January 6. But Pelosi turned him down. She refused to call in the National Guard despite numerous warnings of possible violence. Pelosi then refused to turn over information about her culpability in the security breakdown during the Jan. 6 riot for over a year to congressional investigators. Steven A. Sund, the Capitol Police chief on that fateful day, not only confirms her culpability along with the rest of the Democratic leadership. Sund reported that Pelosi utilized him as a scapegoat and forced him to step down as Police Chief. We all know now she was just trying to obfuscate her own responsibility for the attack. The day after January 6, Nancy Pelosi blamed Chief Sund for the security failures that day. Pelosi insisted she never spoke with Chief Sund