Tripoli fights to the death at the gas pump

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Tales of tension and gang-fights are common in Tripoli's long queues for fuel. One resident in the Libyan capital - who does not want his name to be used for security reasons - explains.

It has been an explosive week in Tripoli, both literally and figuratively.

Nato air strikes intensified after a quiet period.

Meanwhile, the fuel shortage, that state television channels deny exists, has hit an all-time high in the past eight days.

The shortage has not only lasted longer than people expected, but it has also sparked everything from mini-riots to gang fights and, incredibly, shootings as well.

State television announced that as of today - Thursday - we may only have fuel for the amount of 5 dinars ($4), no more, no less.

It has instructed stations to stamp car registration papers with the date of purchase because we can now only refuel every three days or more.

Some have reportedly spent three days in line to buy gas. Not even Obama has screwed up that badly. Qaddafi is having trouble keeping a lid on the anger in Tripoli. The insurgents are also messing with Tripoli too.
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