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Antifa and domestic terrorism

Andrew McCarthy: Attorney General William Barr issued a statement Saturday decrying the rioters who have violently hijacked peaceful protests over the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police. The attorney general made explicit reference to “groups of outside radicals and agitators” who are pursuing a “separate and violent agenda.” Barr added: “In many places, it appears the violence is planned, organized and driven by anarchist and far left extremists, using Antifa-like tactics, many of whom travel from out of state to promote the violence.” The mention of Antifa is significant. It is a loosely-knit, interstate movement whose objective is to wage a terrorist war against the United States, using violence against the government and our civilian infrastructure. Equally salient is the attorney general’s assertion that the radical groups involved in the rioting are pursuing a specific, violent agenda. That obviously refers to the ongoing campaign to coerce acceptance by the co

Liberalism kills, people, businesses, communities

Derek Hunter: Remember this week when it comes time to vote in November. What we’re seeing across America is what Democrats have created coming to fruition; it’s the natural end result of a progressive philosophy that works overtime to absolve individuals of their responsibility and place blame on others for political advantage. It’s rage for the sake of motivation to vote, to hate, to not think. It has worked for progressives in the past, and there’s no reason to believe it won’t work for Democrats now. But in order to work, it has to destroy. Liberalism, progressivism, or whatever they choose to call the Democratic Party’s agenda, kills. It kills people, it kills businesses, it kills communities. The first two are obvious, the last one may be less so. The political left spends a lot of time tossing around the word “community,” but they don’t mean it the way you likely understand it. It, like so many other words bastardized by leftists, has been redefined to be more useful to th

Media sowed hate for Trump first

Washington Post: Trump has sown hatred of the press. Now journalists are under assault from police, protesters. From early in the 2016, the media openly decided that it should not be fair with Donald Trump.  Both the NY Times and Washington Post said so on their first page.  Trump is many things, but he has always been a counter puncher and it appears that the media has become punch drunk.  The performance of the White House reporters has turned into little more than "gotcha" questions and whining. The editorials of the Post and the Times are consistently attacking President Trump along with reporters.  I don't watch CNN, but the highlights I have seen show they treated Trump consistently unfairly.  They were all in on the Russian collusion hoax and the Ukraine nothing burger of an impeachment. As for the attacks on CNN's headquarters I do not think they were inspired by Trump.  I think some Antifa types thought it would be a good way to publicize their t

WHO was complicit in allowing China to spread pandemic around the world

NY Times: Blaming China for Pandemic, Trump Says U.S. Will Leave the W.H.O. America’s decades-long relationship with the organization has been instrumental in improving health around the world. When it came to the Pandemic WHO covered up for the Chicoms for critical weeks while China was allowing infected people to fly around the world including into the US while restricting domestic flights from Wuhan.  The WHO was an utter failure at shopping the spread of this disease.  Is there some reason beyond Trump-hatred for not holding the WHO to account?

The lock down was an abject failure

Sherelle Jacobs: We have detonated the global economy to pursue a lockdown experiment that may not have worked, according to the latest evidence. This diabolical revelation should be a world scandal. It should also be a sobering moment of enlightenment for Britain, as we seek to salvage our economy while learning lessons on how to better protect the vulnerable. Instead the Covid narrative becomes ever more surreal. The broadcast media is more interested in scalping lockdown flouters than questioning whether shutdowns have served any useful purpose. World-class studies that suggest lockdown did not alter the pandemic’s course are mysteriously vanishing into internet obscurity on first contact with the official narrative . Our greatest minds have resorted to unpicking the issue on offbeat YouTube webinars. No global NGO or lockdown country has launched an investigation into their impact. This is a scandal so overwhelming that there is only one good place to start: the evidence as

Trump trusted more than Biden on growing the economy

Reuters: U.S. President Donald Trump is trusted more than Democratic nominee Joe Biden to handle the economy, polls show, even with more than 40 million Americans filing jobless claims and growth stalled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Some Biden supporters fear that vulnerability could intensify if Trump becomes the face of an economic recovery as the country re-opens after shutdowns, giving the Republican president's re-election prospects a boost when he needs it most. Biden is expected to release a large-scale recovery plan in the coming weeks. Democrats are watching closely to see if his message matches the moment, saying the party's presumptive nominee needs to ramp up criticism of Trump's response to the pandemic and show leadership for moving forward. Biden, who has held online events from home during the shutdown, "stayed in his basement and did the proper thing, but now it's different," said a leading Democrat in Michigan's Macomb County,

Globalism could be Biden's downfall

Augustus Howard: Joe Biden refers often to his roots in middle and working-class America. Speaking in his birthplace of Scranton, Pa., last year, Biden stated: “We were raised to believe family, loyalty, treating everyone with dignity is what we should do, because a lot of us knew what it was like not to be treated with dignity by people with wealth.” However sincere his personal narrative may be, Biden’s actual politics tell a different story. Somewhere along the way, Biden chose to embrace globalism and the priorities of global wealth over the interests of the American worker. Comfortable in the highest reaches of government, the son of Scranton became a platinum-level member of the globalist elite. As a senator who voted for the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Biden is, in fact, one of the Founding Fathers of modern globalism and American industrial decline. While there is debate about NAFTA’s precise impact on employment, there can be no dispute that it cost the

Trump seeing an increase in Hispanic voters

Mary Kay Linge: The idea that minorities vote Democrat is an ingrained assumption of American politics. But Mike Garcia — the son of a Mexican immigrant — is proof that Hispanic Republicans are alive and well in Donald Trump’s GOP. Earlier this month, Garcia flipped a Democratic congressional district in California — the seat formerly held by scandal-scarred “throuple” Rep. Katie Hill — into the Republican column for the first time in 22 years. Garcia, a 44-year-old former Navy fighter pilot, is now a newly sworn-in member of Congress, representing a district where more than half the population is nonwhite, 35 percent of it Hispanic — after beating his Democratic rival by 10 points in a May 12 special election. While most of America’s Latinos have voted Democrat since the days of Franklin D. Roosevelt, around 30 percent of them have maintained a deep loyalty to the Republican Party. And that core has remained solid throughout Trump’s term in the White House. In his new book “

Why would 'white supremacists riot because a black man died in police custody?

Fox News: Minneapolis mayor says 'white supremacists,' 'out of state instigators' behind protests, but arrests show different story Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said Saturday that officials think "white supremacists" and "out-of-state instigators" could be behind the protests in the wake of George Floyd’s death, but a report showed that "about 86 percent" of arrests so far are mostly of in-state residents. Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz also said Saturday that the majority of the protestors arrested were from outside Minneapolis and sought to take advantage of the chaos. However, a report by KARE 11 showed "about 86 percent" of the 36 arrests listed their address in Minnesota, and that they live in Minneapolis or the metro area, according to data the outlet analyzed from the Hennepin County Jail's roster. Five out-of-state cases came from Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Michigan and Missouri, according to KARE 11. ... The tact

Before George Floyd lost his life in an arrest he was a victim of the liberal lock down losing his job and turning to drugs and alcohol

Apparently the "data and the science" did not warn the leftist leaders of blue states of the depression caused by joblessness and lack of income.  The police were called on Floyd because he apparently used a counterfeit $20 bill to make a purchase.  He was down on his luck because of lock down policies with no end in sight in the blue bastions I have not heard a good explanation for why the police put a knee on his neck after he was already in cuffs.  It was something that bothered everyone who saw from the President on down.  The officers were fired and one has been arrested.  In other words the justice system went to work as it is supposed to do in such situations, but that apparently was not enough for the organized mob action in several cities.  It was as though they planned the riots before the incident. Clarice Feldman: Elijah Schaffer reports on twitter:  ELIJAH SCHAFFER @ElijahSchaffer BREAKING: tonight’s Dallas riot was pre-planned Organizers were direct

Space X rocket launch's US astronauts on trip to space station

AP/Houston Chronicle: A rocket ship built by Elon Musk’s SpaceX company thundered away from Earth with two Americans on Saturday, ushering in a new era in commercial space travel and putting the United States back in the business of launching astronauts into orbit from U.S. soil for the first time in nearly a decade. NASA’s Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken rode skyward aboard a white-and-black, bullet-shaped Dragon capsule on top of a Falcon 9 rocket, lifting off at 3:22 p.m. from the same launch pad used to send Apollo crews to the moon a half-century ago. Minutes later, they slipped safely into orbit. “Let's light this candle,” Hurley said just before ignition, borrowing the words used by Alan Shepard on America's first human spaceflight, in 1961. The two men are scheduled to arrive at the International Space Station, 250 miles above Earth, on Sunday for a stay of up to four months, after which they will come home with a Right Stuff-style splashdown at sea. ... With the

Atlanta's mayor gets it right in responding to riot

NY Times: Atlanta Protesters Clash With Police as Mayor Warns ‘You Are Disgracing Our City’ Protesters broke windows and set fire to cars after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Protests emerged in many U.S. cities. It is not clear whether the people rioting were locals or Antifa outsiders, but whoever they were, they are a disgrace to the city and to the memory of George Floyd.  If they were locals they were fowling their own nest.  If they are outsiders, they are organized domestic terrorists.

Liberal assumptions about Trump's remarks continue to be biased and wrong

NY Times: Trump’s Looting and ‘Shooting’ Remarks Escalate Crisis in Minneapolis The president’s tweets prompted Twitter to append them with a note saying the posts were “glorifying violence.” Joe Biden condemned Mr. Trump, saying “it’s no time to encourage violence.” The more reasonable and logical interpretation of what Trump was saying is that when people start looting the victims of looting tend to defend their property and it may involve shooting. But liberals being liberals go with an interpretation suggesting Trump was going to send in the military to take out the looters.  That is the kind of crap we get from liberal politician and their cohorts in the media all the time.  It is irresponsible and it was probably responsible for increased violence and the continuing fowling of people's own nest by emotional people reacting to their crap. You would think that after over three years of dealing with Trump remarks, the media would seek clarification rather than jumpi

Mueller's fraudulent case against Flynn

Sean Davis: Declassified Flynn Transcripts Contradict Key Mueller Claims Against Flynn Newly released declassified transcripts of call transcripts and summaries between Flynn and Kislyak contradict key claims made against Flynn by former Special Counsel Robert Mueller. This case was a fraud from top to bottom. Those responsible for this miscarriage of justice should be held to account.  Sydney Powell is being given more ammo to fight this unjust case with every revelation .  The investigation of the Muller team needs to go forward expeditiously.

Oil posts biggest monthly gain on record

Bloomberg: Oil posted its biggest monthly advance on record, just a few weeks after prices made a dramatic plunge below zero. Crude surged about 88 per cent in May, with U.S. futures on Friday rising above US$35 a barrel for the first time since March, driven by massive supply curbs by producers across the world. Still, prices are well below levels at the start of the year, and demand that was crushed by the coronavirus crisis may need to show a sustained improvement for the rally to extend further. For now, the outlook for consumption looks bleak, though it’s on the mend. While virus-related lockdowns are easing, demand isn’t yet roaring back in the U.S. Fuel sales that were clobbered in European nations such as Spain and Italy will take time to recover. China is a bright spot, but the rest of Asia is still struggling. The number of rigs drilling for oil in the U.S. fell for the eleventh week, stemming the massive glut of crude that flooded the market. Yet there’s a risk that

The FCC's case against Twitter

Red States: The debate over Twitter’s censoring of conservative speech is currently raging. The battle lines aren’t especially clear, as some want to revoke Section 230 completely, some want to do nothing, and some are in the middle, hoping that Twitter polices themselves and saves everyone the trouble. Now, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has publicly commented, pressing Twitter on their selection bias, which includes allowing Iran’s dictator to spew real threats with no censorship at all. Ajit Pai ✔ @AjitPaiFCC Serious question for @ Twitter : Do these tweets from Supreme Leader of Iran @ khamenei_ir violate "Twitter Rules about glorifying violence"? 38.8K 8:59 AM - May 29, 2020 Twitter Ads info and privacy 21.2K people are talking about this This was always going to be the response and it’s why it was so idiotic for Twitter to even involve itself in such policing of speech of their platform. The standards

NY Times hypocrisy on mail-in ballots

Fox News: President Trump has been adamant that mail-in ballots could compromise the 2020 presidential election, and Marc Thiessen pointed out that The New York Times used to feel the same way. The New York Times reported Thursday that Twitter “added information to refute the inaccuracies” in a tweet Trump sent that “falsely claimed” mail-in ballots would cause the election to be rigged. While the Gray Lady reported that Trump’s tweet was inaccurate, history shows that the paper didn’t always feel that way. AS TRUMP LASHES OUT AT PUSH TO EXPAND VOTING BY MAIL, DEMOCRATS FIRE BACK Thiessen – a Fox News contributor -- pointed out in a recent Washington Post column that the same New York Times condemned mail-in ballots as recently as 2012. A 2012 Times report , "Error and Fraud at Issue as Absentee Voting Rises,” detailed the difficulties associated with absentee ballots. “The piece noted that ‘there is a bipartisan consensus that voting by mail … is more easily abused

Why would anyone vote for Biden?

Elise Cooper: Most polls show that former vice president Joe Biden is leading President Trump in the 2020 election.  Americans should be careful about whom they are voting for.  Meghan McCain, Mark Cuban, and Clint Eastwood are just a few who are seriously thinking of not voting for President Trump.  Why?  Because they are putting personality over policy. Many do not like President Trump's brash behavior and combative ways with the press and Democrats.  They see former V.P. Biden currently hiding in his basement and appearing to Americans as a hologram figure with an even-keeled nature.  Americans should think long and hard and consider the reasons below as to why Biden should not be president. THE COVID-19 VIRUS RESPONSE PRESIDENT TRUMP:  On January 31, the president declared the coronavirus a U.S. public health emergency and issued the ban on travel between the U.S. and China.  On February 4, the White House directed the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to step up coron

Twitter's desperate attempt to distract voters from focusing on the evils of liberalism

Jacob Driezen: This piece will not provide a deep historical background of the Trump-Twitter dispute.  We know what is going on. After years of ignoring propaganda, misinformation, threats, and slander from “bad actors” such as China, Iran, evil corporations, leftist Jew-haters, Michael Avenatti, Hillary Clinton, the Covington accusers, and all the many Democrat-aligned perpetrators of the Russia Collusion Hoax, Twitter has finally made a move, five months before our Presidential Election, to attempt to humiliate Mr. Trump and challenge him on his facts, specifically on a potentially life-or-death matter of electoral survival for the Democrat Party. A desperate gamble chiefly attributable to a senior partisan activist at Twitter headquarters, though presumably approved by CEO Jack Dorsey, the move was a PR disaster for the company.  It didn’t help that one of the two news pieces cited by Twitter as challenging Mr. Trump’s criticism of default universal mailing of unrequested abse

Media 'distractions'

Tom Bevin: I’ve been in the news business for over 20 years now, and among the many things I’ve learned about how the media complex operates is this: One of the favorite tricks journalists and politicians use to control the focus of viewers and push the media’s preferred narrative is to label other stories as “distractions.” This is especially true when it comes to President Trump. In the recent past, most mainstream media outlets have been obsessed with the pandemic, and his leadership during this crisis. That is certainly understandable. In some ways, it’s the biggest news story in a generation, with a large death toll and global implications about governmental control over the economy, international relations, and the very idea of life-sustaining social interactions between human beings. But it’s not the only story. And this is where the sleight of hand comes in. Among Democrats and many liberal journalists, it is an article of faith that Trump’s handling of the pandemic has b