Syrians military continues Its war against Syrians

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At least 62 people have been killed across Syria as thousands of anti-government demonstrators rallied in several cities, activists say.

Witnesses and human right groups say many died when troops opened fire on protesters in the city of Deraa, where the unrest began in mid-March.

The security forces swamped the streets of the capital Damascus and tear gas was reportedly fired as prayers ended.

Protests shook a number of other cities including Homs, Latakia and Baniyas.

Witnesses said troops opened fire on villagers marching on Deraa, which has been under military blockade since Monday.

At least 33 civilians were killed in the southern city, the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights told AFP news agency.

Twenty-seven civilians were killed in and around the northern city of Homs, and two more in the Mediterranean port of Latakia, said the group.

The Syrian government must really be frightened of its unarmed civilians who are protesting in the streets. They clearly do not want to hear what the people are trying to tell them. There are several that will never be heard again, but the survivors are not likely to forget what is happening in Syria.
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