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Poll shows Biden and Democrats blew it in August

Express: According to the latest monthly Democracy Institute (DI)/ Sunday Express poll President Trump has 48 percent of the popular support over former Vice President Biden’s 45 percent. In the key swing states the gap is even bigger with 49 percent for Trump to 42 percent for Biden giving the incumbent US President an almost unassailable seven point lead. Since the DI poll in August - a crucial month which saw the Democrat and Republican conventions - the President has gained a point in the swing states while his opponent has lost a point. Significantly, the latest poll shows that 21 percent were positively influenced to vote Trump after the Republican convention but a negligible eight percent were inspired to vote Biden after the Democrat convention. Trump is set to win in Minnesota 48 to 45, Florida 47 to 44 and New Hampshire, where he just held a major rally, 47 to 43. It also appears clear that US voters have already made up their minds with a mere 3 percent of Trump

The best analysis of Russian intent in 2016 is that they were just trying to mess with the US and had no favorites

John Solomon: ... The belated emergence of evidence — such as dissenting analysts — that calls into question a three-year-old finding would be jarring, especially if it occurred before the election. One person unlikely to be surprised by questions about the assessment is Daniel Hoffman, the CIA's former station chief in Moscow and one of the United States' premier Russia spy tradecraft experts. Hoffman for nearly two years has challenged the CIA's assessment, saying Putin preferred neither Clinton nor Trump and simply wanted to sow discord in American democracy when he meddled in the election. "Lots of people ask the question, 'Was Russia trying to interfere on behalf of one candidate or the other?' That's a superfluous question. They weren't," Hoffman told Just the News earlier this year in an interview on the John Solomon Reports podcast "And our own report from the director of National Intelligence in January 2017 shows that we c

Democrat embrace of BLM was a mistake

James Robbins: Rioting is beginning to turn people off to BLM and protests while Biden has no solution Jacob Blake's shooting has sparked more rioting and as violence escalates, people are turning away from BLM, protesting, and social justice. Why would anyone who cared about their community support such conduct?  It has become unpopular with all ethic groups.  Biden and the Democrats really miscalculated when they supported the chaos their supporters created.

Biden accused of making a deal with extremists

Leah Barkoukis: Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell sounded off on Joe Biden and the Black Lives Matter movement on Saturday, arguing the former vice president has “made a deal” with the extremist group. After showing a clip of Democratic state Rep. Vernon Jones being ambushed leaving the White House after the final night of the Republican National Convention, Terrell said the extremist segment of the Democratic Party is a “cancer” that “hates anybody.” “If you are pro-America, pro-God, pro-country, pro-Trump, you’re going to be attacked,” he said, and one’s race, gender, or age makes no difference. “Joe Biden has made a deal with this extremist group. You have the president talking about law and order, this group does not want law and order, they want chaos,” Terrell continued. While President Trump plans to go to Wisconsin to speak with law enforcement, Terrell said if Biden did the same, he’d have to get “permission” from extremist groups like Antifa and BLM. “Black lives

Without evidence the left blames 'white supremacists' for Democrat violence in the cities

David Atkins: White Supremacists Invading Cities to Incite Civil War The violence is orchestrated by Antifa and Black Lives Matter and the criminals who support them.  The left has been trying to pin their violent operations on so-called white supremacists since the rioting and looting began and there is just no evidence to support those claims.  There are not enough white supremacists in this country to have a big riot.

NY Times writer out of touch with the damage riots are doing to the black community

Charles Blow: Trump Continues Stoking White Victimhood for Votes The biggest victims of these riots are black communities that have been devasted by the criminal Democrats' arson and looting.  That the perps are Democrats can be confirmed by the Democrats' refusal to condemn the activity and the Democrats in the media trying to blame Trump for the actions of Democrats.

BLM and Antifa celebrate the murder of a Trump supporter and falsely accuse victim of being a Nazi

Miranda Devine: It’s spine-chilling to hear activists in Portland cheering about the cold-blooded murder of a Trump supporter Saturday night. “I am not sad that a f–king fascist died tonight,” a woman shouts into a megaphone at a BLM-Antifa gathering after a man was shot dead nearby. “He was a f–king Nazi. Our community held its own and took out the trash.” Videos posted by independent journalists Andy Ngo and Ian Miles Cheong show an American flag being burned in celebration as the crowd revels in the news. Online video appears to show the murder. You can hear a man’s voice: “We got a couple right here.” And then two shots ring out. The victim, identified as Aaron Danielson , reportedly was wearing the cap of conservative-libertarian group Patriot Prayer, whose caravan of pickup trucks festooned with flags drove through the city that day. But because he was a supporter of President Trump, the victim did not deserve to live, according to BLM-Antifa. Such callous disregard for certai

Democrats are turning the streets over to mobs and defunding police

Washington Examiner: Rep. Steve Scalise shared a new ad that highlights the destruction caused by rioters in recent days, asking viewers, “Is this what you want in your town next?” “No police. Mob rule. Total chaos. That’s the result of the Democrat agenda. Ask yourself: Is this what you want in your town next?” Scalise tweeted Sunday. No police. Mob rule. Total chaos. That’s the result of the Democrat agenda. Ask yourself: Is this what you want in your town next? ↓ — Steve Scalise (@SteveScalise)  August 30, 2020 ... “People are watching all across the country when they see this mob rule, and again, you have one thing of peaceful protesting which is something that's part of our great democracy, but then this violence in the streets, it's unhinged. It's being tolerated by the Democrat leadership right now. Joe Biden has been looking the other way, and people don't want this for our country. They don't want to hav

Democrats in a panic over violence in cities they control

Stephen Kruiser: ... The Democrats have been awash in flop sweat and panic from the moment President Trump wrapped up his star turn in a glorious fireworks frenzy last Thursday. Our friends on the other side are so used to controlling the media narrative that this past weekend they went into a place only the drunken and concussed can go: they tried to pin the violence that’s become a fixture in progressive cities on President Trump. The new rallying cry for the Biden Democrats now is that the civil unrest in the United States is “Trump’s America.” No, really. Two things are in play here with this narrative. First: The Democrats think that the electorate is dumb enough to believe that violence in cities that are, and have been forever, run by them are Trump’s fault. Second: They’re obviously in a dead panic now. ... After almost completely ignoring the violent civil unrest during the Democratic National Convention the Dems have now decided to spin the narrative into a t

Alleged killer in Portland identified?

Red States: Late breaking news on Sunday  as reported by Oregonlive/Oregonian  — it appears that 48 year old Michael Forest Reinoehl has been identified by his family as the person in several videos and still images of the suspected killer of Aaron Danielson, a member of “Patriot Prayer”, a pro-Trump organization located in the Pacific Northwest. The person in the video and still images is wearing a distinctive vest with tactical webbing over a white shirt and has a prominent neck tattoo.  The possible identity of the person was first put out on “4Chan” based on the work of several “internet sleuths” looking at images of Antifa members known to be in and around Portland. Based on that tentative identity, an anonymous caller telephoned Reinoehl’s sister in Sandy, Oregon, where Reinoehl was raised and threatened his family if Reinoehl did not turn himself in.  His sister was scared by the caller and called the Sandy Police Department.  She then went to the internet to watch the

Blacks are not the only people who get themselves killed by resisting arrest

Shipwreckedcrew: As A Middle Aged White Man I Fear For My Life — Every Time I Resist Arrest or Pull Out a Weapon On a Police Officer The piece contains numerous examples of whites getting themselves killed by resisting arrest.  As I note elsewhere Jacob Blake was shot because he acted like an idiot resisting arrest instead of complying with the officers' demand.  If officers are sent to arrest you regardless of ethnicity, comply with their requests, and when you get to jail ask the court to appoint an attorney to get justice for you.  That is how sane people respond to arrests.

DNI frustrates Democrat leak attempts

The Lid: ... The latest development in this saga is a complaint by Democrats about the DNI move, conveyed in a letter on 28 August, to brief Congress on election security via written documents, with few if any closed-door, in-person briefings being given on Capitol Hill. They will get the same information as before, but in written form. The formal reason for this is that the DNI doesn’t want members of Congress making selective, misleading leaks about such briefings. Politico, which has the latest story, has faithfully written up earlier episodes in which leaks of this kind appear to have occurred. But I’m not so sure they were actually leaks. My take, looking at the sum total of the tale so far, is that the existence of in-person briefings has allowed Democrats to feed information to the media about things that didn’t really happen. In other words, the Hill Democrats weren’t “leaking” things they had been briefed on. They were using a classified briefing as a pretext to fee

The mob of outsiders that burned and looted Kenosha

Fox News: Kenosha sees 175 arrested during civil unrest so far; 102 had addresses listed outside city, police say Kenosha Police said in a media release that the arrests were from people located in 44 cities ... Thirty-four were arrested for violating curfew. The charges ranged from carrying concealed weapons, burglary and possession of controlled substances, police said. More than 20 firearms were seized. At least three vehicles were towed and all were related to "active criminal investigations." Kenosha police had arrested nine people traveling in vehicles with out-of-state license plates last Wednesday on suspicion of criminal conduct, according to a report. Inside the vehicles, officers found fireworks, helmets, gas masks, protective vests, and suspected controlled substances, police said. ... These people appear to be mostly Democrats from out of town there to burn it down and loot businesses.  We have come to expect that from Democrats these days.  The ones

Rioters are not protesters and authorities are not defending people and property from the abuse of rioters

Washington Post: As confrontations between armed groups and protesters turn deadly, police face complaints of tolerating vigilantes These confrontations are mostly the result of incompetent Democrats' response to lawlessness.  By allowing Antifa and BLM to engage in arson, rioting, and looting, they are not protecting the people they are sworn to protect.  It should not be surprising that some people are not going to say, "Thanks, may I have another."  The mayors of Portland and Seattle are guilty of allowing criminal activity against the population and against the police.  The governors of Washington and Oregon are equally incompetent in dealing with the problem. And the Democrats in DC have been excusing this criminal activity.  At the election, the citizens can vote against Democrats at all levels of government, but in the meantime, they will try to protect their lives and property from a criminal Democrat insurgency. It is not the police who are tolerating vi

How does 'racial' justice differ from just justice?

NY Times: ‘Enough Is Enough’: New Racial Justice Leaders Rise in Kenosha A new crop of activists has joined the ranks of protesters in Kenosha, Wis., as police killings across the country spur ordinary people into the streets. Jacob Blake’s family spoke at a rally on Saturday. The term "racial justice"  has always bothered me, because justice should be color blind.  What is happening in the Blake case appears to be excusing his own contribution to what happened to him.  An intelligent person would not have put an officer in a headlock and resisted arrest after they tried to subdue him with less-lethal means.  Jacob Blake acted like an idiot when the officers came to arrest him.  What he should have done was complied with the arresting officers and gone with them to the jail and had a lawyer appointed to deal with the criminal charges against him.  The riots that followed appear to have been at the hands of criminals who were not citizens of Kenosha.  We know that fro

Marine Corps is an elite unit which means promotions are sometimes hard to get

NY Times: The Few, the Proud, the White: The Marine Corps Balks at Promoting Generals of Color A respected, combat-tested Black colonel has been passed over three times for promotion to brigadier general. What does his fate say about the Corps? I am sure this colonel is a great officer or he would not have risen to that rank.  Not many people do.  But I am also sure that many white officers were also passed over for promotion to the higher rank.  That is the nature of the Marine Corps. As a former Marine officer, I know how hard it was to just get through OCS.  I remember seeing sharp people from prestigious colleges who did not make it through the selection process. I was wounded in action as XO of a rifle company in Vietnam in Northern I Corps in 1968.  That eventually ended my career after recovering in the hospital. I then went to law school and had a career that led me to be a general counsel of two different companies.  But my role as an officer in the Marine Corp

Texans tagged as having sexiest and superior accent

Houston Chronicle: For the second year in a row, Texans reign superior with regard to the attractiveness of their accents, according to international media company Big 7 Travel. Could it be because of Austin's famous resident Matthew McConaughey's southern drawl? Whatever the reason, a poll done by the travel recommendations website said that individuals from around the world agreed that a Texan accent was the sexiest accent in the United States. While the poll didn't give a specific reason for why Texans were the best, Big 7 Media said it agreed with its poll takers, describing the Texas accent as a "Southern accent with a twist,”with strong Rs and plenty of ‘Howdys’. Texas was followed by New York, Boston, Alabama and Chicago to round out the top five, respectively. New Jersey has the worst accent in the country, according to those who took part in the poll. Having lived in several parts of Texas, I find there are regional differences.  West Texas and the Pan

'Who in their right mind would start a business in Portland, Oregon?'

Epoch Times: Businesses are shifting operations from downtown Portland, Oregon, or scuttling plans to open stores there because of the near-nightly rioting and protests that have gone on since May 28. Portions of the city are boarded up. Rioters, who often gather around 9 p.m. and don’t disperse until early the next morning, had caused tens of millions of dollars of damage or lost business by early July. While many Standard Insurance employees have been working from home since March because of restrictions related to the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus pandemic, some continued to work from its downtown headquarters until recently, a spokesman told The Epoch Times. “Many of those employees who had remained in our downtown offices have now been temporarily moved to our Hillsboro campus to ensure their welfare in light of continuing safety concerns and property damage downtown,” the spokesman said in an email. “Several employees and security contractors have been assaulted nea

Trump supporter targeted and murdered in Portland

Red States: As RedState  reported earlier , a man was shot and killed in Portland, OR during the ongoing rioting in the city. The person shot was apparently a Trump supporter participating in a counter-protest which started as a drive through by various vehicles. Later in the evening, the victim in question was murdered in what appears to be cold-blood. It also appears he was targeted. The man was reportedly a member of “Patriot Prayer,” which is a group that is constantly labeled as a dangerous “far-right” entity by the media when no evidence really exists to back that claim up. Unlike the “Proud Boys,” which actively look for fights, this group doesn’t seem to be on that level. The shooter has been possibly identified due to the very distinct vest he was wearing. Now, another video of the shooting has emerged and it’s what you hear, not what you see, that provides more evidence this was a targeted shooting. The man who is shot does not look to be posing any threat

New Yorkers fleeing to the suburbs and paying top dollars to get out of de Blasioville

NY Times: Over three days in late July, a three-bedroom house in East Orange, N.J., was listed for sale for $285,000, had 97 showings, received 24 offers and went under contract for 21 percent over that price. On Long Island, six people made offers on a $499,000 house in Valley Stream without seeing it in person after it was shown on a Facebook Live video. In the Hudson Valley, a nearly three-acre property with a pool listed for $985,000 received four all-cash bids within a day of having 14 showings. Since the pandemic began, the suburbs around New York City, from New Jersey to Westchester County to Connecticut to Long Island, have been experiencing enormous demand for homes of all prices, a surge that is unlike any in recent memory, according to officials, real estate agents and residents. In July, there was a 44 percent increase in home sales for the suburban counties surrounding the city when compared with the previous year, according to Miller Samuel Real Estate Appraisers

BLM's bigotry and hate

Jason Whitlock: It’s time for BLM 101, Volume 6. This online class is dedicated to educating professional athletes on the real agenda and impact of the so-called Black Lives Matter movement. Earlier this week, I renamed BLM, calling it Bigots Love Marxism. BLM 101 makes a good-faith effort to avoid snark and ridicule. We want to engage athletes in a spirit of respect and concern. OK, let’s head to our nation’s capital for today’s lesson. The Twitter feed of Mr. Andy Ngo shared footage of BLM protesters physically and verbally harassing white people in the streets of D.C. shortly after President Donald Trump closed the Republican National Convention. Take a look at this middle-aged white man surrounded by BLM protesters, shoved twice by a black woman, screamed at through a megaphone and eventually shoved to the ground. The white man never responded to the abuse. He simply kept walking down the street. This is a reverse of the images we saw from the 1950s and ’60s Civil Righ

The Democrats false narrative about 'systematic racism'

Andrew Klavan: If there was one moment during the Republican convention that caused my official Daily Wire Leftist Tears Tumbler to magically overflow, it was in a speech by former Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley. “In much of the Democratic Party, it’s now fashionable to say that America is racist,” Haley said. “That is a lie. America is not a racist country.” Democrats and the media — but I repeat myself — reacted swiftly. “I’m just hung up a little bit about Nikki Haley,” said hung up ABC Anchor Linsey Davis. “A comment that she made, ‘America is not a racist country.’ I think that that’s a statement that a lot of black people, black and brown people, would take umbrage with.” Chicago Tribune columnist Dahleen Glanton was blunter, saying the statement made Haley “appear to be either disgracefully ignorant or a blatant liar.” But, of course, what Haley really was, was completely correct. There is a history of institutional racism in America, no doubt, but today our coun

Kelly Paul describes the mob that attacked her and her husband Rand

Breitbart: ... “It was absolutely terrifying,” she said. “I have never experienced anything like that in my life. I hope no one else ever has to. We felt completely powerless. Before some of the video that I think you have shown where the police with the bikes were kind of creating a moving barricade for us. In the minutes before the police with the bikes showed up, we were completely encircled and surrounded, pressed up against two cops who — we were surrounded by people who were screaming in our faces, yelling that they were going to F us up, screaming, ‘Say her name.'” “And at one point, you know, at first I was trying to look in their eyes and trying to have any kind of reason or to see someone as a human being, and I realized, they did not see us as human beings,” Kelley Paul continued. “We were Trump supporters, so they absolutely despised us. Even though if we were ever in a situation and maybe could have talked to some of those folks, and they knew about Rand’s backgro

New plane could revolutionize air travel

Daily Mail: The much-anticipated Celera 500L 'bullet' plane which is set to revolutionize private air travel has been revealed. Developed by California-based Otto Aviation, the Celera is a six-person craft they say boasts groundbreaking fuel efficiency with eight times less consumption. Yet, it can still fly at jet speeds with a maximum cruising speed of 460 miles per hour, while having a range of more than 4,500 miles, twice that of other aircraft the same size. Powered by a RED A03 engine, the aircraft is expected to be on commercial sale by 2025 but the cost is not yet known until main production begins.   Scroll down for video   +6 The first official images of the Celera 500L were launched this week. Its developer Otto Aviation claims is will revolutionize private air travel with its low costs and speed It has the capability to run at 18 to 25 miles-per-gallon fuel economy compared to the 2-3 miles-per-gallon used by a comparably sized jet airc

The Democrats are rattled by their loss of power

Patricia McCarthy: Everyone, even Democrats, can agree that the DNC convention was an embarrassing bust, a poorly produced concoction of vapidity, anger and wrath.  They overdid the “let’s make everyone afraid of covid” bit, no audiences, masks on everyone even when alone on a stage.  It was a joke perpetrated by people who, to the core of their beings, think the American people are really stupid.   This core belief, that they can stupefy and manipulate us all, is why they produced a ridiculous covid-fearful four-night convention so boring no one watched it… because it was unwatchable.  John Kerry? Bill Clinton?  John Kasich?  Bernie Sanders?   Who on this planet cares about anything these corruptocrats have to say?  No one, not even the current crop of apoplectic Trump haters, especially those among the media.  The entire endeavor was a joke born of the left’s contempt for middle America.  They actually think that by making common cause with Antifa and Black Lives Matter, they ca

Polls and the shy Trump voter

Fox News: Republican and independent voters are twice as likely to not reveal their true preference for president in a telephone poll, a study found. CloudResearch, an online market research and data collection company, found that 11.7% of Republicans and 10.5% of independents said they wouldn't share their true opinion, while only 5.4% of Democrats said the same. "That raises the possibility that polls understate support for President Donald Trump," Bloomberg reported Friday. According to CloudResearch, some survey responders said they thought it would be "dangerous" to express an opinion outside the "current liberal viewpoint." While the survey was conducted online, inquiries about the results were made via phone interviews. Participants were asked for their political preference for president, how they felt about sharing that preference in a phone poll, and later whom they actually supported for the office. CloudResearch explained to Bl

Confessions of Democrat mail-in vote fraud operative

NY Post: A top Democratic operative says voter fraud, especially with mail-in ballots, is no myth. And he knows this because he’s been doing it, on a grand scale, for decades. Mail-in ballots have become the latest flashpoint in the 2020 elections. While President Trump and the GOP warn of widespread manipulation of the absentee vote that will swell with COVID polling restrictions, many Democrats and their media allies have dismissed such concerns as unfounded. But the political insider, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he fears prosecution, said fraud is more the rule than the exception. His dirty work has taken him through the weeds of municipal and federal elections in Paterson, Atlantic City, Camden, Newark, Hoboken and Hudson County and his fingerprints can be found in local legislative, mayoral and congressional races across the Garden State. Some of the biggest names and highest office holders in New Jersey have benefited from his tricks, according to campaign recor

Man in pro-Trump group killed in clash with BLM in Portland

Fox News: Portland shooting leaves 1 dead as pro-Trump group clashes with BLM Video posted on social media showed a person suddenly dropping to the ground, and others rushing to assist No arrest has been made at the time the story was posted. ... Protesters attempted to stop caravaners by standing in the street and videos from the scene showed sporadic fighting, as well as Trump supporters firing paintball pellets at opponents and using bear spray as counter-protesters threw things at the Trump caravan. The shooting happened after most of the caravaners had left the downtown area, OregonLive reported. ... The BLM group apparently wanted to cancel the pro-Trump group's right to demonstrate.

How BLM and the left increased gun sale respectability

Washington Post: The gun-toting McCloskeys said they feared death. They survived to fight the culture wars. There are many reasons why gun sales have skyrocketed.   The pandemic may have started it, but the left's war against the police made it a necessity for many people.  Add that to the threat of arson, looting, and rioting by BLM and Antifa and the goofy response by a prosecutor to the McCloskey's defense of their property from intruders and guns and ammo sales are likely to continue to grow.  Democrats' anti-gun position should also take a hit in the coming election.

What took Biden so long to condemn the violence in Democrat cities?

Washington Post: Trump paints dire picture of unrest in pursuit of election edge Campaign aides said that lengthy, harsh remarks about protests in cities are part of an attempt by President Trump to win suburban voters and convince Americans that violence in cities is Joe Biden’s fault — not his. While much of the media has tried to avoid reporting on the Antifa and BLM riots, arson, and looting, their insurrection is and should be an issue in the campaign.  Not only did Biden wait too long to condemn it, but Kamala Harris actually laughed about it.  Other Democrats pretended that it was not happening.  The Democrats did this because they thought it helped their false narrative about a country in chaos because of Trump.  Instead, it is now clear that they own this violence and have done nothing of significance to stop it.

Taiwan takes steps to resist Chicom aggression

NY Times: With a Wary Eye on China, Taiwan Moves to Revamp Its Military The self-governing democracy is taking steps to bolster its armed forces in order to deter or defeat an invasion from China — with or without American help. China is trying to flex its muscle in the region.  The Red Army has no history of successful amphibious assaults that would be necessary to attack Taiwan.  The Taiwan government appears to have better leadership at this point.  It is also benefiting from the brain drain from Hong Kong since China went back on its treaty obligations there.

Never before have Democrats told so many lies about Trump that needed rebutting

NY Times: How the G.O.P. Stretched Hard to Defend Trump on Race and Gender Never before has a convention by a major party felt compelled to call such a diverse array of speakers to defend the character of a sitting president. The Democrats have been pushing a virulent disinformation campaign falsely accusing the President of being a racist and sexist.  The Republicans used testimonials from Americans of color along with women to demonstrate what a lie those allegations were.  The media had been complicit in publishing those lies.  Democrats are so desperate to hang on to the black vote that they seem to think they need to falsely accuse the President of being a racist, racist, racist similar to their falsely accusing him of collusion with Russia, Russia Russia. Democrats just do not want to campaign on the issues and facts.

Teacher who compared police to KKK could lose job in Texas school district

Houston Chronicle: An assignment from a Wylie Independent School District social studies teacher in Dallas seemed to compare police officers to the Ku Klux Klan, and Texas Governor Greg Abbott wants the teacher fired because of it. Fraternal Order of Police vice president Joe Galmadi brought attention to the eighth grade class assignment via Twitter last Thursday. He tweeted a cartoon collage that shows men dressed as police officers, slave owners and members of the KKK, holding their knees on a Black man’s neck as he struggles to say the words "I can't breathe." It's clearly in reference to George Floyd , who grew up in Houston's Third Ward before dying in Minneapolis police custody on Memorial Day. Former police officer Derek Chauvin was captured on video kneeling in his neck for nearly nine minutes, prompting murder charges against himself and three other officers who failed to step in. "This is abhorrent and disgusting, and only further widens the

Democrats continue to lose voters in the Midwest

Salena Zito: Ron Spickler is sitting on the front porch of his modest Mahoning County brick home eating dinner and watching the world drive by the busy little state routes that intersect and pass his front door. On his lawn are a variety of signs that tell the story of Spickler — at least, the political story. There is a Trump-Pence 2020 sign, a Trump flag, a Trump Country sign, and an Ohio for Trump banner. There is also a sign thanking healthcare workers for their service and, of course, a "Beware of Dog" sign for good measure. Spickler says children come by — he assumes they are children by the videos he has of them — and take his signs down constantly. He puts them right back up “just to mess with them.” Spickler was a lifetime Democrat. He voted for Barack Obama, then switched to Donald Trump in 2016. He cannot wait to show up to vote for him in November and is quick to note the divide in this country. He hopes whoever wins will try to repair it. Five miles due