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Austin politicians make the same mistake West Coast liberals make with homelessness

Washington Post:

Should people have a right to sleep on city streets? Austin is joining the national battle over urban homelessness.

A new city rule allows people to sleep in public, but some residents are revolting over homeless encampments. It is a rather revolting development that could lead to unsanitary conditions and disease.  In the past Austin has been a clean city, but it is hard to be clean when people are camping on the side of the road. 

That they would allow this condition when the evidence from the West Coast is that it is a disaster is remarkable. 

To stop this they should tax the campers the way they tax homeowners and renters.  That would mean they would likely leave the city to camp somewhere else.  If they were pitching their tents in a state park they would have to pay a fee.  That would be a good starting point for them doing the same in a city.

Democrats lie to unions about the economy

NY Times:
Democrats to Union Members: The Economy Is Failing You Bernie Sanders rolled out a plan for organized labor as more than a dozen Democratic candidates pitched themselves to workers in Iowa. This is a patently false statement by the Democrats.  The return of manufacturing jobs means union workers in several industries are getting their jobs back.  This is true of the steel industry and of others.  Trump has also urged American automakers and foreign ones keep jobs in this country rather than exporting the.  He has certainly done more than Obama ever did on that front.  Obama famously said those jobs were "never coming back."

A smart candidate would not engage in such bald-faced lies.  They would tell how they think they can make it even better.  Fortunately for Trump, there are not that many smart Democrats anymore.  They are so blinded by their hate for him it makes them do things that are counterproductive.

Alleged Israeli attacks of Iranian weapons facilities in Iraq appear to be targeting Iran's 'land bridge' to the Mediterranean

Jerusalem Post:
One day after another mysterious explosion rocked arms depots belonging to Iranian-backed Shi’ite militias in Iraq, Israeli satellite imaging firm ImageSat International (ISI) claimed that Iran’s land bridge to Syria and Lebanon is under attack.

According to the assessment released on Thursday, three sites with storage hangers in the Baghdad area have been attacked in the last month.

“These sites are probably ammunition storages, possibly for missiles and unique weapons,” ISI said, adding that the “attack aimed to destroy the Iranian land bridge from Tehran to Syria and Lebanon as well as to prevent the Iranian capability of conducting attacks from the Iraqi territory against surrounding countries.”

On Tuesday, explosions rocked an arms depot belonging to the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) near Balad air base some 80 km. north of the Iraqi capital of Baghdad. According to ISI, which released images of the site taken on Thursday, shipping containers that had been sto…

Minorities are not buying the latest attempts to label Trump a racist

Adam Mill:
For some time now, Americans have been concerned about the role political correctness plays in fomenting divisions within America. Political correctness has many definitions. But Americans increasingly see it as the art of contorting every conversation into a reason to be offended. Donald Trump is a magnet for P.C. outrage and this latest effort to interpret everything he says as a secret message to white supremacists is the “going nuclear” of the politically correct.

The study “Hidden Tribes: A Study of America’s Polarized Landscape,” quoted one of the liberal respondents, “I have liberal views but I think political correctness has gone too far, absolutely. We have gotten to a point where everybody is offended by the smallest thing.” Jamal, one of the African-American respondents, expressed dislike for the way people are defined by labels, and he resists defining himself in terms of race or gender.

As Reason magazine noted, 80 percent of Americans in general believe po…

Medicare for all a loser for Democrats

Washington Examiner:
'Medicare for all' plan politically poisonous to key Senate Democrat races

Four recent polls show that a majority of Americans do not support the proposal, especially after finding out it would do away with their private health insurance.

Originally championed by Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and co-sponsored by fellow Democratic presidential primary contenders Sens. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Kamala Harris of California, Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, and Cory Booker of New Jersey, the "Medicare for all" legislation is seen as a loser proposal that could hurt down-ballot Democratic races in both chambers. Sanders, a socialist, appears to stand alone in his full-throated and enduring support of the policy.
... The Democrats who thought the policy had support misunderstood the votes collected by Sanders in 2016.  Many of those votes were not based on the merits of his policies but on their dislike of Hillary Clinton as an alternative.  A…

Trump is fighting Democrats on their turf

Mike Ford:
Candidate Trump started this strategy in 2016. Yes indeed, he paid solid attention to his base. They in turn paid him back by attending rallies and showing up to flip the lever for him in November 2016. But Donald Trump also did something else. He decided that he would fight on territory long ceded to the Democrats. For as long as I can remember and with the acquiescence of the Republican Party, Democrats have considered Blacks, Hispanics, Jews, Gays and other discrete demographics, their electoral property.

In 2016, Donald J. Trump began to change all of that. He took the fight to the leftists on their own turf. However, he didn’t go groveling to the NAACP for the quadrennial obeisance Republicans were expected to make. Instead, he went directly to the Black communities, directly to the voters in Black churches and other locales. He spoke to Black pastors and humbly asked for their blessings and their prayers. When he spoke with Black voters he had a simple message: “W…

Shale boom survives ups and downs of market in West Texas

In west Texas, the center of the U.S. oil boom, about 3,800 students at Permian High School are crammed into a campus designed for 2,500, with 20 portable buildings to help with the overflow.

School officials had expected enrollment to fall after the last oil price crash, starting in 2014, but it kept rising - one sign of a growing resilience in the region’s oil economy as Exxon Mobil (XOM.N), Chevron (CVX.N) and other majors continue pouring billions of dollars into long-term investments here.

For most of the last century, oil money has flowed into this region like a rising tide during booms - but residents here had enough sense to know it would flow right back out again when the next bust hit. That cycle has always made officials, developers and voters wary of investing too much during the good times on everything from school construction to roads to housing.

That hesitance is fading fast as oil majors make ever-larger and longer-term commitments to drill in the Permian Bas…

A cost effective way to extract hydrogen from oil in the ground discovered by Canadian company

Scientists have discovered a way to extract hydrogen from oil without releasing greenhouse gases -- a move they've hailed as a "silver bullet" for climate issues. Hydrogen is already used by some car manufacturers to power vehicles and is also burned to generate electricity. However, most of this hydrogen comes from natural gas, which involves producing planet-warming methane during the extraction process. The large-scale roll-out of hydrogen tech has also been restricted because of the high costs involved in separating it from hydrocarbons.

The Canadian researchers say that their method of extracting hydrogen directly from oil sands and oil fields leaves gases such as carbon dioxide and methane in the ground. Furthermore, the process is considerably more economical than existing methods. According to the team, which unveiled its research at the Goldschmidt Geochemistry Conference in Barcelona, the method could produce hydrogen at between $0.10-0.50 per kilo, c…

South Korea and Japan not getting along in dealing with treat from the Norks

Washington Post:
In blow to U.S. security interests, South Korea axes pact to share intelligence with Japan

The United States had urged the allies to settle their differences, with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stressing their “incredibly important” cooperation on North Korea. The South Koreans should be allied with Japan in dealing with the North Korean threat.  However, in South Korea, there is still some animosity toward Japan for the cruel treatment by Japan during World War II. 

During the Korean war when the US was trying to turn back the North Korean invasion it had to rely on Japanese interpreters to communicate sine there were too few Korean speakers in the military. 

Both countries have been post-war success stories.  It took South Korea a little longer but it is now one of the more dynamic economies in the world and it makes high-quality cars and appliances.  Its economy is probably stronger than that of Russia today.

A lack of enthusiasm for Biden

NY Times:
Joe Biden’s Poll Numbers Mask an Enthusiasm Gap There are signs of a disconnect between support for Mr. Biden in polls and excitement for his campaign on the ground in Iowa. It was one of the same problems Hillary Clinton had.  While he has been something of a gaff machine, he also has articulated policy preferences that are probably more saleable than that of the more radical Democrats in the field.

Mismanagement by Austin city politicians leads to choking of housing

Ellen Troxclair:
The city of Austin plans to raise property taxes as much as it possibly can — 7.9% — without triggering a potential election to roll back the tax rate. There’s no new, unexpected and urgent need here. City leaders are just trying to circumvent the intent of a new state law that limits property tax revenue growth to 3.5% without voter approval, but which doesn’t go into effect until next year.

In passing Senate Bill 2, state lawmakers were responding to a very real sentiment on the part of Austinites — and all Texans. Property owners feel they’re drowning in taxes, and that they can never really own their own homes. Renters are also footing tax bills, indirectly feeling the pain when these costs are passed down. If homeowner falls behind on property taxes, due to sickness or job loss or any other reason, the taxing entities can swoop in and take their homes. Those tax sales happen on the first Tuesday of every month in Travis County.

One goal of the new law is to ensur…

Anti second amendment group tried to game the system in Supreme Court case.

Washington Free Beacon:
Some of the country's leading gun control groups quietly lobbied earlier this summer for a New York law that loosens restrictions on where legal gun owners can take their firearms in order to undermine a pending Supreme Court case, records show.

Everytown forGun Safety and Giffords both lobbied New York lawmakers on Assembly Bill A07752 and Senate Bill S6151 which allowed law-abiding gun owners to legally transport their firearms to new locations like shooting ranges and competitions, according to New York disclosure records. All but one of the legislatures lobbied by the gun control groups voted to loosen the travel restrictions and preempt a New York City ordinance that's currently the subject of a lawsuit that is being considered by the Supreme Court.

The twogun control groups spent a total of $21,275 between May and June on the lobbyists who influenced the firearms transport bills. Everytown spent an additional $1,275 on lobbyists who influenced the f…

Pollsters making same mistake as in 2016?

Brian C. Joondeph:
While the moniker “fake news” is typically reserved for cable news and some of the more prominent newspapers in America, the term could also be applied to presidential polls. How many pollsters predicted Hillary Clinton would win the 2016 election by a landslide up to and including the day of the actual election? The “paper of record,” the New York Times, told readers on election day, Nov. 8, 2016, that Hillary Clinton had an 85 percent chance of winning the election. Their prediction was updated on 10:20 PM ET, oblivious to the evening smiles on cable news shows that were curdling into frowns and outright hysteria. Screen shot from the New York Times web site on Nov. 8, 2016 // Fair Use Not only were they wrong, but they were also in abject denial over events unfolding before them in real time. The NY Times was in good company as most pollsters got it wrong in 2016, with Rasmussenarguably the most accurate of the bunch. Have pollsters learned from their mistakes? Or are…

The LA times has a headline about police being the leading cause of death for young black males that is not even remotely true

The headline of the story is “Getting killed by police is a leading cause of death for young black men in America.”

PJ Media took a look at the statistics in Los Angeles as previously reported by the Times:
Ms. Kahn’s own newspaper maintains a database of all homicide victims killed in Los Angeles County since 2000, and it includes data on the race of the victim and on whether the police were involved. Of the 15,896 homicide victims in the county recorded as of this writing, 5,411 were blacks killed by someone other than a police officer, and 212 were blacks killed by the police.
... The center for disease control statistics also refutes the premise of the story.

Media still telling the story that Democrats want to hear

James Hasson:
A timely reminder that in 2016, several major journalists were revealed to be explicitly coordinating with the Clinton campaign or—at the very least—favoring it and working closely with it. None suffered consequences. These folks will help shape 2020 coverage.
... Hasson gives several examples of how the media colluded with the Clinton campaign in 2016 and says we can probably expect the same thing in 2020.

Their efforts remind me of a song by T. Graham BrownI Tell It Like It Used to Be
I tell it like it ought to be 'cause how it is, is killing me
When they ask about you and me, I tell it like it used to be
... When it comes to reporting a contest between Democrats and REpublicans you can count on these people to tell it like the Democrats want to hear it.

The media would rather side with neo-Nazis and anti-Semites than acknowledge that Trump was right

Katie Pavlich:
“That’s a Scandal”: New York Times Columnist Calls Out Media For Burying Neo-Nazi Sponsors of Omar, Tlaib Too bad the paper that published this did not reach the same conclusion.  They were too busy hating on Trump to get the facts and report them.

A desperate left keep reaching for more absurdities in its crazy war against Trump

John Kass:
What was the embittered left — Democratic presidential candidates and their media allies — supposed to do when their hopes of Russia-Trump collusion crashed on the boulevard of broken dreams?


They had invested so much in their fantasy that President Donald Trump was a treasonous agent of Russian boss Vladimir Putin. But when special counsel Robert Mueller’s report came out, and there was no collusion, no crime charged, their fantasy collapsed.

And so, after a brief spasm of despair, the left pivoted to their default position: race.

Race. Race. Race. Race. Race.

With Americans working and with money in their pockets again, with the 2020 election approaching, Democrats are reaching for the race card the way a sick man reaches for the waters of Lourdes. Desperately. Their allies in media followed suit, with Trump called everything from a white supremacist, to a Nazi, and on and on.

Meanwhile, the New York Times embarks on an ambitious new series, the 1619 Project — mark…

Democrat dark money hypocrisy

Washington Free Beacon:
Dem Dark Money Group Begins Ads in Support of Dems Opposed to Dark Money

First House bill of 2019 for Dems was aimed at curbing dark money political groups They have a "dark money" for me but not for the.

Mexico bussing migrants back to Southern Mexico

NY Post:
Mexico is sending some of the 30,000 Central American migrants vying for asylum in the United States on 750-mile bus rides — all the way back to southern Mexico, officials said.

The “Remain in Mexico” program pushed by the Trump administration has forced thousands of asylum seekers back to Mexico to wait months to get their turn before a US immigration judge.

But the northern state of Tamaulipas, just across the Rio Grande from Texas, is one of Mexico’s most dangerous zones — and has little housing or services for the newcomers.

The busing program, which is ferrying the migrants to the state of Chiapas just north of Guatemala, will “provide a safer alternative for those who do not want to remain on the U.S.-Mexico border,” the Mexican government said Friday.
... This probably disappoints the open-borders left in the US, but it makes sense to get these people into a safer place than where the cartels control everyday life along the US border with Mexico.

Environment becomes a vehicle for control freak liberal fascism

Steve Hayward:
How charming: the left has belatedly discovered something conservatives have known for 50 years or more—that environmentalism, especially in its dominant ideological forms, is prone to fascism. Remember that “environmentalism” very quickly replaced “ecology”—the more generic scientific term—not long after the first Earth Day in 1970. Keep in mind that the left was initially indifferent or even hostile to “the ecology craze” (as some leftist critics called it at the time), but they soon figured out the potential for the issue. “Ecology,”New Republic writer James Ridgeway wrote, “offered liberal-minded people what they had longed for, a safe, rational and above all peaceful way of seeming to remake society . . . [and] developing a more coherent central state. . .” Except for the “safe, rational and peaceful” part, he was on to something! And people think it started with the Green Nude Eel. For a good background to this, see Elizabeth Nickson’s book, Eco-Fascists, or this ex…

Israel attack Iranian proxies in Iraq?

Washington Examiner:
Israel is suspected of being behind a series of unexplained explosions in Iraq.

“Iran has no immunity, anywhere,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told reporters in Ukraine. That warning was an oblique response to a question about a series of mysterious blasts in Iraq, where Israel is suspected of targeting Shiite Muslim militias that were allowed to mobilize against the Islamic State.

The groups threaten to function as paramilitary forces loyal to Tehran, making Israeli airstrikes a strategically significant move to thwart the pariah regime’s regional ambitions.

“There is going to be no geographical limitation for the regional pushback on Iran by Israel,” Behnam Ben Taleblu, a senior fellow and Iran expert at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, told the Washington Examiner. “That could be really a game-changer in the region for how you push back on Iran, because Iraq is so central to Iran's regional project.”

Taleblu stressed that it is not “f…

Iranian missile used to shoot down US MQ-9 Reaper drone in Yemen?

Washington Examiner:

A U.S. drone was shot down Tuesday by a surface-to-air missile, according to reports.

A U.S. official told CNN the missile is believed to have been provided to Houthi rebels by Iran. The official said it was unclear if the drone belonged to the U.S. military or an intelligence agency.

The official also said the Trump administration is expected to publicly blame Iran for the drone’s downing.
“We are aware of reporting that a US MQ-9 was shot down over Yemen. We do not have any further information to provide at this time,” the U.S. military’s Central Command said in a Wednesday statement.
... The Yemen rebels are far too primitive to have built a missile that could take down this aircraft.  Iran is their primary supplier and is using them as a proxy force against Saudi Arabia and the US.

The Flores agreement was a bad decision which led to the current asylum scam

NY Times:
The Flores Agreement Protected Migrant Children for Decades. It’s Under Threat. A landmark consent decree in 1997 set conditions for detention of migrant children. Now the Trump administration is preparing its own standards. The original agreement has been distorted out of all reality to make it a disaster for US immigration enforcement with some 90 percent of current asylum applicants ineligible, but using the agreement to get their foot in the door and then enter the US and never show up for a hearing. The kids are exploited by the immigrants as their ticket to the interior of the US.  It is a disgrace to the rule of law that has been expanded by liberal activist judges who should never have been appointed.  It has led to applicants in some cases buying or renting kids from the cartels in Mexico.  The liberal judges are enriching the cartels' child exploitation scam.

New pipeline delivering Permian crude oil to Corpus Christi

Fuel Fix:
San Antonio pipeline operator EPIC Midstream has made its first delivery of Permian Basin crude oil to the Port of Corpus Christi.

In a statement released Monday morning, EPIC reported using the company's 24-inch natural gas liquids pipeline to send a shipment of crude oil from West Texas town of Crane to various terminals in Corpus Christi and Ingelside.

EPIC is temporarily using the natural gas liquids pipeline to ship crude oil amid increased production in the Permian Basin but limited pipeline options to get it to market. The company is building a West Texas to Corpus Christi crude oil pipeline but in the meantime, the Y-Grade natural gas liquids pipeline will be able to deliver up to 400 thousand barrels of crude oil per day.

"Providing interim service adds much-needed takeaway capacity in the Permian Basin, which supports continued development and highlights the strategic value of our assets," EPIC's CEO Phillip Mezey said in a statement.
... EPIC exp…

Los Angeles is seeing diseases out of the medieval period because of its failure to police homeless

Daily Mail:

There have been 124 cases of Typhus confirmed in Los Angeles, California. The filthy state of the city streets have made it a perfect breeding ground for medieval killers Typhus and the Bubonic Plague. This is more evidence that liberals are not very smart in dealing with homeless problem crated by their policies.

Obama's corrupt efforts to exonerate Hillary Clinton's crimes and push false charges against Trump

Andrew McCarthy:
The blunt fact is that the officials best informed about Russia’s provocation fully understood that it was par for a course played many times over. In the greater scheme of things, it was trivial – as campaign spending and messaging, it was a drop in the ocean. And Democrats, who had spent the entire campaign insisting that Hillary Clinton’s own emails were immaterial to voters, were in no position to claim that the exposure of forgettable emails written by nondescript Democrats was even relevant, much less decisive.

No one – not Obama, not Clinton, not Putin, and probably not Trump himself – believed Trump was going to win the election. Because Clinton was the certain victor, Democrats made a calculated decision that nothing said or done would even hint that her coronation reflected anything other than the will of the people. Since Russia’s shenanigans had no effect on the election, there would be no retaliation. No escalation would prevent the new Clinton admi…

The political decisions that fed the homeless mess in San Francisco

Fox News:
San Francisco homeless stats soar: city blames big business, residents blame officials

"It's impossible to buy a home here," resident Doug Stall told Fox News. "You've got these ridiculous housing prices, crime and these people crapping on the streets. Why would anyone want to stay?"

But to say the city hasn't tried to address the problem would be wrong. It has. The problem is that it has backfired spectacularly.

One of the biggest statewide blunders is Proposition 47.

Supported by the California Democratic Party and championed by the American Civil Liberties Union, the referendum was passed by a wide margin in 2014. The idea behind it was to reduce certain non-violent felonies to misdemeanors in order to free up resources for cops and prosecutors to go after serious, violent offenders. This included downgrading fraud, forgery, shoplifting and grand theft as long as the total value of the stolen property was less than $950.

It also included…

Sen. Warren does not get an enthusiastic response at 'native American' event

Washington Free Beacon:
Moderator Shocked by Lack of Native American Enthusiasm for Warren

'I would expect more excitement from our native citizens' They should be surprised that the gathering was that polite to her.

BTW, There are no "native Americans."  People who are called that are actually early immigrants from Asia via the Bering Straights.

Senator who sent threatening brief to Supreme Court facing charges of unauthorized practice of law

Legal Insurrection:
Monday, Judicial Watch filed a complaint with the Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee of Rhode Island’s Supreme Court against Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, alleging he engaged in the unauthorized practice of law.

The complaint alleges “Whitehouse filed a brief with U.S. Supreme Court on behalf of four clients while maintaining inactive status and that the brief was nothing more than an attack on the federal judiciary and an open threat to the U.S. Supreme Court.“

We previously wrote about that Whitehouse brief, Dem Senators to Supreme Court: Rule our way on 2nd Amendment case, or face possible restructuring.
... There is more. 

Whitehouse is on inactive status with the Rhode Island State Bar and as such he is not supposed to be practicing law.

The NY Times makes egregious errors in its attempt to tie founding of US to slavery

Erick Erickson:
The problem with this is first factual — the abolitionist movement in London did not take off in any meaningful way until after 1776 and it still dragged out well into the new century. In fact, Massachusetts’ began considerations on abolishing the slave trade in 1767 and voted again in both 1771 and 1174 to end its practice altogether, though both times were overriden by the British governor’s veto.

Second is the statement about “one of the primary reasons.” Hannah-Jones claims preserving slavery was a primary reason for the revolution and that is a lie. Don’t take my word for it. The Continental Congress, in 1774, pledged to end the slave trade and in 1776 even southern states had agreed to abide by nonimportation of slaves from abroad. Take it also from the founders on words, who were writing before 1776 about slavery and the need to end it.

Few even of the most enlightened Virginians were willing to declare, as Jefferson did in the instructions he wrote for his …

Tlaib overlooks the reason Israel imposed checkpoints, i.e. Palestinian were sending kids out to explode and commit mass murders

Jeff Dunetz:
Monday’s Tlaib/Omar presser was a horrible display. Two members of Congress were expressing their Antisemitism in public, aired live by major media and the cable networks, their hate speech supported by their fellow Democrats. Although as far as acting goes one of the two members of Congress had provided an award-winning performance, but she left out one important point.

Rashida Tlaib put in a great emotional act during her press conference today. She spoke of the difficulty trying to move around Judea and Samaria (she calls it the West Bank) when she was a child trying to visit her Grandmother.

“As a young girl visiting Palestine to see my grandparents and extended family, I watched as my mother had to go through dehumanizing checkpoints – even though she was a United States citizen and a proud American,” I too am a proud American and when I went to Israel I had to go through checkpoints. For some—I was patted down, others I went through metal detectors, still others wan…

Chicoms use fake accounts on Twitter and Facebook in attempt to thwart Hong Kong protests

Twitter Inc. found and deleted hundreds of accounts it said China used to undermine the Hong Kong protest movement and calls for political change.

The company said it took down 936 accounts that originated within China and attempted to manipulate perspectives on the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong. Facebook Inc., acting on a tip from Twitter, said it also found a similar Chinese government-backed operation on its social network, with five fake accounts, seven pages and three groups.
... Is China trying to emulate Russia in its use of social media to attack its enemies?   Who knew?

Automakers conspire with California to raise prices?

NY Times:
Trump’s Rollback of Auto Pollution Rules Shows Signs of Disarray The White House, blindsided by a pact between California and four automakers, appears to be losing ground in its effort to prevent any more for joining the agreement. The automakers no longer have the cover of federal regulations so they could be a risk of lawsuits challenging their agreement which could lead to fewer options for consumers.  On their own, they could have made vehicles that met whatever standard they thought reasonable, but by joining together they are restraining consumer choices.  The antitrust department might also challenge the agreement.

US oil challenges Middle Eastern crude in Asian market

Bloomberg/Fuel Fix:
The rivalry between U.S. and Middle Eastern oil producers has jumped a notch as American crude makes its way right to the heart of Asia, the world’s most-prized energy market.

Royal Dutch Shell Plc has offered a cargo of U.S. West Texas Intermediate Midland crude that’s priced off the Dubai benchmark in its debut during Asian hours on S&P Global Platts’ widely-referenced trading platform, according to two traders and data compiled by Bloomberg.

Offering the shipment -- scheduled to be delivered to Singapore, or Linggi or Nipah in Malaysia -- against the Middle East’s oil benchmark brings it into direct competition with Gulf grades produced in Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi and Qatar. Once considered a one-off arbitrage, the flow of American oil to Asia has increased in recent years.
While U.S. shipments of grades such as WTI Midland and Eagleford are typically priced off the American benchmark WTI, Shell’s offer makes it easier for buyers to compare it against sim…

Biden's false memory problem

Washington Examiner:
Joe Biden claimed twice recently that he met with Parkland, Florida, shooting survivors when he was vice president, despite the fact that he was already out of office when the attack took place. His campaign said Biden misspoke and was referring to a different meeting he had after the Sandy Hook shooting. But the flub was reminiscent of Biden’s past misstatements and his tendency to embellish biographical details.
In 1988, Biden was forced to drop out of the presidential race after he was found to have exaggerated his academic record, plagiarized a law school essay, and used quotes from other politicians in his speeches without attribution. But these are not the only questionable claims Biden has made. Here are six other times Biden was caught embellishing his biography:

1. Biden said his helicopter was “forced down” near Osama bin Laden’s lair in Afghanistan

Biden claimed in multiple speeches in 2008 that he knew where Osama bin Laden was hiding because his helicop…

Chinese Americans turned off by Democrats' socialist bent and discriminatory preferences

Benjamin Wu:
Why Chinese-Americans like me are embracing the GOP Republicans could do even better with Chinese Americans if they were more proactive in asking for their votes.

California has most of the US homeless population

Fox News:
It's the stale stench of liquor and human waste that hits you first. Then it's visual -- row after row of dirty tarp tents crammed together on the sidewalk next to piles of rotting trash and broken appliances. There are half-dressed, drugged-out shells of people wandering aimlessly in the middle of the street. Some curse at cars. Others just stare. There are fights, prostitution and rodent burrows. This is the fabled Skid Row in Los Angeles and it's a disaster.

Like several West Coast cities Fox News visited, Los Angeles is dealing with a homeless crisis. However, unlike the East Coast, LA can't hide all of its homeless in shelters or low-income housing.


Failed liberal policies coupled with decades of neglect and mismanagement have turned an old problem into a modern-day nightmare. Some fear the City of Angels is at the point of no return and are angry at elected officials who …

Media losing credibility with its audience

Real Clear Politics:
He (Scott Rassmussen) continued: "78% of voters say that what reporters do with political news is promote their agenda. They think they use incidents as props for their agenda rather than seeking accurately record what happened. Only 14% think that a journalist is actually reporting what happened... If a reporter found out something that would hurt their favorite candidate, only 36% of voters think that they would report that.

"So voters are looking at them as a political activist, not as a source of information," he concluded.
... It tells you how far the media has sunk with their bogus Russian collusion hoax followed up with their falsely calling the President a racist and white nationalist.

The Trump rallies are an act of mutual love

Miranda Divine:
Listen up, Trumpophobes. It’s not so hard to understand the president’s appeal. Try going to one of his rallies and, instead of turning up your nose at the Walmart people, listen and learn.

The abuse of President Trump and his supporters that passes for analysis from his opponents is a strategic error.

The more abuse, the more Trump’s base is energized to turn out on Election Day.

At his Thursday night rally to launch his 2020 New Hampshire campaign, he broke Elton John’s all-time attendance record with a crowd of 11,500 inside the Southern New Hampshire University Arena. It wasn’t just a Trumpian boast but a number confirmed to reporters by the Manchester deputy fire marshal. An overflow crowd of 8,000 people watched outside on a giant screen.

The audience this night are patriots, veterans, moms and dads wearing “Trump 2020 F–k Your Feelings” and “Proud to be a Deplorable” ­T-shirts, American-flag boots and MAGA hats, as baby boomer anthems from AC/DC and the Rolling …

The Democrat politicians with a Hong Kong problem

Monica Showalter:
The turmoil in Hong Kong is a huuuuuuge embarrassment for Democrats. Hong Kongers are waving the stars and stripes, singing the national anthem, and issuing a global cry for freedom. For a Democratic party that loudly supports bend-a-knee leftists who hate the U.S. flag, such as Colin Kaepernick, that's a problem. And for a party that is trying to sell socialism to the U.S. public, well, thug-state China's got socialism in spades.

President Trump has taken flak for his response to the crisis, arguably so, but the real clown show is in what's coming from the Democrats.

Here's what Axios found when it tried to get answers from Democratic presidential candidates about what to do, particularly if the Chicoms get violent with the Hongkongers....

O.K., so cowardice and an embarrassed silence is the response from the vast majority of them. Total tongue-ties from Booker, Klobuchar (the supposed moderate), Gabbard (figures, she has a soft spot for Russia'…

Another failure to launch generation?

Washington Post:
‘We have to gently nudge them out’: Pediatricians grapple with aging patients not ready to move on

The doctors are seeing more 20-something patients because of convenience, health needs and parental insurance coverage to age 26. I never had this problem.  As soon as I graduated from college I went to Marine Corps OCS.  After I got out of the Corps virtually every job I had included health insurance.  Other than a few broken bones I did not spend much time with doctors when I was a child.

In today's economy, I do not see any reason why people in their 20's do not have a job.

Trump thwarts asylum scam by enforcing law

NY Times:
How Trump’s Policies Are Leaving Thousands of Asylum Seekers Waiting in Mexico Since the United States increased its efforts to deter migrants, more are waiting at the border, and for longer. This is what that looks like. Around 90 percent of those making asylum claims are ineligible for asylum, but they use the claims as a means of getting their foot in the door and then rarely show up for hearings on their claims.  It is a scam to get into the country illegally and then blend in.  The Democrats support the scam because they want the illegals to be counted in the census so they can steal more House seats.  That is also why the NY Times is printing stories showing empathy for the scammers.

Homeless and public officials in California make it hard for legitimate business to operate

Red States:
A frustrated California woman took to Twitter on Friday to blast governor Gavin Newsom’s disastrous policies that have created a desperate homeless problem. The woman – who goes by @Jesus_porvida on Twitter – was clearly upset as she posted a video detailing why she may be forced to close the doors of her business.

I have had a business in downtown Sacramento for 15 yrs, a successful business. I now have to leave my place of business. I have to close my shop.
Later tweets show pictures of the woman’s shop after the most recent in a series of break-ins, a break-in that apparently was the last straw for the Sacramento are hair stylist.

I have to clean up the poop and pee off my doorstep. I have to clean up the syringes. I have to politely ask ppl who I care for – I care about the homeless – to move their tents out of the way of the door to my business. I have to fight off people who push their way into my shop that are homeless and on drugs because you won[t arrest them for…