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Wallace avoided what should be the central issue in the campaign--Antifa and BLM violence and destruction

 Jason Whitlock: ...   Tuesday’s debate centered on race. Wallace did all he could to make sure the discussion of it avoided the heart of the problem — the violent fascist behavior of Antifa and Black Lives Matter.  Twitter and the media want you to believe Trump’s call for the Proud Boys to  “stand back and stand by” was a critical moment revealing the president’s allegiance to white supremacy. Trump made the comment in response to Wallace and Joe Biden repeatedly asking him to denounce white supremacists and militias. Trump initially said “Sure. I will do that.”  Why wouldn’t he? He’s done it previously. It’s the equivalent of saying “I disavow cancer.” He then asked for a specific name of a group that Wallace wanted him to condemn. Wallace didn’t give him one.  Here’s the deal. This summer American citizens have watched Minneapolis, Kenosha, Louisville, Atlanta, Rochester, Chicago, New York, Portland, Seattle and a few other cities that I can’t remember at the moment be vandalized,

Trump zingers from the debate

Nick Arama:  ...   At one point, Joe Biden ridiculously declared “I am the Democratic Party.” Trump was so quick he came back immediately with, “Not according to Harris you’re not,” a reference to Kamala Harris calling their potential administration a “Harris administration together with Joe Biden.” ...    Trump got in several other shots like that, such as when Biden said he beat Bernie Sanders, to which Trump responded, “Not by much.” ...    The thought was obviously to destabilize Joe which it certainly did. Biden again refused to say whether he would be for packing the court. “Whatever position I take, that’ll become the issue.” Huh? ...   Because if he says he will pack the court, he’ll offend the middle. If he says he wouldn’t, he’ll offend the left. Trump hammered home that he wouldn’t say. Trump got in a shot at the size of Biden ‘rallies’ too saying they were “much smaller events because no one shows up.” ...   One great point was when Trump pressed Biden to name one endorseme

Biden blows off the Green New Deal when challenged on his previous support for it

 Bryan Preston: Tuesday night’s debate was a noise-fest, with lots of interruptions and a moderator who at times lost control. But the debate did manage to pull out two very damaging moments from the Democratic Party nominee.   One concerns the Green New Deal. That far-left proposal to remake the U.S. economy in socialism’s image has animated AOC and her radical followers for more than a year now. It’s such a popular proposal that it received zero votes when it was up for one in Congress. During the debate, Biden was asked directly about it and he claimed he does not support it. This would be news to Joe Biden and whoever wrote his website. Back in June, Biden had this to say about the GND: Not only did he support it, it was a defining issue for him. His  official campaign website  has this to say on the GND: Biden believes the Green New Deal is a crucial framework for meeting the climate challenges we face. It powerfully captures two basic truths, which are at the core of his plan: (1

Muller prosecutors accused of misleading Congress on Stone case

 Mollie Hemingway: A prosecutor with Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel probe is being investigated for falsely testifying to Congress that political appointees at the Department of Justice applied undue pressure on career supervisors in the case of Roger Stone, the Washington Post quietly noted on Friday. “Three career supervisors in the D.C. U.S. attorney’s office have disputed the sworn congressional testimony given by a former prosecutor on Robert S. Mueller III’s team, telling Justice Department officials they believe he mischaracterized communications with them about undue political pressure in the criminal case against President Trump’s longtime friend Roger Stone, according to people familiar with the matter,”  the Post reported . When prosecutor Aaron Zelinsky testified to alleged political pressure before the House Judiciary Committee in June, it was major news. “Federal prosecutor who withdrew from Roger Stone case to tell Congress of political pressure from DOJ,” blared  CBS

September job growth outperforms estimates

 CNBC: Companies added jobs at a faster-than-expected pace in September due in good part to a surge in manufacturing hires, according to a report Wednesday from ADP.  The firm’s monthly private-sector jobs count showed growth of 749,000, ahead of the 600,000 expected from a Dow Jones economist survey. The report, done in conjunction with Moody’s Analytics, comes two days ahead of the more closely watched Labor Department count of nonfarm payrolls growth. That report is expected to show an addition of 800,000 after August’s 1.37 million, with the unemployment rate projected to fall two-tenths of a point to 8.2%. However, during the coronavirus pandemic, ADP’s initial estimate has often trailed the official government count by a significant margin, indicating potential upside for the September count. The initial ADP estimate for August was just 428,000 but was revised upward to 481,000, still a good distance from the Labor Department tally. For September, ADP found that manufacturing add

Biden at his worst in failure to condemn Antifa

 Fox News: President Trump  and  former Vice President Joe Biden  had a heated exchange over extremist violence with each facing questions over their approach to dealing with the problem   When Trump called out Antifa, Biden referenced FBI Director Christopher Wray's claim that Antifa was more of a movement or ideology rather than an organization. "Antifa is an idea, not an organization," Biden said. Trump fired back: "Oh, you got to be kidding." After Biden mentioned Wray, Trump said his FBI director was "wrong." Earlier this month, Wray offered congressional testimony in which he said Antifa was a “real thing” and that the FBI had undertaken “any number of properly predicated investigations into what we would describe as violent anarchist extremists,” including into individuals who identify with Antifa. At one point, he said that Antifa wasn't “a group or an organization. It’s a movement or an ideology.” He also said the individuals who identify

They should read Comey his rights before he testifies to Senate Committee

  Washington Post: Former FBI director Comey to testify today in Senate GOP review of Russia probe Democrats have criticized the effort as one intended to undermine an investigation that dogged the Trump presidency. Comey should be standing trial for his role in a coup attempt against the President.  He will go down in history as the most disgraceful FBI director in history.  Trump's biggest mistake with him was not firing him on the day he was sworn in.   Comey was a total weasel.  And, the media has still not apologized for reporting his lies about the Russian collusion hoax.

Trump attacks the 'critical race theory' scam

 Epoch Times: An executive order recently issued by  President Donald Trump  is poised to cause a major shift in the culture war over the soul of America.  The Sept. 22 order  bans federal agencies, contractors, subcontractors, and grantees from instructing their employees to follow the tenets of the critical race and critical gender theories. The theories are based on the Marxist concept of “struggle,” pitting races and sexes against each other by labeling them “oppressors” and the “oppressed.” It then reinterprets society and history as being rooted in this “struggle.” The theories have become the preferred creed of progressive intellectuals and have spread throughout academia, government institutions, public education, and the corporate world. “It’s been a tremendously powerful narrative that has kind of embedded itself in our institutions and become, in essence, the default ideology of federal agencies,” said Christopher Rufo, director of the Discovery Institute’s Center on Wealth

Democrats accused of massive vote fraud operations in Texas

 Washington Examiner: Fresh on the heels of Monday's  report  detailing alleged illegal vote harvesting in Minnesota, comes news of explosive affidavits filed about even worse vote harvesting in Texas. Combined with new reports about significant  illegal voter registration , also in Texas, and another huge  foul-up in a postal voting system in New York , these stories all highlight some of the dangers to democracy posed by widespread use of voting by mail and other  insecure practices . They join other stories of huge voting screw-ups in recent months, ranging from  the 223,000 undeliverable ballots  mailed out in this year’s primary election in Las Vegas, to the judicial race in Atlanta that  may need to be voided  because of double-voting and other irregularities. Meanwhile,  liberal judges  across the country are risking tremendous confusion and fraud by unilaterally  rewriting state laws  in order to force the counting of ballots that arrive  after Election Day . For all of Pre

Does Hunter Biden's deal with Chicoms compromise Joe Biden?

  15 Tweet See new Tweets Conversation Paul Sperry @paulsperry_ Level 1: BREAKING: Senate investigators to request DOJ/FBI open counterintelligence probe to determine if Biden potentially "compromised" by Chinese mil intelligence from millions laundered thru ChiCom shell companies & cutouts to Hunter & Jim Biden,making Biden potential blackmail target 6:11 PM · Sep 29, 2020 · Twitter Web App 11.6K Retweets 474 Quote Tweets 20.1K Likes 333 12.1K 20.1K