How the GOP can hold the House

Ed Morrissey:
ABC: Generic Ballot In Battleground Districts Is … R+1?

The key to voter enthusiasm in this midterm cycle may be the same as it is in real estate: Location, location, location. ABC News’ Rick Klein takes a look at the current generic-ballot polling from the latest Washington Post/ABC partnership and notes that the double-digit Democratic lead would normally spell curtains for the GOP. However, Klein points out that almost all of it comes in districts well in hand for Democrats — and that the battleground looks far different: If this was a national referendum on President Donald Trump, he’d be set for a thumping, or a shellacking, or whatever word a president not named Trump might select in conceding defeat.

But it isn’t. Therein lies the core of Democrats’ concerns with 22 days to go, as they worry that a whole lot of their midterm enthusiasm will wind up wasted in places they don’t need the extra votes. …

Nationwide, Trump has a 41 percent approval rating, and Democrats …

One way you can tell Democrats are wrong on immigration

Thomas Lifson:
One of the most prestigious and richest progressive think-tanks is urging Democrats in competitive races to hide their real intentions from voters. In a remarkable move, the Center for American Progress is telling Democrats running for office to avoid ("spend as little time as possible" on) discussing immigration – because the issue works for Republicans, not Democrats. Let me translate: deceive voters about what you plan to accomplish if they hand you power.

The Center for American Progress is the think-tank founded by John Podesta and lavishly funded by the radical billionaires who pose as saviors of the poor while pushing policies that enrich themselves and close the doors of opportunity to the underclass. CAP carries a lot of clout among Dems.

I credit the New York Times for obtaining a copy of the four-page memo that CAP circulated among Dems running for office and explaining what's in it. Julie Hirschfeld Davis writes:
Democrats, the strategists …

How many dead Democrats are still voting?

U.S. Has 3.5 Million More Registered Voters Than Live Adults — A Red Flag For Electoral Fraud Why do democrats oppose taking dead people off the voter rolls as well as those who have moved out of the area?  Doing so would make it hard to cheat and there is nothing wrong with suppressing the vote of the dead.  Voter ID would also make it harder for people to vote on behalf of people long past a normal life span.

Hamas engaged in border intifata

Washington Free Beacon:
Hamas has intensified its violent demonstrations against Israel, turning the border between the Jewish state and the Gaza Strip into a "24/7" war zone as the terrorist group amps up its efforts to kidnap Israeli soldiers, according to Israeli security sources and regional reports.

Hamas ramped up this past week its months-long violent demonstrations along the Gaza border as part of new plans to "kidnap soldiers so that it will have a bargaining chip to use against Israel for speeding up the removal of the blockade," according to an investigation into new ways Hamas is probing Israel's defenses provided by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, or JCPA, a security research institute.

Violence raged throughout the weekend and into late Monday, with some 20,000 Palestinians participating in the demonstration, which have grown increasingly violent as Hamas operatives begin to deploy explosive devices, grenades, incendiary balloons, and other…

O'Rourke won't help other Democrats with his large haul of donations

Washington Examiner:
Rep. Beto O'Rourke announced Monday that he will not share any of his $38.1 million war chest, even though Democratic bosses want the cash for more competitive states.

The Texas Democrat told reporters after a campaign rally that he will not spare any expense in his own race and plans to leave all the money he has raised out on the field ahead of Election Day. He said if people who contributed to him want to do so for another campaign, they should do that. O'Rourke raised an eye-watering $38.1 million from July to September.

"No," O'Rourke told a reporter when asked if he would commit to sharing funds with Senate Democratic candidates who are in closer races. "I'm focused on Texas. Most of our contributions have come from Texas. All of them have come from people. Not a dime from PACs."
... O'Rourke seems bent on proving the Beatle song was right.  Texas votes can't be bought by out of state liberals.

Were F-22's left in harms way of hurricane because they were not able to fly?

Washington Times:
10 percent of Air Force's $339 million F-22 fighter jets damaged in Hurricane Michael Keeping the high tech planes airborne has become a challenge and in this case, has made the planes more vulnerable to mother nature than to the enemy.
The decision to leave roughly $7.5 billion in aircraft in the path of a hurricane raised eyebrows, including among defense analysts who say the Pentagon’s entire high-tech strategy continues to make its fighter jets vulnerable to weather and other mishaps when they are grounded for repairs.

“This becomes sort of a self-defeating cycle where we have $400 million aircraft that can’t fly precisely because they are $400 million aircraft,” said Dan Grazier, a defense fellow at Project on Government Oversight. “If we were buying simpler aircraft then it would be a whole lot easier for the base commander to get these aircraft up and in working order, at least more of them.”

Beto O'Rourke's problem is not name ID in Hispanic community, the more they know about him the less they like him

Erick Erickson:
Vanity Fair wants you to know that Robert Francis "Beto Male" O'Rourke has poor name identification with the Hispanic voters he will need to beat Ted Cruz. That's part of his problem, they allege.
O’Rourke’s lag makes sense within the context of the Texas electorate itself: he has low name recognition in the rapidly growing Hispanic demographic, who he will need to turn out in order to secure victory. (Despite their strong animus against Donald Trump, whose child-separation policy is still reverberating along Texas’s southern border, Hispanics accounted for less than one in five voters in the 2016 election.) Cruz, on the other hand, has an enthusiastic base of white conservative evangelicals who regularly vote in midterm elections, and who gobble up Cruz’s message that O’Rourke is a Texas version of a coastal liberal elite, citing his appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, his sordid punk-rock days, and the fact that both Hollywood and the Democratic…

Some interested people not impressed with Elizabeth Warren's latest claim

Red States:
Cherokee Nation To Elizabeth Warren…CUT IT OUT Paleface. The test suggests she might be less than one percent related to early migrants to America from Asia.  As I have stated before, I have a problem with the term "native Americans."  There were actually no native Americans that we know of.  All of the humans who are in the Americas are descendants of migrants.  Some came earlier than others.  The migrants from Asia came several thousand years before most of the migrants from Europe.

Arizona Democrat Senate candidate accused of treason in debate

Republican Martha McSally accused Democrat Kyrsten Sinema of “treason” Monday night, latching onto recent reports about Sinema’s comments as an anti-war activist at the end of a contentious, fiery Arizona Senate debate.

Near the end of the hour-long debate, McSally attacked Sinema over the comments from a radio show in 2003, reported earlier this week by CNN. The host made a hypothetical comment about joining the Taliban, to which Sinema responded: "I don't care if you want to do that, go ahead."

McSally demanded an apology, accusing her fellow congresswoman of saying “it’s okay to commit treason.” Sinema didn’t respond to the attack or explain her past comments, instead accusing McSally of running a negative campaign by using “ridiculous attacks, and trying to smear my campaign.”

The exchange in Monday’s debate, the only one scheduled in Arizona, epitomized the campaign to replace retiring GOP Sen. Jeff Flake. McSally repeatedly accused Sinema and Democrats of…

Saudis threaten use of oil weapon if sanctions are imposed

Bloomberg/Fuel Fix:
For 45 years, it’s been considered out of bounds for Saudi Arabia. But all of a sudden, Riyadh made what many read as a veiled threat to use the kingdom’s oil wealth as a political weapon -- something unheard of since the 1973 Arab embargo that triggered the first oil crisis.

Saudi Arabia, the world’s biggest oil exporter, said on Sunday it would retaliate against any punitive measures linked to the disappearance of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi with even “stronger ones." In an implicit reference to the kingdom’s petroleum wealth, the statement noted the Saudi economy “has an influential and vital role in the global economy.”

Roger Diwan, a longstanding OPEC watcher at consultant IHS Markit Ltd., said the Saudi comments broke “an essential oil market taboo.”

While few think that Saudi Arabia is prepared to follow through, even the suggestion of using oil as a weapon undermines Riyadh’s long-standing effort to project itself as a force for economic …

Fascism in America is a product of the left like it was in Germany

NY Times Editorial:
If You’re Not Scared About Fascism in the U.S., You Should Be

When fascism starts to feel normal, we’re all in trouble. Antifa is a fascist organization that claims to be anti-fascist.  Many of the Democrat mob actions during and after teh Kavanaugh conformation battle involved intimidation tactic like the fascist use.  And Democrats are definitely trying to normalize these tactics.

Antifa acts as the militant Brownshirts of liberal fascism.  They have replaced the KKK as the Democrat tool of violence and intimidation.  Since Trump won the election in 2016 virtually all the political violence in the US has been done by the left.

Democrats worried about Hispanic vote in Texas

San Antonio Express-News/Washington Post:
In Texas, Republican Sen. Ted Cruz is trying to fend off Democratic Rep. Beto O'Rourke, a liberal star who raised an eye-popping $38.1 million in the past three months, making him one of the most successful fundraisers in history.

O'Rourke, who is white, speaks Spanish and has often switched languages during town halls. He has used the traditionally Hispanic nickname Beto for decades, rather than his birth name, Robert.

But Texas has proved to be a challenging place for Democrats to mobilize Hispanic voters. "That is a very hard thing to change in one campaign cycle," said Matt Barreto, a co-founder of the research and polling firm Latino Decisions.

Cruz has long been one of his party's most vocal advocates of a strict immigration policy. Still, a Quinnipiac University poll showed him winning 37 percent of Hispanic voters, a slightly higher share than Trump won in the state in 2016, according to exit polls. Overall, C…

At the Chosin Reservoir 12 to 13 thousand Marines attacked in a "different direction' the over 100,000 Chinese troops that surrounded them

CBS News:
You may have seen the pictures before: American fighting men pushed to their limits and beyond. But unless you were at the Chosin Reservoir in North Korea in the brutal winter of 1950, you have no idea.

"Survival is probably the strongest of our instincts, and we all just did what we had to do to survive," said Warren Weidhahn, now 90, who was a young Marine at Chosin Reservoir. "People can't imagine 40, 50 below zero. Everything froze. Vehicles froze, rifles froze, people froze. If you got wounded, you couldn't walk, you froze to death."
The Marines were moving north along a single road that twisted higher into the mountains up to the Chosin Reservoir, which was supposed to be just a way station on their way to the Yalu.

Sides said, "This was kind of a perfect trap because they had to go singe file up this very narrow road. Any commander knows this is a terrible way to move because you get strung out."

The Chinese sprang the trap o…

Trump keeps promise on jobs that Obama denigrated

Chuck Devore:
Trump's Economy Is Creating Factory Jobs 10 Times Faster Than Obama's

... "I've been trying to negotiate trade deals ..." so overseas competitors "aren't undercutting us." Notably, Obama said that some jobs "are just not going to come back" while criticizing then-candidate Donald Trump for promising to "negotiate a better deal" and mocking him by claiming Trump would need a "magic wand" to fulfill his job promises.
Of note, in the 21 months since his inauguration, President Trump's deregulatory policies and historic tax cuts have led to a manufacturing resurgence, with 396,000 jobs added. In fact, the pace of manufacturing job growth over the past 21 months of President Trump's leadership is more than 10 times that of President Obama's last 21 months in office.
... It wasn't magic that created these jobs it was economic policies that Democrats opposed.

Steel construction of beach homes looks like the key to surviving hurricanes

NY Times:

Among the Ruins of Mexico Beach Stands One House, Built ‘for the Big One’ Hurricane Michael wrecked every other beachfront house on the block, but one came through the storm nearly pristine, as if protected by grace. How did it survive? I recall a similar scene after Hurricane Ike decimated the Texas coast and one house was left standing.  This house looks like it has steel support beams and a steel roof.  The support beams are probably welded tieing the structure together.  If you look at the rubble and ruins of the homes around it they appear to be piles of wood that were probably nailed or bolted in place.   I doubt the beach chairs on the porch were there during the storm.

The Russian-Trump bank connection is one of the bogus stories in the Russian collusion hoax

John Solomon:
If Democrats and their media accomplices keep recycling it, the unproven Donald Trump-Alfa Bank conspiracy may one day live right up there with the extra JFK gunman at Dallas’ grassy knoll, the missing Oak Island treasure, or the Lost City of Atlantis.

After all, the best unsolved mysteries — especially in politics — are those that can be neither proven nor disproven.

And therein lies the travesty of the unrelenting, yet uncorroborated, allegation that Trump’s campaign set up a covert communication system with Russia during the 2016 election, using a computer server in the United States and another owned by a Russian bank.

This allegation first surfaced with a Hillary Clinton-loving computer nerd in the fall of 2016, who claimed her group obtained domain name server (DNS) logs showing frequent “pings,” or contacts, between a server owned by Russia’s Alfa Bank and one in the name of the Trump Organization.

It turns out, though, that the server wasn’t actually in the Trump…

Top 3 % pay the majority of income taxes

Individual income taxes are the federal government’s single biggest revenue source. In fiscal year 2018, which ended Sept. 30, the individual income tax is expected to bring in roughly $1.7 trillion, or about half of all federal revenues, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

If past statistics can offer any guidance, in 2016, $1.44 trillion income taxes were paid by 140.9 million taxpayers reporting a total of $10.2 trillion in adjusted gross income, according to data recently released by the Internal Revenue Services.

Bloomberg looked into the 2016 individual returns data in detail for some additional insights illustrated in the charts below:

The top 1 percent paid a greater share of individual income taxes (37.3 percent) than the bottom 90 percent combined (30.5 percent).The top 50 percent of all taxpayers paid 97 percent of total individual income taxes.
In other words, the bottom 50 percent paid 3 percent. Which small percentile of tax payers also paid 3 percent …

Vote fraud is real

John Gibbs:
This week, liberals have been repeating their frequent claim that voter fraud doesn’t exist. A recent Salon article argues that “voter fraud just isn’t a problem in Pennsylvania,” despite evidence to the contrary. Another article argues that voter fraud is entirely in the imagination of those who use voter ID laws to deny minorities the right to vote.

Yet as the election approaches, more and more cases of voter fraud are beginning to surface. In Colorado, multiple instances were found of dead people attempting to vote. Stunningly, “a woman named Sara Sosa who died in 2009 cast ballots in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.” In Virginia, it was found that nearly 20 voter applications were turned in under the names of dead people.

In Texas, authorities are investigating criminals who are using the technique of “vote harvesting” to illegally procure votes for their candidates. “Harvesting” is the practice of illegally obtaining the signatures of valid voters in order to vote in their na…

The media's Civil War against Don from Queens

Charles Hurt:
And there is no one more racist to these sheltered snowflakes than Don from Queens.

To these elite, the “otherness” of President Trump makes them feel so uncomfortable it drives them utterly mad. The fact Mr. Trump beat the whole political system and sits across the Resolute Desk from Kanye West is simply more than they can bear.

So he must be racist. And, somehow, so is Kanye.

Then Mr. Trump wanders into one of the most epic moments of Civil War history during a speech last week in Ohio, birthplace of legendary Civil War Gen. Ulysses S. Grant.

“So Robert E. Lee was a great general,” Mr. Trump said. “And Abraham Lincoln developed a phobia. He couldn’t beat Robert E. Lee.”

Cue the media, who somehow went wild over Mr. Trump complimenting Gen. Lee as a “great general.”

As anyone who has ever studied four minutes of Civil War history knows, of course, Mr. Trump’s comments are totally and completely factual and accurate. Lee was a brilliant tactician whose battlefield ge…

House GOP closing in on anti-Trump Russian collusion hoax conspiracy?

Rowan Scarborough:
Congressional Republicans are collecting evidence to show an extensive, election year, anti-Trump conspiracy between Hillary Clinton operatives such as Fusion GPS and Barack Obama appointees at the Justice Department and the FBI.

The investigation took a new turn last week. Fusion co-founder Glenn Simpson decided to invoke the Fifth Amendment rather than testify under subpoena before a special House Republican task force.

The Republicans see Mr. Simpson as the key middleman between Justice and the Clinton campaign. He orchestrated the Democrat-financed dossier on which the FBI built its early investigation of candidate Donald Trump. Republicans believe the unproven dossier, with its charge of extensive Trump-Russia collusion, is a sham perpetrated by Democrats and the press.

“Glenn Simpson was an absolutely essential figure in launching the entire Russia collusion hoax,” a Republican congressional staffer told The Washington Times.

Mr. Simpson decided to invoke his …

Behind the Democrat hate for Kanye West

John Kass:
Since the Oval Office meeting, we’ve heard a lot of irrational screaming about West and how he’s insane for speaking his mind.

One thing is certain. Americans make too much of celebrities. Hollywood stars endorse Democrats for president and it is considered normal behavior.

But Kanye embraces Trump — and gives him a hug — and Democrats hate him.


Because there is nothing so threatening to the Democratic Party than a prominent African-American like Kanye straying from the Democratic plantation and embracing a Republican.

This they cannot abide. Democrats use racial identity politics to herd voters and keep blacks voting Democratic. Without black votes, there is no Democratic Party.

The shaming of Kanye West is very much like the shaming of white suburban women who won’t put gender first, as Democrats demand.

Similar shaming techniques have been tried on other African-Americans, from brilliant writers like Shelby Steele; from famous economists Walter Williams and Thom…

Missing Saudi 'reporter' not what he seemed

David Goldman:
Germany's leading right-of-center daily Die Welt this morning reveals that Jamal Khashoggi was not a journalist, but a high-level operative for the Saudi intelligence service, an intimate of Osama bin Laden, and the nephew of the shadiest of all Arab arms dealers, the infamous Adnan Khashoggi. John Bradley reported last week in the Spectator that Khashoggi, who allegedly met a grisly end in a Saudi consulate in Istanbul, was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamist organization that among other things wants to replace the Saudi monarchy with a modern Islamist totalitarian state.

So much for the whining in the Establishment media about freedom of the press and protection of the rights of journalists. The presumed-dead Khashoggi was a top-level spook who swore fealty to some of the Arab world's nastiest elements, and who played a high-stakes game in Saudi spookdom. We don't know why he disappeared, but we know what we don't know.

Among other things…

Voters watching the Democrat mobs react negatively to them

Salena Zito:
Jason Vogel is fired up to vote. He says his passion crystallized two weeks ago when he saw just how chaotic Washington would be if the Democrats seized power in Congress. When Democratic senators smeared Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh as an attempted rapist without proof, and angry protestors stormed the Capitol, he says he grew increasingly concerned.

“Hard to imagine that occurring every day, but you begin to realize that is exactly what would happen if I didn’t turn out to vote,” he said.

Vogel is with his family at the Erie Insurance Arena to rally for Trump and local GOP Congressman Mike Kelly, who is running for re-election. The Vogels are seated far away from the stage, but that doesn’t seem to dampen their enthusiasm.

The 40-year-old union steward for the local Teamsters 397 says he became motivated to vote for Kelly when he realized everything important to him is being championed by President Trump and is on Kelly’s ballot: “The Second Amendment, trade, job …

The left's fear of Kanye West

Michael Goodwin:
In the beginning, it was safe to ignore Kanye West and his growing bromance with President Trump. After all, West is a performer, which makes it easy to discount his political talk, and he is married to a Kardashian, which, well, enough said.

But recent events demand attention. First came West’s Sept. 29 appearance on “Saturday Night Live,” where he rapped in his red Make America Great Again hat and praised Trump in a speech, most of which NBC cut from its telecast.

Then there was Thursday’s spectacle in the Oval Office. Once again, his stream-of-consciousness commentary veered from nonsense to common sense and included references to the 13th Amendment, which forbids slavery, and his feeling of being “programmed” as a black man to support only liberal politicians.

There was no denying those events were intriguing and entertaining, but I still didn’t regard any of it as politically significant — until the left-wing media went absolutely bonkers on him.

Their extraordinaril…

US should wait for the evidence on the missing Saudi reporter and not believe those who want to rush to judgment

Clarice Feldman:
It seems to me the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi, last seen in Istanbul, is Erdogan-brand Turkish taffy, a confection of sugary lies made to inflame Americans against the Saudis and aid the far more dangerous to our well-being mullahs of Iran.

I confess to prejudice in this matter. I think Iran is a grave threat to the world, and the Saudis are aiding us in constraining the mullahs. Like Matthew Continetti, I believe the Saudis are now an important counterterrorism ally and roiling the waters there would disrupt “energy markets, create pockets of instability in which jihadists and Iranian-backed militias thrive, and cause headaches for Israel.”

If we disrupt our present relationship, why wouldn’t the Saudis turn elsewhere -- China and Russia -- and any influence we have in the Middle East would be lost.

In fact, if those in Congress who believe this nonsense get their way and cut arms sales to the Saudis, the beneficiaries will be arms producers in China and Russia …

The Democrats' weak candidates in Texas

Silvio Cantu:
The latest polls are showing two obvious things:

First, Governor Greg Abbott is on his way to a huge re-election. It may come close to then-governor Bush, who won big in 1998.

Second, Senator Ted Cruz is starting to consolidate his majority. He is currently up 9 and will probably exceed that on election day.

In both cases, the Democrats are their own worst enemies.

Why would you nominate a weak candidate like Lupe Valdez to challenge the super-popular Governor Abbott? Or the same question for Beto O'Rourke?

In February of 2018, Representative O'Rourke joined Minority Leader Pelosi in supporting abortion after 20 weeks. This is how Mr. O'Rourke defended that vote:

Today the House passed H.R. 36. The bill would impose a nationwide ban on abortion at 20 weeks even in the event that a pregnancy could pose serious harm to a woman's health. I voted against this bill because I believe it would endanger the lives and health of women in Texas  – a state that alre…

Does John James have a shot in Michigan Senate race?

Legal Insurrection:
Republican John James Surging in Michigan Senate RaceCan he unseat Debbie Stabenow? “I don’t have a black message or a white message, I have a red, white and blue message”

James has an interesting bio. He is a combat veteran and businessman. Michigan would be better served if he defeated teh incumbent, Debbie Stabenow. He started out way behind and has closed the gap to single digits and is now drawing support and funding. It looks like an uphill climb but he may have a shot.  Many GOP candidates have seen their polls numbers increase since the Democrats Kavanaugh debacle.

McConnell's evolving views on Donald Trump

Washington Examiner:
Just two years ago, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was looking for a way to defeat Donald Trump in the Republican presidential primary, and told colleagues they would “drop him like a hot rock” if the flamboyant real estate mogul won the nomination.

Two years later, McConnell is impressed with Trump's results, which include ushering in the most important Republican initiatives in a generation, and shifting the Supreme Court in a conservative direction for the first time in decades.

“This Congress has been the best two years of my time here,” McConnell told the Washington Examiner in a Capitol interview before the Senate left town to campaign ahead of the Nov. 6 election.

McConnell’s steered clear of discussing Trump’s presidential style when asked to explain how his view of Trump has evolved since rejecting his early candidacy in 2016. But he said he's measuring Trump by what he accomplishes.

“I look at the results,” he said.

Trump’s presidency has…

The spies who tried to take down the Trump campaign

Epoch Times:
The sudden legitimacy of Trump’s candidacy was not welcomed by the U.S. political establishment. Here was a true political outsider who held no traditional allegiances. He was brash and boastful, he ignored political correctness, he couldn’t be bought, and he didn’t care what others thought of him—he trusted himself.

Governing bodies in Britain and the European Union were also worried. Candidate Trump was openly challenging monetary policy, regulations, and the power of special interests. He challenged Congress. He challenged the United Nations and the European Union. He questioned everything.

Brennan became the point man in the operation to stop a potential Trump presidency. It remains unclear whether his role was self-appointed or came from above. To embark on such a mission without direct presidential authority seems both a stretch of the imagination and particularly foolhardy.

Brennan took unofficial foreign intelligence compiled by contacts, colleagues, and assoc…

Colleges demonstrate the unfairness of the Democrats' 'she must be believed' nonsense

David French:
Through much of the last month, the American people have been treated to a version of the emotional and ideological argument that’s dominated the American academy for much of the last ten years. The argument goes something like this: Women rarely lie about rape. Thus, the failure of criminal or civil justice systems to achieve overwhelming rates of conviction or impose liability at the rates of predation means that fundamental reform is mandatory.

Consequently, we must make it easier for women to bring claims, protect them from the rigors of proving claims, and utilize decision-makers trained to understand and respond to the unique trauma of victims. Moreover, when considering sexual-assault claims outside of courts, understand that due process is less important when a man’s liberty isn’t at stake. After all, a campus court isn’t a criminal trial. It’s an evaluation of academic suitability.

The result of this argument has been wholesale national reform — part of it manda…

Media tries to redefine 'mob' in their defense of Democrat mobs

They may have been reacting to this ad by the GOP highlighting some of the Democrats' mob actions:

What this shows is media bias in real time.

Marines looking at high tech crowd control weapons

Daily Mail:

Using the different effect would allow operators to control crowds or enemies, first warning them before using the higher settings. These weapons would probably be used in dealing with hostile civilian crowds.

Thwarting an ISIS plot to kill the President at a conference in Manila

Daily Beast:
How the Secret Service Foiled an Assassination Plot Against Trump by ISIS

A pair of Secret Service agents assigned to protect President Trump open up about the anxieties of their jobs and a pair of credible assassination threats they stopped in Manila.

If that weren’t enough, Special Agent Gibson and her team learn that an ISIS operative is somewhere in downtown Manila, and is targeting President Trump. And 20 minutes before touchdown, the Secret Service still isn’t sure where the ISIS operative is. “What is going on proactively to track this guy down?” Special Agent Ragan is seen shouting into a phone. “I need an update. Now.”

Special Agent Gibson and her fellow PIC agents soon track down the ISIS operative to Luneta Park, about a mile north of the president’s hotel, where the suspect is reportedly convening with “an associate.” They inform Special Agent Ragan, who then informs the Philippine National Police (PNP), whose officers swarm the park and apprehend the suspe…

Media engages in the politics of fraud in reporting on Trump's comments about Robert E. Lee

Right Scoop:
Did he say that? Yes. Was he just praising a confederate general out of nowhere? No.
They don’t cheer. At all. They’re just listening to his story. That’s it. The ENTIRE POINT OF THE STORY is that Lincoln FOUND a general in Grant, who is from Ohio, and he BEAT Lee. And THAT is when the crowd cheered, because Grant was FROM OHIO.

But the abject maggots in the media mislead people about what he said and then the left runs with it.
... Reporting is supposed to be about putting facts in perspective.  Too many in the media seem to have a warped perspective when it comes to Trump.  So Trump mentioned Robert E. Lee had been a successful general until he met up with Grant./  If the media was selling securities this kind of reporting would be called a failure to disclose a material fact.  They could be charged with a crime if they were selling securities instead of left-wing politics.

Drones becoming a threat to border security

Washington Examiner:
The Department of Homeland Security and the FBI identified this week unmanned aerial systems, or drones, as one of the greatest national security threats to America — rating it as severe a concern as cybersecurity hacks, critical infrastructure attacks, and terrorism.

While drones are often thought of as techie toys, officials are becoming increasingly worried about the threat they pose and are warning it's only a matter of time until the devices are used to drop a bomb or fentanyl powder on people in a populated area. Drones are already used by transnational criminal syndicates and drug cartels. The technology is readily available to terrorist groups.

Incidents that have gained public attention in recent years have largely involved inexperienced fliers losing control of the aircraft, but the military and law enforcement officers are already dealing with cases of drones being used for illicit purposes.

Border Patrol agents and port officers belonging to the De…

Campus progressives are only ones who like political correctness

80 Percent Of Americans Think Political Correctness Is A National Problem

Contrary to a common narrative, majorities of Americans of all ages, income levels, and racial backgrounds strongly oppose political correctnesss. Political correctness is a policy of the progressive speech police to stifle the speech of those with whom they disagree.  It clearly is unpopular with mainstream America of all races.

Identity politics not working for Democrats this year?

Washington Post:
Democrats worry that lackluster Latino support could hurt bid for Congress

From the Sun Belt battlegrounds of Nevada and Arizona to sprawling turf wars in Texas and Florida, there are signs that the Hispanic vote has yet to flourish in their favor this year.
If identity politics is not working that is a good sign for democracy.  It should mean a return to issue oriented policy debates instead of group grievance mongering by Democrats.   Democrats have used identity politics as a divisive means to dived the country.  In Texas, there are several Hispanics who are winning elections as Republicans.

Why weren't the stealth fighters flown out of harms way with a hurricane approaching?

NY Times:
Tyndall Air Force Base a ‘Complete Loss’ Amid Questions About Stealth Fighters Hurricane Michael tore directly into the base, and some of the Air Force’s most advanced — and most expensive — stealth fighter jets may have been left at the base. Back in the late 60's I spent some time at the Naval air station in Pensacola and my recollection is that they had a plan to fly the trainers to bases out of the path of a hurricane if one approached.  I would be shocked if the Air Force had no such contingency plans for valuable stealth fighters.  The only reasons I can think of for not evacuating them is that they were not capable of flying at the time.

Democrat dark money groups join up with Soros and Steyer to try to influence 2018 election

Washington Free Beacon:
A dark money nonprofit is teaming up with a project launched earlier this year financed by political billionaire activists Tom Steyer and George Soros in a bid to boost Democratic causes and candidates in at least 11 states, according to campaign finance disclosure documents.

The State Engagement Fund, a 501(c)(4) based in Washington, D.C., does not have to disclose its donors. From late August through September, State Engagement Fund made four donations worth $2.1 million to State Victory Action.

State Victory Action, meanwhile, is a 527 organization formed this year. Previous disclosures showed nearly all of that group's $11 million in seed funding had come from billionaire political activists Tom Steyer and George Soros.

The Washington Free Beacon reported earlier this month that State Victory Action was rolling out a strategy focused on state-level politics and candidates in Minnesota, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, and Maine.

However, a new IRS filing b…

Media defends Democrat mob action

Power Line:
Voters, repelled by the mob action unleashed by leaders of the Democratic Party, are increasingly telling pollsters they intend to vote Republican. The Associated Press, alarmed, tries to help Democrats to stem the tide. The AP’s headline: “GOP decries Dems’ ‘mob rule,’ flipping the script.” Whose script? The AP’s, of course! President Donald Trump and Senate Republicans are forecasting nightmarish Democratic “mob rule” to amp up GOP voters for next month’s critical midterm elections, flipping the script from complaints that it’s Trump and the tea party movement who’ve boosted rowdy and divisive tactics to dangerous levels. The AP story must have been prompted largely by the RNC’s highly effective ad titled The Left: An Unhinged Mob. Strangely, the AP never actually mentions the ad, perhaps not wanting readers to track it down and watch it. The AP frames the current controversy over Democratic Party mob action by talking about the Tea Party, which hasn’t reared its head for si…