The Marines who tamed Sangin

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The San Diego Union-Tribune has a long story about the Marines from Camp Pendleton who took on the toughest area of Taliban control and defeated them with aggressive Marine operations.  The Marines suffered heavy casualties at first, but went on to inflict even heavier casualties on the Taliban.

When teh breakthrough came there were a lot of dead Taliban  Here is a description of one of those encounters:


That month, a squad reinforced with snipers and machine gunners battled the Taliban in a six-hour firefight, killing at least two dozen of them. The Marines were running low on ammunition for the second time that day, night was falling and they had chased the insurgents into another unit’s area of operations before the company commander ordered them back.

The Taliban had built a mystique of being magical warriors who appeared and disappeared like ghosts. But Sgt. Philip McCulloch, Jr., the 22-year-old squad leader, said: “There were motorcycles and dead Taliban all over the battlefield. It was something you don’t see every day out here.”

The Marines find a way to defeat a determined enemy. Semper Fi.
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