IG report should end Mueller investigation

Andrew McCarthy:
While generally cautious about criticizing Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report on the Clinton-emails investigation, Trump supporters have taken aim at its chief logical flaw: Although key investigators harbored anti-Trump and pro-Clinton bias, and even made statements indicating an intention to act on that bias, the IG did not find that this bias was the proximate cause of any particular investigative decision.

This conclusion is easy to rebut; I did so myself in a column last week. Yet, the Trump camp should also be embracing it. Why? Because if this is the Justice Department’s position, then Special Counsel Robert Mueller has no business investigating the president for obstruction.

I have argued from the start that Mueller’s appointment was illegitimate, because Rosenstein did not comply with federal regulations, which, among other things, do not provide for appointment of a special counsel to conduct a counterintelligence investigation. More saliently for…

The overlooked bombshell in the IG's report demonstrating that Hillary Clinton's emails had been compromised

Marc Thiessen:
... the overlooked bombshell of the report is the inspector general's confirmation that classified information contained in Clinton's emails was in fact compromised by foreign intelligence services, and that Clinton had recklessly emailed President Barack Obama using her unsecured personal email from the territory of a hostile foreign adversary.
Well, it turns out, the FBI knew with certainty at the time that hostile actors had in fact gained access to classified information via Clinton's emails. According to the inspector general, a special review of the Clinton email investigation in 2017 by the Office to the FBI's Inspection Division (INSD) found that, before Comey's 2016 statement, "the FBI ... successfully determined classified information was improperly stored and transmitted on Clinton's email server, and classified information was compromised by unauthorized individuals, to include foreign governments or intelligence services…

Obama's border orphans blamed on Trump

Charles Hurt:
... the media coverage of the border orphans is the most dishonest, unhinged, detestable conspiracy they have ever undertaken.

Finally, these dishonest goons have found their Russian gulags to pin on President Trump.

Just when it looked like Mr. Trump had utterly defeated the blithering simps, they called a surprise audible.

(Quick! Run for the border! Take pictures of illegal adults dragging innocent children across the border and getting arrested! Blame it all on Trump!)

This did not happen by accident. I will tell you why they did it.

About three weeks ago, the mavens of fake news found a photograph of a couple of children sleeping inside a chain-link fence cage on a concrete floor.

Having failed to bring down Mr. Trump with Russiagate or Stormygate or by using the most powerful tools of the federal government, dishonest left wing loons decided to hang those caged children on Mr. Trump.

They said it was a result of Mr. Trump’s heartless “new” policy of ripping chi…

Only 19 percent favor Democrat catch and release policy on the border

TRUMP’S FAMILY INTERNMENT POLICY IS POPULAR, ACCORDING TO THIS ECONOMIST/YOUGOV POLL, which shows that only 19% of those polled (and only 30% of Democrats) favor a catch-and-release policy. By contrast, 44% — and 49% of Democrats — favor holding families together in family detention centers until a hearing at a later date. No other alternative draws anything like that much support.
... That is a data point the media has not been touting in their push for what is essentially catch and release.  Nor have Democrats who are openly pushing for that policy.

Senator asks the IG for documents on FBI 'insurance policy' against Trump winning

Washington Times:
Sen. Lindsey Graham asked Justice Department Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz Wednesday to hand over documents relating to former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s alleged meeting to discuss an “insurance policy” against the election of then-candidate Donald Trump.

The South Carolina Republican sent a letter to Mr. Horowitz seeking clarification between two different stories — one from Mr. McCabe and one from FBI agent Peter Strzok.

Mr. Strzok sent fellow FBI employee Lisa Page, whom with he was having an affair, a text in August of 2016 referencing an “insurance policy” discussed in a meeting between the two of them with “Andy,” who Mr. Horowitz identified as Mr. McCabe.

The text read: “I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy’s office — that there’s no way he gets elected — but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk. It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40.”

Upon Mr. Horowitz’s investigation and disc…

The liberals perpetual outrage machine

Kurt Schlichter:
So what are we supposed to be outraged about today? There’s always something, and it’s always the worst thing in the history of ever. And it’s almost always a scam designed to manipulate you into obeying the liberal elite.

That’s the real outrage.

My friend and fellow Townhall columnist Derek Hunter has a new book out designed to help you detect and defeat this shameless grift, Outrage, Inc.: How the Liberal Mob Ruined Science, Journalism, and Hollywood. It’s essential reading because the sooner we can get people woke to the con, the sooner people will stop falling for this nonsense.

What's the latest? Kids in cages, separated from their moms! Oh no! That only happens to every other criminal ever. Well, every American criminal ever. Illegal alien criminals, who drag their kids through scorching deserts to break the law because their own countries are The Term That May Not Be Spoken But Trump Spoke It (which itself created a mini outrage a while ago) are, I guess, …

O'Rourke's embrace of liberalism makes Ted Cruz reelection bid easier

NY Times:
As Cruz Runs Again, Trump Still Makes Things Complicated
Ted Cruz, a Texas senator, is facing a serious re-election challenge. He is projecting loyalty to a president he once criticized as erratic and dangerous. While O'Rourke maybe serious about his challenge, he is not a serious challenge to Cruz's reelection.  He has embraced unpopular policies in Texas that will make him unelectable in a statewide race.  He is an open borders Democrat who also favors abortion.  The chances of him being competitive with that baggage are remote.  He will be lucky to be within 10 points of Cruz when the votes are counted.

Republicans hold firm on controlling immigration

NY Times:
G.O.P. Dislikes Separation, but Likes ‘Zero Tolerance’ More
In border states, Republican voters say that whatever sympathy they feel for children taken from their parents is complicated by frustration over the flow of people from Mexico.

This view illustrates the bind Republican lawmakers find themselves in: They need to retain support from these voters but also win over moderates horrified by the policy. My biggest frustration is with the dishonesty of the Democrats and the media on the subject.  Most of the pictures used to push the "separation" issue were from the time of the Obama administration when the media had no interest in changing policies.  It is also clear that Democrats do not want to solve the problem, they want to make it worse by encouraging more people to come here illegally.  If they had their way many Democrats would not have immigration laws at all, they are so desperate to replace their thinning ranks.

Why does the media fail to explore the rea…

US manufacturing on the upswing?

Paul Bedard:
Boom: Over 95% of manufacturers bullish on future, ‘record optimism’ Some of these companies are doing work that Obama said teh jobs were never coming back.  He also said that the US could not drill its way to lower gas prices.  When it came to underestimating American business, Obama was a champion.

Blacks have been misled about police shootings

Washington Free Beacon:
Black Americans are not more likely to be shot by the police than White Americans in proportion to each group's rate of interaction with the police, as measured by crime rate, a new study argues.

The report, by psychologists Joseph Cesario and David Johnson and criminologist William Terrill, analyzes trends in fatal shootings by police in 2015 and 2016 using a variety of data sources.

Measuring racial disparities in police use of force is a touchy subject. High-profileshootings of black men by police have been a focal point for Blacks Lives Matter and similar groups, which see such shootings as both endemic of larger police abuses and an epidemic in their own right.

Most analyses of the police shooting disparity compare the number of black and white people shot to each group's proportion in the population. Black people make up about 13 percent of the population, the argument goes, so should make up about 13 percent of police shootings. These analysesreg…

A challenge to the liberal narrative on illegal immigration

John Hawkins:

1. Any sort of legalization or amnesty encourages more illegal aliens to come here
During the Reagan Administration, we had a “one-time” amnesty that featured promises of security in return for three million illegals getting to become citizens. Today, most estimates seem to put the number of illegals in the United States somewhere between 11-12.5 million.

In other words, seeing that we weren’t serious about enforcing our immigration laws led to more illegals than ever coming here in hopes of getting amnesty. If this amnesty goes through, we can expect to see the exact same problem repeated in a few decades.

2. A wall would make a major difference
A wall was never intended to be a fix for illegal immigration in and of itself. To the contrary, it’s a force multiplier.

What we see everywhere that we have full fencing up is that illegals overwhelmingly avoid those areas. In other words, you can use a wall to direct illegals to …

US cyber defense officials were ordered to 'stand down' and not respond to Russian attacks during 2016 election

Yahoo News:
The Obama White House’s chief cyber official testified Wednesday that proposals he was developing to counter Russia’s attack on the U.S. presidential election were put on a “back burner” after he was ordered to “stand down” his efforts in the summer of 2016.

The comments by Michael Daniel, who served as White House “cyber security coordinator” between 2012 and January of last year, provided his first public confirmation of a much-discussed passage in the book, “Russian Roulette: The Inside Story of Putin’s War on America and the Election of Donald Trump,” co-written by this reporter and David Corn, that detailed his thwarted efforts to respond to the Russian attack.

They came during a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing into how the Obama administration dealt with Russian cyber and information warfare attacks in 2016, an issue that has become one of the more politically sensitive subjects in the panel’s ongoing investigation into Russia’s interference in the U.S. election …

DOJ employee among those abusing Homeland Security Secretary at restaurant

Washington Times:
One of the shouting socialists who chased Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen out of a D.C. Mexican restaurant Tuesday night is a Justice Department worker.

Democratic Socialists of America member Allison Hrabar reveled in her actions Wednesday to the Washington Examiner, saying it “feels really good to confront people who are actually responsible” for arresting any illegal immigrants. One of the chants on the video says Immigrations and Customer Enforcement should be abolished.

According to the Examiner, Ms. Hrabar is a paralegal specialist at the Justice Department.

Ms. Hrabar said her actions were off-the-clock and not official, and that she was merely engaging in speech protected by the First Amendment.
... The depth of depravity by the deep state in Washington goes beyond the bias of a few DOJ lawyers.  This is what the swamp looks like in protecting the evils of liberalism.  Being rude and crude because of political differences is not excusable.

Democrats reject Ted Cruz's bill to solve the border issue of child separation

By now, you are all well aware of the families being separated at the border. You have seen the spectacle of crying children. You have heard the takes on all sides. Whether you are pro-law enforcement at all costs or pro-immigration at all costs, it does not change the fact that the separation of families is a heartbreaking situation, and that the emotional response is completely understandable.

As it turns out, Ted Cruz, Republican Senator from Texas, agrees that it is heartbreaking. On Monday, he introduced an "emergency bill" to keep families from being separated while in detention. The key provisions were to double the number of immigration judges to meet the overflow of immigrants, authorize the creation of additional shelters meant to keep the parents and children together, with the mandate that they must remain together except in cases of the children being at risk, and to expedite the process for those seeking asylum.

You would think this would receive bi-pa…

Canada's Prime Minister complains about US immigration policy when his country is worse

Red States:
Canada Detains Children In Worse Conditions Than America Under Trudeau, But No Trump Means No Outrage

The ridiculously leftist Prime Minister can literally do the same thing Trump does, and get zero heat for it. This might be because former President Barack Obama did the same thing, but I digress.
Trudeau decided he himself was going to weigh in, and denounced Trump’s America for doing such a horrid thing. He added that this is not the way things are done in Canada.

“What’s going on in the United States is wrong,” said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Wednesday. “I cannot imagine what the families are going through. This is not how we do things in Canada.”

Only, as it turns out, that’s totally how they do things in Canada according to the CBC....
What’s more, the children are held in prison like conditions that the CBC described as “frightening.”...
... What we are seeing is hypocrisy on an international scale to a problem of dealing with an invasion of people from…

Media emotion over 'family separation at the border' has a limited shelf life

Eddie Scarry:
Now that people in the news media are literally crying on TV, it’s time to watch public opinion once again drift into President Trump’s favor.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow looked like she might throw up from overexertion Tuesday night as she tried to force out a tear while reading a report on illegal immigrants at the border separated from the children they brought along (sometimes they’re parents, sometimes they’re paid smugglers).
Her daytime anchor colleague Stephanie Ruhle choked up earlier in the day talking on air about the same thing. So that there was no confusion about her compassion, she wore a subtle pin on her top that said “LOVE.”

The issue (tens of thousands of foreigners overwhelming the southern border) has never not been a “crisis,” and yet it wasn’t described by the media as such until Trump got in office and began enforcing laws against slipping into the country unnoticed and unvetted. (Their children cannot join them in jail, where everyone must go after…

Lack of pipelines continues to slow production from massive Permian Basin wells

Bloomberg/Fuel Fix:
Pipeline bottlenecks in North America’s biggest oil field are so pervasive that drillers are quitting new wells at a record pace. And it’s about to get a lot worse.

The vast pipe networks that haul crude from the Permian Basin are almost completely full thanks to a production boom in the oil-rich area of West Texas and New Mexico that rivals Saudi Arabia’s Ghawar field in massiveness. Explorers who’ve been drilling feverishly to cash in on an OPEC-driven price rally are now slamming on the brakes to let pipeline owners catch up.

As a result, the number of Permian wells that were drilled but left unfinished surged to 3,203 last month, a 90 percent increase from a year earlier and the highest since the Energy Department began tracking them in 2013. Postponing fracking, the final stage of drilling, reduces the supply a company needs to ship to markets. The jump in unfinished wells is a harbinger of oil producers actually shutting down older wells.
EOG Resources In…

Congressman tells DOJ IG that FBI '302s' have been altered and that he knows the names of two more anti Trump attorneys at FBI

Daily Caller:
North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows made two startling claims in a House hearing on Tuesday, asserting that there is “growing evidence” that FBI officials altered documentation of witness interviews in the Hillary Clinton and Russia probes.

The Republican also revealed the name of an FBI attorney he believes is the bureau employee who was removed from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation in February after he was found to have sent anti-Trump text messages.

“I think the other thing that I would ask you to look into, there is growing evidence that 302s were edited and changed,” Meadows said. “Those 302s, it is suggested that they were changed to either prosecute or not prosecute individuals. And that is very troubling.”

Meadows was referring to forms that FBI agents use to summarize witness interviews. He told reporters after Tuesday’s hearing that he has seen evidence that 302s filled out during the Clinton and Russia investigations have been changed. He a…

The spreading opposition to the evils of liberalism

NY Times Op-ed:
The Christian Right Adopts a 50-State Strategy By KATHERINE STEWART Pro-Trump evangelicals want to build a “great red wall” to keep Democrats out of power. California is high on their list of targets. Democrats have ruined the once Golden State.

It has become a feces-strewn drug habitat in major cities with houses so expensive people with middle-class incomes cannot afford them.   The state has confiscatory taxes but has to spend it on its too generous public pension plans rather than maintaining its infrastructure.  It has an authoritarian leadership that opposes the enforcement of the nations immigration laws. It survives on a few tech hubs while normal businesses flee.

You can see similar rot in New York state and Illinois.

Pushing back against the failed policies of liberal Democrats is the best way to save these states.

The Russian investigation and its similarity to the Salem witch trials

J.D. Gordon:
I am learning what it is like to be caught up in the Russia witch hunt ...

While roughly 50 Trump associates have appeared before such investigations, none have been charged with anything remotely connected to collusion — the stated reason for multiple probes. Yet four are likely headed to prison anyway. Paul Manafort and his deputy Rick Gates were charged with past financial crimes. Retired General Michael Flynn and George Papadapoulos were strong armed into guilty pleas by the Special Counsel for false statements.

That leaves dozens of Trump associates like me with overturned lives and high legal bills to defend ourselves from this modern day witch hunt — despite zero evidence of wrongdoing on our parts. Thank goodness for my campaign colleague Michael Caputo, his lawyer Ralph Lorigo and their grassroots supporters at the Michael Caputo Legal Fund for paying my 5-figure legal bills.

While times may have changed since 17th century Salem, human nature hasn’t. Powerful es…

Trump orders end to family separation at the border

Washington Times:
President Trump signed an executive order Wednesday he said will end family separations at the border, moving to end a crisis that has engulfed his administration.

Mr. Trump told reporters he still expects Congress to follow up with action, but he’s taking steps now.

And he insisted the order doesn’t end his zero tolerance policy that lodges criminal charges against illegal immigrants who jump the border.

“What we have done today is we are keeping families together. The borders are just as tough, just as strong,” Mr. Trump said in the Oval Office.
Another limitation on Mr. Trump is the timeline. Under a court agreement known as the Flores Settlement children can only be kept in immigration detention for about 20 days.

That gives the government a choice of either releasing the child — which means family separation — or releasing the family as a whole, which is essentially the catch-and-release policy the president objects to. The Democrats do not want to fix the p…

A group that hates conservatives

Dennis Prager:
The Bad Hate the Good: The Southern Policy Law Center vs. Prager University Dennis Prager is a kind man.  I have never witnessed him being hateful and I have been following him for years.  His videos are the opposite of hate.  They puncture liberal policies with logic and not insults or anger.  It really is a shame that some in the media are outsourcing their opposition to conservative thought by using a group that appears to hate conservatives.

Recently, 45 conservative groups asked corporate America to sever ties with what they call a hate group.

American satisfaction is at a 12 year high

Washington Examiner:
According to Gallup, Americans' satisfaction with their country's direction is at a 12-year high at 38 percent. That's the highest level since September 2005, right around the time Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and sent this measure of national sentiment plummeting.

What's more, nearly every group that Gallup breaks out in its analysis — men and women, all age groups and all education levels — was significantly more positive on the country's direction when polled in May and June than they were in surveys from March and April. Republicans jumped 14 points to 68 percent satisfied with the nation's direction, and independents jumped 11 points to 36 percent satisfied.

The one group that remains as sour on America's direction as before is self-identified Democrats, unchanged from their meager 13 percent level of optimism.
The fact is, if you just stop paying attention to the daily circus that is the Trump administration — the latest …

Rude and crude in the DC area

Washington Post:
Kirstjen Nielsen heckled by protesters at Mexican restaurant. Other diners applauded them. Liberals in DC appear to have lost their social graces along with their minds in their anger over losing the 2016 election.

The 'healing effect' of Trump's jobs policy

NY Times:
Number of Americans Seeking Disability Benefits Plunges
It is the latest evidence of a stronger economy pulling people back into the job market or preventing workers from being sidelined in the first place. This tells you how bad the jobs crisis actually was under Obama that people were claiming disability for the reason they were no longer working.  Now that they can find jobs  the must be feeling better.

Facilitating migration makes it harder to fix the countries they are leaving

Roger L. Simon:
If you sought to preserve the violent, reactionary and undemocratic regimes of countries like El Salvador and Honduras -- and, to a great extent, Mexico -- into perpetuity, how would you do it?

One way would be by providing a permanent U.S. safety valve for all their poor and downtrodden, the victims.

Just as with Europe and the Middle East, open borders can salve the soul and make us all feel good about ourselves, but they come with a price. And that price is not just for the richer host countries in supplying costly services. It is even greater for the countries of origin whose benighted citizens, the stay behinds, are left to suffer under governments that are incompetent, corrupt and often murderous.

Meanwhile, many of their good people (yes, along with some of the bad) are leaving or have left. It would have been those people, working together, that might have fixed their countries. No chance now.
... There is little serious discussion about the issue because I …

The White House Press Corp only hears what it wants to hear

Patricia McCarthy:
As fabulous as Sarah Sanders is, watching her daily press briefing is beyond frustrating; it is infuriating. The people she faces each day in that room are rude, antagonistic, angry, and generally vile. They are perpetually on the attack. They never listen to what she says.

On Monday, Kirstjen Nielsen, also an amazing woman, faced them with similar results. These not-reporters apparently did not hear a word she said. That was evident from the questions they shouted at her the minute she offered to answer a few. These press jackals are ignorant of facts. They fall for the lamest narratives pushed by a panoply of anti-Trump groups, many of them financed by George Soros. This explosion of insanity over children being separated from their "parents" is just more amped up propaganda.

Nielsen's presentation on the events at the border was fact-filled, clearly stated, and easily checked if any of those not-reporters were interested in facts. But they…

Why it took so long to find Strock's "We will stop him (Trump)" text message

They finally found it on a separate database on the phone that they were not aware of.  It took at least four different searches by the IG, FBI and defense department to get there and did not find it until May of this year.  The IG is still not confident that they have found all the messages.

OG refused to report that the 'fix was in' on Clinton's email abuse

Andrew McCarthy:
A detailed description of the grossly improper communications system Clinton established would have illustrated that she knew full well the risk she was running. A large percentage of the secretary of state’s job involves classified matters. We are not talking merely about the exchange of documents marked classified but, more commonly, constant deliberations about sensitive intelligence in classified documents, briefings, and conversations. Clinton’s willful concoction of a home-brew communications network — not a harried official’s occasional, exigent use of private email for official business, but her rogue institution of a private, non-government infrastructure for the systematic conduct of State Department business — made the non-secure transmission and storage of classified information inevitable.

Horowitz’s fleeting conclusion that the decision not to charge Clinton was rational and not necessarily motivated by political considerations hinges on the assumpti…

Energy production on government controlled sites up 7 percent

Oil production from U.S. federal lands and waters rose 7 percent last year to the highest in at least a decade, while natural gas output slipped, according to soon-to-be-published U.S. data - a partial win for the Trump administration as it tries to fire up energy production on public land.

Crude oil output from federal leases averaged about 2.22 million barrels per day during the 2017 fiscal year, the highest since at least 2007, and up from 2.07 million bpd during the 2016 fiscal year, according to the data from the Department of Interior’s Office of Natural Resources Revenue provided to Reuters.

That increase came as total U.S. oil production, including output from private lands, rose 5 percent in the 2017 calendar year to 9.3 million bpd, near the highest since the 1970s, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.
... Coal production is also up.  This is probably just a start as Trump has opened more government-owned land to energy production.  This is reven…

US needs to increase infrastructure investments to tap into the export market for oil and gas

The United States is now an oil exporter, though infrastructure necessary to move the oil to the market can't keep up with production trends. A report from consultant group IHS Markit found it was the lack of infrastructure, not the lack of spending on exploration and production, that presented a growth challenge for the U.S. energy sector.

Last week, officials at the Port of Corpus Christi said they secured nearly $23 million from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to help deepen and widen the waterway. More funding is expected for a project slated for completion by the early part of the next decade.

Sandy Fielden, the director for oil and products research at Morningstar, told UPI that new pipelines from inland shale basins will increase the flow of crude oil to the port by more than 1.5 million bpd by the second half of next year.

"Without the channel improvements the Port of Corpus Christi seeks, the next congestion point will invariably be export docks at Corpus,&…

Sen. Cruz bill would deal with the separation of children at the border

Washington Examiner Editorial:
Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, has drafted a bill that Trump should support. It would require that families be kept together once apprehended, "absent aggravated criminal conduct or threat of harm to the children."

It’s easy enough to change the policy. The tricky part is to come up with a way of doing so that doesn’t sacrifice enforcement of immigration law. Cruz’s bill seems to strike the right balance.

It would double the number of immigration judges to 750 to accelerate processing of asylum claims to 14 days or fewer. This minimizes time spent in detention. To prevent even brief family separations, the bill also authorizes ICE to use shelters where intact families can be accommodated together.

Trump’s initial response to this bill has not been good. He reportedly said that “ultimately, we have to have a real border, not judges.” But, given the massive backlog of immigration cases, more judges will be needed anyway. And as anyone may claim asyl…

European car maker blinks in tariff battle with Trump

Wall Street Journal:
Germany’s Largest Auto Makers Back Abolition of EU-U.S. Car Import Tariffs

The U.S. ambassador to Germany is expected to relay the industry offer in meetings with Trump administration I think they noticed that the US market for their cars is more important than restricting the supply of US cars in Europe.  It is pretty apparent that the tariff on US cars was unfair.  Perhaps other countries will too.

Former A-10 pilot Martha McSally leads Arizona GOP Senate race by 14

The Hill:
Rep. Martha McSally (R-Ariz.) surged into first place with a commanding 14-point lead in Arizona’s closely watched GOP Senate primary, according to a new poll.

A poll conducted by Phoenix-based OH Predictive Insights (OHPI) has McSally ahead with a little over 39 percent of the vote, followed by former state Sen. Kelli Ward at 24.5 percent and former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio trailing far behind at nearly 14 percent. About 22 percent of voters remain undecided.

This is a big shift since OHPI’s last poll from April, which had Ward in first place and leading McSally by 9 points in the race to replace retiring GOP Sen. Jeff Flake. Arizona will hold its primary on Aug. 28.

Mike Noble, OHPI’s chief pollster, said McSally’s rise can be attributed to her improved name recognition and willingness to cast herself as an ally of President Trump.

“McSally is starting to tell her story, she’s flush with cash, and she benefited from her pivot to embrace Trump. That all puts her i…

Texas solar facility adds battery for when the sun does not shine on its business

Fuel Fix:
Texas' largest solar farm will soon have a big battery to go with it.

FlexGen, an advance battery maker headquartered in Los Angeles, will supply a grid-scale battery to Vistra Energy's Upton 2 solar farm in West Texas that is capable of storing enough electricity to provide 10 megawatts an hour for more than four hours. One megawatt can power 200 Texas homes in the summer.

The Upton 2 solar farm, which has a generating capacity of 180 megawatts, went online June 1 and is the largest in the state.

The battery system will be housed in 40 shipping container-sized boxes on the site, where work has been going on since May, said FlexGen CEO Josh Prueher. The battery is expected to be online by the end of 2018.
... The company did not disclose the cost but past discussions of using storage batteries have said the cost is prohibitive.  The batteries are needed to deal with one of the glaring weaknesses of solar energy.  It is a daylight business and four hours of back up w…

Judge allows suit to challenge Twitter's 'free speech' claims

California Superior Court Judge Harold Kahn in San Francisco rejected Jared Taylor’s claims that Twitter violated his free speech rights and discriminated against him when it permanently suspended his accounts in December.

But he said Taylor properly supported his allegations that Twitter’s policy of suspending accounts, in the judge’s words, “at any time, for any reason or for no reason” may be unconscionable and that the company calling itself a platform devoted to free speech may be misleading and therefore fraudulent.
Twitter contends that it has a First Amendment right, just like newspapers, to publish or not publish whatever it wants. It also insists that the federal Communications Decency Act, originally passed to regulate pornography, gives it to right to ban offensive content.
... Taylor is not a particularly sympathetic claimant because of his views on race.  However, conservatives who have been banned or "shadow" banned by Twitter might be able …

California man chooses the wrong hobby

Convicted US felon arrested with more than 500 guns in California home

They look like mostly hunting rifles.  Police believe the man was a collector.  It is hard to argue with that conclusion and they do not have any evidence that he was planning to harm anyone with the weapons.

Why the US needs a Space Force

If you thought President Trump was just musing when he publicly broached the subject of a U.S. "space force" in recent months, guess again. On Monday, he disclosed at a meeting of the National Space Council in Washington, D.C. that he is directing the establishment of a sixth military branch to address operations in space. And he didn't mince words about what he had in mind:

"We are going to have a Space Force. An Air Force and a Space Force. Separate, but equal."

That is a stunning prospect, given the modest state of the current military space program. What we have, basically, is a collection of satellites orbiting the Earth that have almost no capacity to defend themselves, much less conduct offensive operations against the orbital assets of other countries. The satellites are crucial to terrestrial civil and military operations -- they consist mainly of communications, navigation, weather and surveillance satellites -- but none of them was conceived …

Coming to grips with the invasion of the West

Pat Buchanan:
"We need to be . . . a country that governs with a heart," says first lady Melania Trump. "No one likes this policy," says White House aide Kellyanne Conway, even "the president wants this to end."

And so it shall—given the universal denunciations and photos of sobbing children being pulled from parents. Yet striking down the policy will leave America's immigration crisis still unresolved.

Consider. Since 2016, some 110,000 children have entered the U.S. illegally and been released, along with 200,000 Central American families caught sneaking across the border.

Reflecting its frustration, the White House press office declared:
"We can't deport them, we can't separate them, we can't detain them, we can't prosecute them. What (the Democrats) want is a radical open-border policy that lets everyone out into the interior of this country with virtually no documentation whatsoever." Where many Americans see illegal…

GOP immigration bill would keep parents and kids together unless the parent is charged with a felony

Washington Times:
House Republicans officially unveiled their new immigration bill Tuesday, calling for illegal immigrant families caught sneaking across the border to be held together in Homeland Security facilities.

Parents charged with felonies would still be sent to jail and separated from children, but those who face misdemeanor charges for illegally entering the U.S. would be held in the immigration system, which is able to accommodate parents and children.
... The Congressman for my district, Mike McCaul is a cosponsor of the bill.  He is a former federal prosecutor.   I predict the Democrats will still oppose this bill because what they want is no restrictions on immigration.  At least their hypocrisy on the issue of children of illegal immigration will be exposed.  Whether the mainstream media will file an honest report of the issue is an open question.

Alleged leaker of CIA hacking tools charged

Washington Post:
Ex-CIA employee charged in major leak of agency hacking tools Joshua Adam Schulte was charged under the Espionage Act in connection with the leak last year of a collection of tools that the agency used for spy operations overseas. This leak caused irreparable damage to US national security.  Those found responsible for it deserve a maximum penalty.

Keep the statute of limitation on rape cases

NY Times:
Should Statutes of Limitations for Rape Be Abolished?
Across the country, time-limiting laws prevent scores of sexual assault cases from being prosecuted, in spite of persuasive evidence or a confession. Rape is a despicable crime.  DNA tests can now provide conclusive evidence of the perpetrator.  That is why the rape should be reported immediately.  It also makes it easier to find potential witnesses.  If a party waits years to make the charges it becomes a she said, he said case and an innocent defendant is robbed of the chance to show his DNA is not the same as the perpetrator.

The open border's left is pushing an immoral agenda

Daniel Horowitz:
We have two choices when it comes to border security and interior enforcement. We can continue telegraphing the message that when you come here with children you are home free. This will continue fueling the drug crisis, growing MS-13, enriching the drug cartels, inducing sex trafficking and terrible crimes at the border, encouraging illegals to kidnap children to gain admission, and causing death and mayhem on both sides of the border. Or we could finally deter this behavior by announcing an end to any immigration requests not processed in a controlled environment through our embassy. If you are concerned about “separating children” and don’t support the latter path, then you need to seriously examine your values and priorities.

The entirety of the epidemic-level increase in both drugs and MS-13 began around 2014-2015 with the rise of UACs and the collapse of interior enforcement against criminal alien drug trafficking networks operating in our major cities. That was …

Why the Democrats are trying to change the subject and talk about illegals bring kids into the country

Legal Insurrection:
Gallup: Satisfaction With Direction of U.S. Hits 12-Year High

The number isn’t all that shocking considering our economy is doing very well. The May jobs report showed unemployment at 3.8%, the lowest it’s been in 18 years. College graduate unemployment is at 2% while “workers 25 years and older with less than a high-school diploma” have an unemployment rate of 5.4%, which is “down from 6.2% a year earlier.”

Hourly earnings went up 8 cents in May to $26.96, which is an indication that the “strong pace of hiring is encouraging employers to raise pay to secure workers.”

The United States added 223,000 jobs in May. That number means the country “has added 207,000 new jobs per month on average, a brisk pace of hiring.”

Trump signed the tax bill into law at the end of December, which meant more money in the pockets of Americans and businesses, which allowed the businesses to invest more money into capital spending.

The Iran nuclear deal may also have an effect on the Gal…

The FBI bias taints Mueller's cases and makes a trial difficult

The taint will be hard for Muller to overcome.

Exposing the reality of the surge of children at the border

Power Line:
... Jason Jones and John Zmirak argue that the Mexican government created the problem: These migrants from Central America claim that the chaos in their home countries amounts to “persecution.” If so, then by international law they must seek refuge in the “first safe country.” That was Mexico, which didn’t offer them asylum, but shipped them north to us. They also note the recklessness of adults who bring their children from Central America through Mexico: The Huffington Post reported that 80% of women and girls from Central America who enter the U.S. illegally suffer rape. If the percentage even remotely approaches that number, then almost anything we can do to discourage immigrants from bringing children through Mexico is worthwhile. Jones and Zmirak also place the issue of separation at the border in the context of sex trafficking: Every year thousands of children get raped, abused, and sold. Right here in America. Many of these kids are immigrants, and a key tactic traffickers…