Libya caught trying to mine Misrata harbor

MISURATA, LIBYA - APRIL 20:  Rebel fighters fi...Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Misurata has been under siege by forces loyal to Col Muammar Gaddafi for several weeks and though rebels have managed to expel regime forces from the city itself, the enclave is isolated and remains dependent for much of its food and supplies on the sea link with the rebel capital Benghazi.

It appeared to be the first time sea mines have been used in the Libyan conflict.

“We have just seen Gaddafi forces floating anti-ship mines outside Misurata harbour today,” said British Brig. Rob Weighill, director of Nato operations in Libya.

“It again shows his complete disregard for international law and his willingness to attack humanitarian delivery efforts.

He added that Nato crews were disposing of the mines.

You get the feeling that strategic decisions made by Libya are the results of someone asking "What have we got in our inventory that we have not used yet?" This looks like another futile gesture that will only stir more sentiment against the Libyan government.
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