Democrats desperate for unions to fund their campaigns


Can a union that workers voted out and a government agency with an anti-business agenda tell America's largest exporter in which state it can create jobs? Is this revenge for Wisconsin?


"We absolutely will not accept the bullying. This is a direct assault on right-to-work states," South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley told National Review Online. "I want to ask (President Obama) why he is allowing unelected bureaucrats to come in and do the unions' dirty work on the backs of our businesses."

The answer is simple: This is not about jobs or even workers' rights. It's about creating more union jobs to pay dues, money that can be spent electing Democrats.

That is the corrupt bargain the Democrats and the NRLB have struck.

That aside it is a very weak case on the merits. When Boeing set up the plant the union did represent the workers, but they subsequently voted to do away with the affiliation. This demonstrates a fundamental flaw in the NRLB's theory of their case.


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