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The Chicom propaganda machine

  Washington Examiner: SBA investigating PPP loan to Virginia radio company paid millions to broadcast CCP propaganda PPP is short for the Paycheck Protection Program funded by the US government.  The loan was then forgiven.  There is apparently an investigation of the station's use of this funding. 

Biden blocking therapeutics that work to Covid patients in Red States

 Victoria Taft: Joe Biden is cutting off supplies of a medical therapy that helps people fend off COVID and keeps them from going to the hospital and possibly dying. Monoclonal antibodies are a man-made therapy to fight off the COVID infection. ... The operator of two Maryland monoclonal antibody clinics, Dr. Ron Elfenbein, told Fox News that Biden is killing people by cutting off supplies. “I am as angry as I possibly can be about this. I don’t know how many people throughout the country are dead, dying, in the hospital, or about to be hospitalized because of the mistakes that they just made,” says Elfenbein. He laments, “I had to turn friends away, family, people call me, ‘Oh, my uncle has cancer. Can he get an infusion?’ I’m like, ‘I cannot give you an infusion because I will lose my medical license.'” And, of course, Biden and the guy really calling the shots, National Institutes of Health mainstay Anthony Fauci, have already attempted to cut off another state, Florida, because

DC jail conditions are intolerable for Jan. 6 defendants

 Megan Fox: Jacob Lang has been awaiting trial without bail in the D.C. jail for his involvement in the January 6 riot at the Capitol for almost a year, along with many others who have been charged with crimes connected to that day. With no trial date in sight, he and his fellow inmates languish in a jail they say is inhumane. The J6 prisoners’ complaints about filthy conditions and inhumane treatment resulted in a surprise inspection that found everything they were saying was true. As a result, over 400 prisoners were moved to different facilities—none of them J6 prisoners. Lang has been in contact with PJ Media and several other media sources and was recently giving an interview on Newsmax TV when the jail cut off his phone access. Afterward, Lang reported to PJ Media that the jail took away all access to the internet and cut off phone privileges for all the detainees. They are now on lockdown and Lang says he’s not even able to call his lawyer. Regardless of what crimes these peopl

AOC loses it over pictures of her Florida vacation

 Red States: ... There are few things sadder than a public servant who accuses people of being obsessed with them anytime they get held to the very standard they themselves set. This isn’t high school. AOC ran for national office and, being the glass of water with a D next to it that she is, won in the deep blue bastion of Queens. When you become a member of the House of Representatives, you take on responsibilities that include answering for your own hypocrisy. It was ridiculously hypocritical for AOC to slam Florida the way she has, only to turn around and run to the Sunshine State for vacation because New York is an absolute hellhole. Here’s the dirty little secret about AOC: She’s a mirage, propped up by an army of simps who desperately desire her approval. She loves to dish it out, but the moment it comes back at her, she plays the victim. It’s as pathetic as it is entertaining. Anyway, here’s her flailing about in the direction of Ron DeSantis. I’d also be happy to share some not

Mask madness in Austin school district

 Dailywire: Still Defying Governor, Austin Schools Implore Kids To Double Mask   "Don’t even ask — wear a mask." The maks are optional at the local school district in this part of Texas and about 10% wear them.  There have been no reports of a super spreader event at the schools providing more evidence that kids are the least vulnerable to the virus.  Austin is infested with liberal control freaks who are dealing with their own panic porn.  Being a liberal in Austin means never having to admit that you were wrong about anything. I suspect the school district is responding to the teachers' unions and not science.

The leftist are unhappy where they are and with red states they are fleeing to

 Karen Townsend: Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) has an idea of how to handle Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (R-GA) concern over blue state residents moving to red states. He thinks she should be expelled from Congress. The indignant tweet from Bowman (whose brand is indignation) came over a Twitter thread to which MTG responded. A Twitter user announced his decision to move from the Bay Area in California to Miami and included some pros and cons to the move. The cons included “worse politics” and guns. He tweeted about his decision in conjunction with a piece he wrote on his website. The title of his piece is ” The American Dream is on Life Support in the Bay Area” and he addresses the decision to move away. So, here we go. I’m moving out of the Bay Area. This is obviously not a fresh opinion; but the framing may be slightly controversial. My biggest reason is that I believe the Bay Area is no longer the best crucible for the American Dream. 🧵 — Hari Raghavan (@hari

The failed predictions of global warming and 'ice-free' poles

 Jack Hellner: Over the years, we have seen many dire predictions of snowless winters.  So far, the predictions have been 100% wrong. Top 5 failed 'snow free' and 'ice free' predictions 1.)      Scientists predicted in 2000 that kids would grow up without snow.  It was 14 years ago now when UK climate scientists argued that global warming would make snowfall a "a very rare and exciting event". 2.)      It's been 10 years since scientists predicted the "end of skiing" in Scotland.   An article from the UK's Guardian in 2004  quoted scientists and environmentalists predicting the demise of Scotland's winter sports industry, including more remarks from Dr. David Viner, who had already predicted the end of snow in Britain. 3.)      The Arctic would be "ice-free" by now . "Some of the models suggest that there is a 75 percent chance that the entire north polar ice cap, during some of the summer months, could be completely ice-fr

Pelosi's enjoying capitalism?

 Daily Mail: REVEALED: Nancy Pelosi's millionaire husband Paul purchased millions in Alphabet, Disney and Salesforce stocks two days after she opposed ban on lawmakers buying shares It looks like they are cashing in before she has to give up the Speaker's gavel. 

California crime wave leads to more gun purchases for self-defense

 LA Magazine: In Beverly Hills, even the purchase of a firearm comes with certain…expectations. The city’s only gun store, Beverly Hills Guns, is a “concierge service” by appointment only, for a largely affluent clientele. And business is booming. Since opening in July 2020, the store has seen upscale residents from Santa Monica to the Hollywood Hills increasingly in a panic following several high-profile smash-and-grab and violent home invasion robberies. The apparent siege has brought in a daily stream of anxious business owners and prominent actors, real estate moguls and film execs, says owner Russell Stuart. Most are arming themselves for the first time. “This morning I sold six shotguns in about an hour to people that say, ‘I want a home defense shotgun,’” says Stuart, whose store is discreetly located in a Beverly Hills office building, with no sign on the doors, down the hall from a diamond dealer. “Everyone has a general sense of constant fear, which is very sad. We’re used t

Cartel style murders discovered in Texas border city

 Breitbart: Unknown gunmen dumped the bodies of two men executed cartel-style near a local public park. The men were shot in the head, their arms and legs were tied, and their faces covered with t-shirts as hoods. The double murder took place Wednesday afternoon near a populated area, outside the city limits called Cameron Park. According to The Brownsville Herald , the victims remain unidentified, however, a justice of the peace and the Cameron County Sheriff Eric Garza both indicated the murders are likely tied to organized crime. Garza told local news outlets that the bodies had not been on the scene for long and appear to have been relocated from the actual homicide location. Authorities initially responded to a call of two men possibly sleeping on the side of the road. The Mexican Consulate is in touch with investigating authorities. Brownsville is north of the border from Matamoros, Tamaulipas, the birthplace of the Gulf Cartel. The region has a long history of being one of the b

Trump lawyers say Congress does not have authority to make criminal referrals

 Newsmax: ... "The Washington Post has confirmed what was already apparent — the Committee is indeed seeking any excuse to refer a political rival for criminal charges, and they are using this investigation to do so," attorney Jesse Binnall wrote, the  Washington Examiner  reported. Binnall added that the committee was acting as "an inquisitorial tribunal seeking evidence of criminal activity," which is "outside of any of Congress’s legislative powers." In the Post interview, Thompson claimed that Trump's delay in calling for supporters to end their demonstration could lead to a criminal referral to the DOJ. "That dereliction of duty causes us real concern," Thompson told the Post. "And one of those concerns is that whether or not it was intentional, and whether or not that lack of attention for that longer period of time, would warrant a referral." "I can assure you that if a criminal referral would be warranted, there would b

How Biden's Agenda Is Causing Inflation

How Biden created inflation and is ignoring the impact while blaming companies.

Chicoms feel threatened by Musk's Starlink satellites

  Power Line: Red China is unhappy with Elon Musk. His SpaceX satellites supposedly are threatening the safety of China’s space station. China has complained to the United Nations about two “close encounters” this year between SpaceX’s Starlink satellites and China’s space station. In addition, it is calling for a boycott of Tesla. According to  the Washington Post , Musk has long been considered a hero in China. Tesla even received official approval to operate its Shanghai factory without a Chinese partner, which is very rare in China. But now he’s an enemy of the state. I understand why, and it’s not primarily about the safety of a space station. China is fighting a cold (for now) war in space. Bill Gertz describes this in his book  Deceiving the Sky: Inside Communist China’s Drive for Global Supremacy. In 2007, China shot down one of its weather satellites, creating tens of thousands of high-speed metal debris that formed a deadly ring around the earth — a ring that will threaten ma

Biden's record on crime and immigration opposed

 Eric Lendrum: More than half of likely voters expressed their disapproval of Joe Biden’s job as president in a recent Rasmussen poll, particularly with regards to his handling of the issues of crime and immigration, as reported by the New York Post . According to the Rasmussen survey, 51 percent of voters rated Biden’s performance as “poor” on the issue of crime and law enforcement, with only 31 percent describing him as “good” or “excellent.” On immigration, 54 percent described him as “poor,” with only 27 percent rating him as “good” or “excellent.” When further broken down along certain groups, the poll revealed that even Biden’s strongest supporters do not approve of his handling of immigration. Of the respondents who said they “strongly approve” of his overall performance as president, only 38 percent said he was “excellent” at dealing with immigration. Amongst registered Democrats, only 57 percent said they approved of his handling of crime; in a previous poll in July, that numb

Will others who participated in Epstein's sex trafficking of young girls be prosecuted?

 Neonnettle: Epstein Victim: 'Maxwell Did Not Act Alone - Others Must Be Held Accountable' ...   British journalist Piers Morgan warned that many powerful figures might become anxious if Maxwell decides to expose accomplices of Epstein.  "Will vile sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell now sing like a canary to avoid spending the rest of her life in prison?"  the media mogul tweeted.  "If she does, there could be a lot of rich, powerful & famous people sweating tonight... and not sweating,"  he added. Walt Disney's great-niece and filmmaker Abigail Disney tweeted:  "Ghislaine, if you want any redemption at all, I hope you will give up some names, because those fu**ers should not be able to hide any longer." ... Maxwell's black book should not be hidden .     

Sentence for truck wreck seen as excessive

  Fox News: Colorado governor commutes trucker's 110-year sentence to 10 after public outrage Colorado's governor reduced the trucker's sentence by a century The trucker's brakes apparently failed while he was going 85 mph, causing him to crash into cars in a traffic jam.  The excessive sentence was the result of a Colorado law requiring "mandatory minimum" punishments.

Texas Republicans' look to gain support from Hispanic border region

 Houston Chronicle: ... Republicans have made no secret that they want to gain new ground in predominantly Hispanic South Texas after Biden posted disappointing results there in 2020. Abbott, who has focused on the Latino vote in his past campaigns, appears to be prioritizing the traditionally Democratic region in his effort to beat O’Rourke. And down ballot, the GOP has its sights set on a host of seats. They are especially emboldened after capturing a San Antonio-based state House seat in a November special election runoff and then the decision by state Rep. Ryan Guillen of Rio Grande City, a longtime Democrat, to switch parties. In 2022 congressional races, Republicans are most determined to flip the 15th District, whose Democratic incumbent, U.S. Rep. Vicente Gonzalez of McAllen, decided to seek reelection elsewhere due to redistricting. The Republican who gave Gonzalez a surprisingly close race in 2020, Monica De La Cruz, is running again, and national Republicans have coalesced

A year of Bungled Bidenism

 Washington Examiner: T he year now ending should have been one of the easiest ever for a U.S. president. It was a time of international peace and economic recovery. The southern border was secure. With three vaccines in hand, all President Joe Biden had to do was sit back and follow former President Donald Trump’s vaccination program, end the mask mandates, and let the economy bounce back from a government lockdown-created recession. But Biden couldn’t leave well enough alone. Tempted by the siren’s song of left-wing historians whispering in his ear that he could be “the next FDR,” Biden pursued a radical far-left agenda that has left the United States weaker, poorer, and much more divided than it ever had to be. ... Instead, he ushered in open borders, high energy costs, and inflation among other things.  There was also the Biden Afghan bug out leaving Americans and allies behind and emboldening adversaries like Putin to threaten Ukraine and the Chicoms threatening Taiwan. See, also:

AOC finds freedom in Florida?

  National Review: EXCLUSIVE: AOC Spotted in Miami Beach as NYC Reports Record Covid Cases   Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D., N.Y) dines out at Doraku Sushi and Izakaya in Miami Beach as New York sees record surge in Covid-19 cases.  (National Review/Anonymous) ... There is more. I don't blame her.  I would leave New York too along with thousands of others.   

Whitmer 'kidnapping' case looks suspect

Washington Examiner: P roblems continue to pile up for  federal prosecutors  in the lead up to the March 8 trial for the five men charged with plotting to kidnap  Michigan  Gov.  Gretchen Whitmer . Prosecutors confirmed in mid-December they would not call on three  FBI  agents closely linked to the investigation due to allegations of personal and professional misconduct. Also in December, a key undercover informant involved in the case was charged with fraud in an unrelated case in  Wisconsin . In a pair of explosive filings submitted on  Christmas Day  and on Wednesday, defense attorneys presented evidence they said proves the  FBI  and its confidential informants "conceived and controlled every aspect" of the plot to kidnap Whitmer. "These defendants had no desire whatsoever to kidnap anyone," the defense attorneys said in their filing. The defendants, members of the Three Percenters and Wolverine Watchmen anti-government militia groups, would have never plotted t

Texas and Idaho are growth leaders and NY and DC are big losers

 Mark Tapscott: There is a quiet revolution happening across America and it could mark the beginning of the biggest spiritual, cultural, and political changes this country has seen since the Civil War. New data made public earlier this week by the  U.S. Census Bureau  makes clear that millions of Americans are leaving Blue high-tax, high-crime, high-COVID-mandate Democratic states and moving to Red Republican states where taxes are lower, the police aren’t being defunded, and churches still thrive. Consider the contrast between Texas and Idaho on the one hand and New York and the District of Columbia on the other, as described by the Census Bureau (emphasis added): With a population of 29,527,941 in 2021,  Texas had the largest annual and cumulative numeric gain,  increasing by 310,288 (1.1%) and 382,436 (1.3%), respectively. While gaining population through net international migration (27,185), the growth in Texas in the last year was primarily due to gains from net domestic migration

Democrats bitterly cling to Jan. 6 'insurrection'

 Mike Miller: There are never-ending stories and there are  never-ending stories.  There is no better example of the latter than Nancy Pelosi’s continuing obsession with the January 6 Capitol “insurrection” and her subsequent silly  Jan. 6 witch hunt . Now, we learn that Madam Speaker plans to continue her “hearings” into the new year. Publicly. The question is, why? Pelosi’s Stage 4 Trump Derangement Syndrome affliction has raged for at least five years, everybody knows that. But at least when the Russian “collusion” nonsense finally and conclusively proved to be a  hoax , she mostly let it go. At least, publicly. But Jan 6. occupies a different twisted crevasse of Pelosi’s Trump-riddled brain. Or does it? Might she simply be  using Jan. 6  to try to deflect from Biden’s disastrous presidency? I report, you decide. Either way, Pelosi’s Jan. 6 band plays on. As  reported  by The Washington Post, the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack plans to begin holding public hearings

Chicom lockdowns lead to food shortages

 Hot Air: Last week I wrote about the  relatively small outbreak  in China that led to the complete lockdown of a city of 13 million people. Apparently the cases that occurred in Xi’an all involved the delta variant but for some reason China seems to be struggling a bit to get this outbreak under control. There are multiple reports today that as the number of cases continues to climb, some residents are now worried about  running out of food . Xi’an rolled out city-wide testing and placed its 13 million residents under a strict lockdown last week, closing schools, public venues and transportation except essential services like supermarkets and hospitals. Residents were banned from leaving their homes except for urgent reasons such as medical emergencies… As cases continued to surge, Xi’an further tightened lockdown measures on Monday, requiring all residents to stay at home unless permitted to go outside for mass testing. Previously, each household was allowed to send one designated pe

Joe knows how to lose voters

 Monica Showalter: Based on his abysmal job performance, Joe Biden's been unpopular with a lot of voting groups lately, and I'm not talking about just conservatives.  He's managed to alienate Latinos, suburban voters, independents, young people.  He's lost a noticeable chunk of black male voters.  He's losing with women. Inflation, violent crime, job competition from illegals, and the monstrous Afghanistan pullout are taking their toll on old Joe's presidential approval ratings. Now we learn that the rot has spread to the core: even Progressives can't stand Joe Biden. Here's a new poll from Civiqs spotted by Nick Arama at  RedState : [T]he 37 percent approval rating in the Civiqs' poll  — a progressive poll — is bad. It's worse than the Real Clear Politics average which was already bad enough at 43 percent approval to 54 percent disapproval, and the Trafalgar Group poll that has him at 40.4 approval and 55.9 disapproval; although, the fact that t