Republican Lt. Gov. of North Carolina gives Democrats a history lesson

 Red States: ... North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson (R), who is  the first  African-American to hold the position in the state, tore into Democrats during his opening statement,  calling it  “preposterous” and “insulting” to suggest black Americans weren’t capable of understanding how to go about obtaining a valid form of voter ID in order to cast their votes: The sacrifices of our ancestors so I could have the opportunity to become the first black lieutenant governor of my state, to see a black man sit in the White House, and for millions of us to be leaders in business, athletics, and culture is incredible. Now today we hear comparisons of Georgia law compared to Jim Crow, that black voices are being silenced, and that black voices are being kept out. How? By fear of a noose or chains? To be fired from work? To be ostracized by their communities? No. A freeID to vote. Let me say that again, a free ID to vote. How absolutely preposterous. Am I to believe that black Americans who ha

Democrats must admit they were wrong about Texas dropping mask mandate

 Rick Moran: It’s been a month and a half since Texas Governor Gregg Abbott gave the left heart palpitations by eliminating the state’s mask mandate and most other virus restrictions. So, according to liberals, there must be dead bodies in the streets and jam-packed hospitals full of sick and dying patients in Texas, right? President Joe Biden  said  the governor’s decision reflected “Neanderthal thinking.” Gilberto Hinojosa, chairman of the Texas Democratic Party,  said  it was “extraordinarily dangerous” and “will kill Texans.” The national media ridiculed Abbott and Texas as a bunch of rubes who deserved whatever they got. Meanwhile, new cases of COVID-19 have dropped substantially and deaths have fallen as well. Reason: Yet a month and a half later, newly identified coronavirus cases in Texas have  fallen  by more than 50 percent, and daily deaths have dropped even more. Meanwhile, states with stricter COVID-19 regulations have seen spikes in daily new cases. This is not the patter

Give people an incentive to get vaccinated

  Breitbart: Rand Paul: If You Want More People Vaccinated Biden Should ‘Burn His Mask’ and Say Vaccine Means You’re Safe I agree with this idea.  We can still let liberals wear them as long as THEY want to. 

Israel responds to missile attack on nuclear facility

 Breitbart: A missile launched from Syria struck southern Israel early Thursday, setting off air raid sirens near the country’s top-secret nuclear reactor, the Israeli military said. In response, it said it attacked the missile launcher and air-defense systems in neighboring Syria. The incident, marking the most serious violence between Israel and Syria in years, pointed to likely Iranian involvement. Iran, which maintains troops and proxies in Syria, has accused Israel of a series of attacks on its nuclear facilities, including sabotage at its Natanz nuclear facility on April 11, and vowed revenge. The Israeli army said the missile landed in the Negev region and the air raid sirens were sounded in a village near Dimona, where Israel’s nuclear reactor is located. There was no word on whether anything had been struck, but explosions were reported across Israel. There was no immediate claim of responsibility. But on Saturday, Iran’s hard-line Kayhan newspaper published an opinion piece b

Court packing scheme overwhelming opposed by voters

 Ed Morrissey: The full-court press by progressive Democrats to pack the Supreme Court has had an impact on public opinion. It’s just not the one they wanted. A  new poll out from Morning Consult  reveals that opposition to adding seats to the court remains near 2:1 among those with any opinion — and has grown a bit among  Democrats : House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) distanced herself last week from a Democratic bill that would add four seats to the Supreme Court, and a new Morning Consult/Politico poll helps to explain why she was quick to nip the plan in the bud: The idea is still broadly unpopular among the American electorate. In the April 16-19 survey, voters were 20 percentage points more likely, at 46 percent, to say Congress should only allow nine justices to serve on the high court than they were to be in favor of passing a law to add more Supreme Court jurists. Those numbers were essentially unchanged from a  Morning Consult/Politico survey  conducted in the fall, reflec

Teaching white kids to hate being white?

 Andrea Widburg: Paul Rossi was a math teacher at the prestigious Grace Church school in New York.  However, when he suggested that the school's deep dive into a woke "anti-racist" curriculum was racist and students were being silenced, the school shut him down.  Rossi then wrote an open letter that went deservedly viral, leading to his being fired.  Rossi next pointed out that the head of the school had agreed with him that the Critical Race Theory operating in the school was anti-White.  When the school head denied saying that, Rossi had the receipts to prove he was lying.  It's time to call all these people to account. Grace Church High School in Manhattan charges parents $57,330 per year to *ahem* "educate" their children.  Of late, education in woke enclaves has gone by the wayside.  Instead, it's Critical Race Theory (CRT) all the way down.  As with all these leftist schools, you can see how extreme it is by looking at its " Statement on Inclu

The cowardly Supreme Court refuses to rein in Democrat theft and tyranny

  Clifford C. Nichols: Supreme Court's failures are putting America on a path to tyranny Roberts appears to be frightened by the Democrats' threat to pack the court. 

What was behind Maxine Waters's bad conduct?

 Sally Zilikovsky: ... Because without an acquittal or a mistrial — either of which would have unquestionably given rise to increased violence — Rep. Waters and most Democrats actually want the bedlam to continue.  After all,  racializing everything by pointing fingers at the straw men of white supremacy; white privilege; and the conveniently invisible and unmeasurable systemic, structural, and internalized variants of racism is the bread and butter of the Democrats.  Without it, they have no  raison d'être .  Had Maxine kept  her  mouth shut, a simple conviction without a strong basis for a mistrial on appeal would cut short the mayhem in the streets.  A pause in the bedlam is not good for the left, whose entire existence and justification is predicated on being the party of racializing everything — especially relationships between black communities and white cops.  On the other hand, a conviction accompanied by overt threats of violence reeking of jury intimidation, from a politi

Trucking in the illegals

  Daily Mail: Border Patrol scan detects ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY migrants crammed inside tractor-trailer at Texas checkpoint Border Patrol agents stopped a truck last Thursday north of Laredo, Texas, and found 149 undocumented immigrants Agents detected an unusual movement inside the truck's cargo area and discovered the individuals The migrants, citizens of El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru and Ecuador, and the driver, a U.S. citizen, were placed under arrest Mass illegal immigration is getting worse. Biden has no plan or program to deal with it. I think he sees them as a political asset even though the process is extremely unpopular .

Biden backed by the rich

 Western Journal: President Joe Biden’s inaugural committee brought in millions of dollars from some of the largest companies and most prominent billionaires in the country, according to a report filed with the Federal Election Commission on Tuesday. The donors helped Biden reach nearly $62 million between Nov. 25, 2020, and April 19 to fund Biden’s inauguration activities, The Hill reported. Lockheed Martin and Boeing, two of the largest defense contractors in the United States, donated $1 million each to the committee. Uber, Comcast, AT&T, Bank of America, Pfizer and Qualcomm also gave the maximum donation of $1 million to the inaugural fund, according to Politico . Inaugural committees, unlike presidential and congressional campaigns, are not prohibited from accepting corporate donations. Biden reportedly banned the committee from taking donations from lobbyists, foreign agents and fossil fuel companies. However, corporate companies could contribute up to $1 million and indivi

News you can use

 Medical Press: Simple oral hygiene could help reduce COVID-19 severity, says study It may not be easy when you are struggling for breath but is apparently worth the effort. ... COVID-19 could pass into people's lungs from saliva with the virus moving directly from mouth to bloodstream—particularly if individuals are suffering from gum disease, according to new research. Evidence shows that blood vessels of the lungs, rather than airways, are affected initially in COVID-19 lung disease with high concentrations of the virus in saliva and periodontitis associated with increased risk of death. The researchers propose that dental plaque accumulation and periodontal inflammation further intensify the likelihood of the SARS-CoV-2 virus reaching the lungs and causing more severe cases of the infection. ... It looks like patients should turn to oral hygiene immediately when they get the symptoms. 

Media and liberal distortion of race relations

 Eric Kaufman: What this study finds is that people's perception of racism and the reality of racism has been diverging, especially the past five years or so. So for example, what you see in the major newspapers like " The New York Times " or " The Washington Post, " there has been an explosion of the terms racist, white privilege, white supremacy, and so on, and that has been documented in terms of word counts. That seems correlated with a big shift to the left in terms of, particularly white liberal attitudes on race. And what that seems to produce is a big, big distortion, again, of people's perception of the size of this problem. To give you a concrete example rooted in indisputable fact, I asked the question in my survey to both black and white respondents, what is more, which is the more likely cause of death for a young black man in America? Is it a car accident or is it to be shot by the police? It is a clear fact that it is about 10-1 with car accid

The race baiting President falsely accuses cop who saved a black girl's life

 Red States: ... As I reported last night , an officer-involved shooting of a 16-year-old girl (initial reports were that she was 15) occurred in Columbus, OH. Upon release of the body-cam footage, it became clear that the officer acted appropriately, only firing when Ma’Khia Bryant went to stab another girl she was in an altercation with. Immediately,  rumors that Bryant was unarmed  or that police didn’t warn her became prominent on social media. Protest crowds gathered and the hot takes started to flow about how the officer should have tased her or tackled her. Now, the White House is getting in on the act. Joe Biden released a statement that I can only describe as absolutely disgusting. This shooting has nothing to do with race. There is not a single piece of evidence to support such an assertion nor would it make any sense anyway. The police were called to the scene and presented with a deadly weapon. This wasn’t some setup to hunt black people. Yet, Biden (or better yet, his hand

The left celebrates a conviction

  Ann Coulter: Thanks, Derek Chauvin Jurors! You’re Safe Now. We Aren’t. ... The prosecutors must feel great! All it took was threatening the jurors with riots and personal destruction to get the verdict they wanted. Real Ciceros , these guys. Chauvin was forced to flee his home last year, which naturally had been vandalized , requiring constant police presence. Barricades have recently been erected around the home of officer Kim Potter , who accidentally shot escaping violent gun offender Daunte Wright last week. The day before Chauvin's case went to the jury, a defense witness -- a witness! -- had his former home in California vandalized with pigs' blood and a pig's head. So I'm sure the jurors reached their verdict purely based on the evidence, after a careful weighing of both sides in the Anglo-Saxon tradition . We're told that this is only the beginning, big changes are in the air. Does that mean every case against a cop will come with threats of mob viol

Michigan petition seeks to overturn Governors executive orders on Covid

 Epoch Times: A petition drive in Michigan seeking to repeal a law that underpins many of Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer ’s restrictive COVID-19 executive orders has enough valid signatures to proceed up the chain that leads to the state Legislature, documents show. The conservative-led initiative, called Unlock Michigan, needed 340,047 signatures to obtain certification from the state’s Bureau of Elections, a necessary precondition to send the matter to the state’s Republican-led Legislature. An April 19 staff report from the Michigan Secretary of State’s office ( pdf ) estimated at a 100 percent confidence level that the petition drive had amassed 460,358 valid signatures out of a total filing that contained just over 538,000 signatures. The document also features a recommendation that the petition be certified. The staff report is a precursor to a meeting of the Michigan Board of State Canvassers, which is composed of two Democrats and two Republicans and will convene April 22 (

Arizona wants national emergency declared on the border

 Fox News: Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey on Wednesday urged President Biden to declare a national emergency at the border, a day after the Republican governor deployed the National Guard and issued an emergency declaration in response to the migrant crisis. "President Biden, if you care about the border, if you care about stopping the cartels who are engaging in all kinds of bad acts...if you want to stop the disaster that's unfolding here and will only get worse in the coming months, President Biden you should declare a national emergency and deploy the vast powers of your administration to stop what's happening here," Ducey said at a press conference at the border near Yuma. ARIZONA DEM SENS. SINEMA, KELLY BACK GOVERNOR'S MOVE TO DEPLOY NATIONAL GUARD TO BORDER ... Ducey announced on Tuesday that he was deploying 250 National Guard members to help deal with the escalating numbers, that has seen record numbers of migrant encounters and overwhelmed local authorities.

Big lies of the left

 Mark Tapscott: ... It was the  Times  that first reported that Capitol Hill Police (CHP) Officer Brian Sicknick died as a result of being hit in the head with a fire extinguisher during the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol. Every news organization in America and reporter covering Congress (yes, including me) echoed that story, which, according to the  archived version  held by Snopes, reported early January 8 the following: The circumstances surrounding Mr. Sicknick’s death were not immediately clear, and the Capitol Police said only that he had “passed away due to injuries sustained while on duty.” At some point in the chaos — with the mob rampaging through the halls of Congress while lawmakers were forced to hide under their desks — he was struck with a fire extinguisher, according to two law enforcement officials. And why wouldn’t other news organizations repeat the story: After all, it’s the  New York Times  and it has “two law enforcement officials” as sources.  New York Times

Tucker reacts to politicization of Derek Chauvin trial

The jury intimidation by Democrats should have been condemned and not Tucker who raised the issue.   Here are some of the reactions from the left to Tucker's argument.

Duty to retreat states complicate the right to self defense

  Reason: 3/4 of States Are Now Stand Your Ground; only 12 Are Duty to Retreat   The article is worth reading because of all the complications in exercising the right to self-defense.  Texas is among the states that allows people to stand your ground although there are exceptions to this rule too particulaly if you are outside your home.

Gavin Newsom makes really ignorant statement about George Floyd case

 Breitbart: California Governor Gavin Newsom reacted to the conviction of former Minneapolis, Minnesota, police officer Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd on Tuesday by suggesting he was killed because of his race. “George Floyd would still be alive if he looked like me,” Newsom tweeted. ...  If Newsom consumed as much dope as Floyd, Newsom would be dead.  BTW, there was no evidence at the trial indicating that Chauvin was motivated by race in his actions.  None.

Biden administration yet to give adequate answer for closing Houston migrant facility

 Karen Townsend: ... Neither the White House nor HHS Secretary Becerra responded to inquiries from ABC for this story. Whatever happened to Joe Biden’s promise to have the most transparent administration ever? The lack of transparency leads observers to think that something is fishy here. Why hasn’t Becerra held a press conference and explained what happened and what is being done now? The Biden administration is ill-equipped to handle the crisis at the southern border brought on by Joe Biden’s irresponsible words and executive actions on illegal immigration. He took away the previous administration’s policies with the stroke of his pen yet he didn’t have any plans in place to handle the entirely predictable flood of migrants at the border. Biden’s cave to the open borders wing of the Democrat Party has backfired with serious humanitarian consequences. ABC did a story on the facility including some pictures.  To date, there has been no explanation for its sudden closing.  It is more ev

Biden tries to criminalize speech

 Leo Goldstein: On  April 15 , Preident Biden signed an  Executive Order on Blocking Property with Respect to Specified Harmful Foreign Activities of the Government of the Russian Federation . Contrary to its title, this EO is not about Russia. It is designed to allow the Biden administration to deprive American citizens and organizations of their rights and property by arbitrarily linking those persons to real, imagined, or vaguely defined activities of the Russian government. The Biden administration unilaterally makes the determination and requires neither criminal acts nor intent. The punishment is blocking assets and a prohibition on any dealing with the accused person.  Spouses  and  adult children  of individuals found guilty by accusation under this EO are punished, too. The EO was preceded by some distracting maneuvers, both diplomatic (hostile rhetoric toward Russia) and military (sending naval ships toward the Black Sea and recalling them back, as if dealing with Russian thr

Cruz nails Biden's Orwellian approach to illegals

 Trending Politics: ... Texas GOP Sen. Ted Cruz took to Twitter to slam the move, calling it “Orwellian.” “Approaching his first 100 days in office, Biden has done more to enact speech codes, silence the media & cover up the truth than he has done to secure the border and end the [Biden border crisis],” Cruz tweeted. Beyond Cruz being correct in his tweet, this is the latest pathetic move by the Biden administration regarding immigration. A disturbing new report reveals that the Biden administration has substantially decreased the number of illegal aliens they are arresting. According to Breitbart, Immigration and Customs Enforcement have carried out 75% fewer “priority” arrests, and arrests the Biden administration deems “non-priority” have been cut by over 80% compared to the same time frame in 2020. ... There is more. That sign shows the absurdity of the response of Democrats to illegal entry into the US.   The attempt of the Biden administration to deal with the problem by cha

White men are the new victims of systemic racism

 Washington Free Beacon Editorial: On the campaign trail in 1992, Bill Clinton famously promised a cabinet that "looks like America." By that, Clinton meant he intended to pick a leadership team that reflected the racial and gender diversity of the United States. That's a laudable goal insofar as it recognizes the potential contributions of all without regard to race or sex, and it is a goal we share. But it has become a shibboleth at the country's elite institutions behind which lies a deep hostility to white men. Call it the new systemic racism. The latest crop of New York Times interns provides a window into the dynamics at work. Of the Times's 33 interns , one appears to be a white male. Five are men and 27 are women. So much for looking like America, where census data suggest that white men account for about 30 percent of the population. They account for just 3 percent of Times interns. Men of all races account for 49.2 percent of the U.S. population and jus

Burgess Owens gives Democrats a lesson in REAL Jim Crow

 Post Millenial: In a hearing at the Senate Judiciary Committee, Rep. Burgess Owens (R-UT) lambasted Democrats for comparing Georgia's new voting legislation to the racist segregationist Jim Crow laws which once dominated the Southern United States. Owens began by discussing the story of his great great grandfather, who came to America on a slave ship when he was just a child. "He escaped on the underground railroad, and later became a successful entrepreneur," Owens said, "purchasing 102 acres of farmland paid off in two years." "My father, Clarence Burgess Owens Sr., was stationed in the Philippines at the end of World War II. When he returned home to Texas, actual Jim Crow laws denied him postgraduate education. Raised in a generation that used this as motivation, he received his PhD in agronomy at Ohio State University and had a successful career as a professor, researcher, and entrepreneur. "I grew up in the era of actual, legalized institutional

Corporate war against conservatism

 Justin Haskins: In recent months, hundreds of large corporations and financial institutions have rallied around liberal causes and even put policies into place directly targeting conservatives or their views. For example, on April 14, hundreds of the largest corporations and financial institutions in the world, including Amazon, Google, Netflix, and Starbucks, signed a statement opposing “discriminatory legislation” that aims to make elections more secure—an apparent reference to commonsense reforms like the ones recently passed in Georgia, which include a requirement that voters provide a driver’s license or free state identification card to prove their identity prior to casting a ballot. Similarly, Major League Baseball recently announced it’s moving its annual All-Star Game out of Georgia as a protest against the state’s new election requirements. In February, Coca-Cola allegedly provided employees with radical diversity training that asked them to “try to be less white,” which,

The radical Biden administration

 Victor Davis Hanson: These are the most radical first three months of a presidency since 1933, the most divisive—and certainly the most dangerous. And its catalyst is the myth of ol’ Joe from Scranton who has unleashed furies and hatreds never quite seen in modern American history. “Woke” Joe Biden At an age when most long ago embraced a consistent political belief, late septuagenarian Joe Biden suddenly reinvented himself as our first woke president. That is ironic in so many ways because Joe’s past is a wasteland of racialist condescension and prejudicial gaffes. For much of the 1980s and 1990s, he positioned himself as the workingman’s Democrat from Delaware (or, as Biden once beamed, “We [Delawareans] were on the South’s side in the Civil War.”). In truth, he exuded chauvinism well beyond that of his constituents. Biden’s concocted working-man schtick meant praising former segregationists of the Senate like Robert Byrd and James O. Eastland. He would talk tough about inner-city pr