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Being a racist used to take much more effort

Walter Williams: Being a Racist Is Easy Today Williams describes real racism and compares it with the bogus charges of racism against those who support policies the party that was the home of institutional racism for a century, the Democrats, do not like.

Deep State deeply worried about having its mendacity exposed

Thomas Lifson: Deep State apoplectic over the appointment of John Ratcliffe as DNI — for good reason ... In other words, trust and protect those intelligence professionals who conspired with their MI6 colleagues, FBI head Comey and counterintelligence agents like Peter Strzok, and the Australian and Italian intel services (among others) to set up surveillance of the Trump campaign and the later appointment of the Mueller/Weissmann team to take down the elected president. It's not for nothing that Ignatius has been called "the mainstream media's apologist for the Central Intelligence Agency" and is a leading recipient of leaks. (A couple of paragraphs after the prose above, Ignatius calls James Clapper "the most successful DNI since the position was created" — which tells you what he considers "success" to be.) ... Clapper was a liar and clearly dead wrong about the Russian collusion hoax.  He has reason to fear what may be exposed about hi

Ben Carson explains how to avoid poverty

It is a lesson that Democrat politicians ignore when formulating policy.

The media's 'without evidence' slur against Trump backfires

Powerline: One of the left’s favorite tricks is to assert that a conservative has said something “without evidence.” The formula has become ritual, but usually it just means that the liberal employing it has no idea whether the conservative’s statement is correct, and is too lazy to try to find out. An entertaining instance comes from InstaPundit . Kyle Griffin is with MSNBC: Which drew this response on Twitter: ... It appears that the slur itself was without evidence.  This is what happens when the media hates someone so much they do not even bother to fact check themselves.  They can't even look at theri own archives.

Can Democrats disown the Squad

Trump is clearly tying this group of radicals to the Democrats.

The critics are right about Warren and Sanders

NY Times: Sanders and Warren Battle Accusations of ‘Fairy Tale’ Promises as Intraparty Rift Flares Moderate underdogs kicked off the Detroit debates by targeting the top candidates with charges of “wish-list economics” and “impossible promises” on health care. Not only are their policy positions impossible, but they would also be a disaster for the country and put it on a road to ruin.  Britain was a greater country before it adopted universal healthcare.

It is only racist when Trump says it?

Warner Todd Huston: Democrats and Media Have Been Calling Baltimore A Sh**hole For Years This week’s Democrat meltdown is their lie that Trump posted “racist tweets” about the rat-infested city of Baltimore. Oddly, liberals and the media have been calling Baltimore a sh**hole for years, but it had only become “racist” to say so since last weekend when Trump posted his tweets about it. Democrats and their handmaidens in the media shot into the stratosphere of hyperbole calling Trump a racist for his criticism of Democrat Rep. Elijah Cummings and his failed leadership for the City of Baltimore. ... Even the local politicians have been saying the same thing.  It is typical of Democrats to have a double standard on what is racism.

Judges dismisses DNC suit against Trump campaign over hacking

Washington Examiner: A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit brought by the Democratic Party against President Trump's campaign, which alleged a conspiracy with Russia to disrupt the 2016 presidential campaign, because no one on the campaign was involved in stealing material from the Democratic National Committee. In an 81-page opinion Tuesday, U.S. District Judge John Koeltl in New York said the actions by the Trump team, including specific individuals named in the lawsuit, were protected by the First Amendment. WikiLeaks, which was also named in the lawsuit, was additionally determined to be protected by the First Amendment because the organization did not steal the documents and only disseminated material that was in the public interest. And while Koeltl said the Russian government was "undoubtedly" involved in the hacking of DNC servers, he noted federal law prohibits lawsuits against foreign governments with few exceptions that were not present in the case. "

The racism game

Kira Davis: Elijah Cummings Defends Himself Against Racism Charges…And Loses To Trump In The Process ... ... Most of all, if you must publicly utter the words “I am not a racist”…you’re totally a racist. I’ve been doing this job for a decade now and Media Relations 101 is to never utter the accusations word-for-word out loud. What happens is that word just gets stuck to you, no matter what context you use it in. This is one of the shockingly attractive qualities of Donald Trump that got him elected. He rarely defends himself in the manner we’re used to seeing from a typical politician – contrite, apologetic, reassuring. Trump just flips the script on his opponents and hurls their own insults right back at them. He is no diplomat and he doesn’t seem to care to be. So imagine my shock when I woke up to an open letter in the Baltimore Sun from a woman claiming she worked with Rep. Cummings in the past and proudly exclaiming, “Elijah Cummings Is No Racist” . And imagine my equal shoc

China engaged in covert attempt to stop Trump reelection

Washington Free Beacon: China is conducting an aggressive disinformation and influence campaign designed to block the re-election of President Trump in 2020, according to a dissident Chinese billionaire who until recently was close to senior Beijing leaders. Guo Wengui, an exiled Chinese real estate tycoon-turned-anti-communist critic, said in an interview that details of the influence operation were disclosed recently by Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan in Beijing. The campaign has been underway since the 2018 mid-term election and involves enlisting pro-China elements inside the United States to end the Trump administration after four years. "China has been protesting western powers trying to interfere in the domestic politics of China but in fact China is not only trying interfere in the domestic politics of the United States, they are interfering publicly with U.S. elections," Guo told the Washington Free Beacon. According to Guo, who has known current Chinese

Ohio black teen engages in racist shooting

NY Post: Black teen shoots at cars, allegedly shouts ‘I don’t like white people in my hood’: report Is this the result of the racial tension sparked by leftist attacks?

British Petroleum avoids sending ships through the Straights of Hormuz

Bloomberg/Fuel Fix: BP Plc, the British oil giant that had to shelter one of its tankers in the Persian Gulf this month in fear it could be targeted by Iranian forces, is avoiding sending ships to the region after tensions flared between Tehran and London. BP is “certainly not sending British ships and crews” through the Strait of Hormuz, the only way for tankers to reach the world’s biggest oil-exporting region, Chief Executive Officer Robert Dudley said in a Bloomberg TV interview. Earlier this month, a BP tanker had to abandon a plan to load Iraqi crude and instead took shelter near Saudi Arabia because the company feared the ship could be targeted in a tit-for-tat response for British Royal Marines seizing a vessel transporting Iranian crude in the Mediterranean, a person familiar with the matter said at the time. A British warship had to intervene to ensure the BP tanker’s safe exit of the Persian Gulf through Hormuz and the U.K. navy subsequently escorted other British-fl

Trump using extremists positions by Democrat candidates for President to grow his base

Politico: When the Democrats running for president all agreed at their first debate — via a raised hand — that public health insurance should cover undocumented immigrants, the Trump campaign saw an opening. The campaign war room immediately clipped the video and shared it on social media. President Donald Trump tweeted about it. It was a tactic, people assumed, to rile up Trump’s steadfast but limited base ahead of 2020. Inside the Trump campaign, though, officials thought they were actually growing that base. According to four people involved with or close to the Trump campaign, the president’s reelection team believes trumpeting these moments will help win over a certain type of voter that could help carry him to a second term. It’s the voter who might be wary of Trump, but is more alarmed by a Democratic Party they feel is drifting dangerously to the left. The campaign thinks blasting out these buzzy responses — one outside adviser specifically pointed to Julián Castro’s

Democrats want Trump to shut up about the failures of liberalism

Greg Gutfeld: Once again, the media is calling President Trump racist, this time for exposing the obvious: Baltimore's Democratic machine has failed the city. After decades of doing what big-city Democrats do so well — running their cities into the ground — Baltimore is crime-ridden, drug-ridden and rodent-ridden. But now the media really cares about Baltimore, because Trump tweeted! Meanwhile, what else is our racist president up to? He's about to execute a white supremacist. He's trying to free a black rapper from a foreign jail. He's presided over historic levels of low unemployment among minorities. He's pushing prison reform that directly benefits families of black men. He calls out absent leaders of a city where minorities are the main victims of crime and blight. Wow, Trump sucks as a bigot. But the press deems any criticism of a "politician of color" racist. Of course, what’s really racist is that kind of pandering. Was

Speaking the truth is not racist

Richard Jack Rail: Donald Trump is going after black racism head-on. After Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) attacked Trump over comments about the Squad, Trump fired back with tweets about Baltimore being a rodent-infested mess that its congressman Cummings himself, should invest his time on improving rather than poking his nose into other people's business around the country. Of course, the Leftiverse lost its mind, and now shouts of racism fill the airwaves. That nothing Trump said touched on race in any way is irrelevant. He trampled all over the Sacredness of Anything Black and must pay the penalty. At long last, we have someone in a position of power who isn't afraid to utter the truth in public. Indeed, Trump relishes this sort of fight and is good at it. Decent Americans of all colors have silently watched out-of-control black criminals destroy city after city because raising any questions, doubts, or objections bring down storms of career-destroying, job-ending accusa

Democrats at war with reality

Scott McKay: The Seven Dumbest Things Democrats Demand You Believe Intellectual bankruptcy, underwritten by name-calling and intimidation. And if you do not believe their nonsense they will call you names.  This is a terrific piece that is worth reading in full just to see the pushback against what Democrats are trying to do to culture.

Trump is right about Sharpton

Bob McManus: Once upon a time, when I was editing this newspaper’s opinion pages, somebody decided that it wouldn’t hurt to have a slightly more cordial relationship with the Rev. Al ­Sharpton. So there we were, in a Manhattan steakhouse, discussing not much because it quickly had become clear that Sharpton enjoyed being New York’s premier racial grievance-monger, so there was no common ground to be had. But he did show a flicker of interest in a $350 cognac on the after-dinner menu — glancing over with amusement in his eyes as the waiter hovered. “If you do, reverend,” I said, “I’m asking for separate checks.” Then came that towering thundercloud of a frown — meant to intimidate, as all too often it does. I laughed. He screwed his face up tighter. I laughed again. And then so did he, and presently the evening ended with a handshake and a personal lesson learned: If you push back at Rev, Al, he’s not so tough. Not enough people understand that though — not enough see thro

Trump counterattacks liberal politicians and some respond with bogus claims of racism

NY Times: Trump Widens War on Black Critics While Embracing ‘Inner City Pastors’ President Trump extended his attacks on critics of color with an early-morning Twitter blast calling Al Sharpton “a con man” and “a troublemaker.” The term "critics of color" sounds ridiculous.  Trump is a critic of the failed policies of liberals in the inner city.  What Trump has exposed is that Democrat politicians have done a lousy job in the cities they control.  From Baltimore to San Francisco, they suck at governance and have led their cities to decay and decline.   Democrats and the media should not be allowed to hide these failures with bogus claims of racism against the President.  BTW, a racist would not be embracing "Inner City Pastors."

Green new deal would mean economic suicide

Fox News: Radically transforming energy consumption under the "Green New Deal" (GND) would cost the average household at least $70,000 in the first year of its rollout, and a cool quarter-million dollars total after five years, a new study concluded. The study, released by the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) on Tuesday, looked at a wide swath of data to estimate how transforming the energy sector -- which includes de-carbonizing transportation and retrofitting U.S. commercial and residential buildings -- would affect the average household in five representative states. Within the first year of implementing the program, the average household in each of the given states (Alaska, Florida, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Pennsylvania) would incur at least $70,000 in expenses -- followed by roughly $45,000 in annual expenses for each of the following 2-5 years and over $37,000 after that time frame. Their estimates came on the same day as the Democrats' second primar

Senate agrees to waste money on electric car facilities

Fuel Fix: Senators agree to spend billions on electric car infrastructure Republican and Democratic senators have agreed to pump billions of dollars in federal funding into building electric car charging stations and other infrastructure for low-emission vehicles. Under an appropriations bill released by the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee Monday, the Transportation Department would distribute $3.5 billion over the next five years for projects that reduce carbon emissions from transportation. It would also hand out $1 billion in grants for infrastructure supporting vehicles powered by electricity, hydrogen or natural gas along designated sections of highway. "This bipartisan legislation includes the first-ever climate title in a highway bill and would invest $10 billion in policies and innovative projects aimed at reducing emissions and enhancing resilience," Sen. Tom Carper, D-Del., said in a statement. ... Unless these facilities can charge a vehicle

UN ignores Iran's abuse of women

Daily Mail: Iranian women are warned they face up to ten years in prison if they post photos of themselves without a hijab to US activist behind White Wednesday 'empowerment' campaign  Masih Alinejad, founded the 'White Wednesdays' campaign in Iran to encourage women to post photographs of themselves without headscarves online, Iran has not only sentenced women to prison for refusing to keep their hair covered, they have sentence some women to a beating with a whip.   One woman lawyer got the treatment for representing women who refused to wear the garb.  The Mullahs have this goofy idea that women's hair emits "sex rays" that make it impossible for men to control their libido.  Meanwhile, the nuts at the UN accused Israel of mistreating women.

The failure of Democrat policies in Democrat cities

Kevin McCullough: Why Do Democrats Run All Of The Dangerous And Rodent Infested Cities? Incompetence and corruption appear to go hand in hand in Democrat-controlled cities. ... Rep. Cummings, while being very obsessed with Russia, seems utterly bewildered with the idea that anyone could dare question why so many billions of federal dollars flow to places like West Baltimore when they are obviously doing no good. Look at other cities in similar dilapidation and there holds a unique truth: Democrats run them all. How long will sewage run down the streets of San Francisco? How long will St. Louis, Detroit, and Baltimore, continue to rotate as the nation’s most dangerous crime infested metros? And how long will federal dollars keep chasing bad money with new? None of the elected officials seem to know—much less care. Why would they? They look and see that Elijah Cummings has been a “public servant” for most of his life yet owns not one but two homes. Bernie Sanders owns t

The climate change crowds record of failed projections of doom

I and I: ... But some remember those frenzied forecasts. Following is but a small taste of a smorgasbord of baloney: Al Gore once declared that “unless drastic measures to reduce greenhouse gases” were taken within the next decade, “the world will reach a point of no return,” eventually suffering “a true planetary emergency.” That was 13 years ago. Gore is of course the same fellow who in the mid- to late-2000s kept telling us the Arctic Ocean would soon be ice-free. The ice, which is still there, had grown thicker and had wider coverage in 2014 than when Gore made his prediction. Earlier this year, before the growing season had ended, Wattsupwiththat reported the “2019 Arctic sea-ice extent is already higher than the previous four years and six out of the last 14 years.” In January 2009, former NASA scientist and corporate witch hunter James Hansen swore that the incoming president had a mere four years to save the world. Later in the year, British Prime Minister Gordon Brow

Twitter erupts at California governor's criticism of border wall funding

Monica Showalter: California's Gavin Newsom torched as red-hot hypocrite for calling Trump's wall wasteful It is worth reading the replies posted at this link.  Californias were incensed at all the money he has wasted on illegal immigrants.  It is much more than the cost of the wall.

Trump's criticism of Baltimore forces Democrats and the media to defend the indefensible

Monica Showalter: President Trump has done it again. Just as he forced Democrats to defend the far-left 'Squad' in his unexpected ambush on Rep. Ilhan Omar and her pals, he's now forcing Democrats to own the urban shambles and filth that characterize one-party blue-city rule, putting all Democrats on their backfoot. That's what's behind his surprise Twitter assault that began with Rep. Elijah Cummings and his rat-infested Baltimore district, which pretty much came out of the blue. ... What's he doing? Forcing a new narrative as election time kicks in, making Democrats have to address the reality that they have been in power for decades in one-party blue districts and cities, and they have left those districts smoking ruins, rat-infested hellholes, "places no human being would want to live," complete with live-action shots. The video of the Baltimore resident decrying the Democratic area's neglect is absolutely deadly. Obviously, Trump's

Nadler has changed his tune since defending Bill Clinton

Jeff Dunetz: Nadler (In 1999): Perjury And Obstruction Of Justice Not Impeachable Offenses Nadler consistently takes a partisan approach when it comes to impeachment.  Nadler has also been caught using a quote from Mueller that he clearly walked back .

No one in their right mind would praise what is happening in Baltimore

Washington Post: Trump’s attacks on Baltimore are seen by big-city leaders as part of a long-standing pattern The president has sought to paint diverse, liberal urban areas as violent, dirty and outside the mainstream, a sharp contrast to the praise he heaps on whiter, more conservative communities. If these cities were run by Republicans the Post would be one of the first to be critical of their misrule, instead of implying that critics racist. There is a reason why Baltimore is losing population.

Trump critical of race hustler Al Sharpton

NY Times: Trump Lashes Out at Al Sharpton, Saying He ‘Hates Whites’ President Trump extended his attacks on critics of color with an early-morning Twitter blast calling Mr. Sharpton “a con man” and “a troublemaker.” I have long had a low regard for Sharpton who is a major tax scofflaw and who is an avowed racist whose prejudice and demagoguery has often led to violence.  That President Obama gave him access to the White House is a travesty.  With President Trump calling out Baltimore for the failure of Democrats to take care of the city and its citizens, it appears that Sharpton is going down there to see what trouble he can stir up.

Blatant Democrat hypocrisy in playing the race card

Daily Mail: Bernie Sanders criticizes Trump for his 'racist' comments about Baltimore - three years after he compared the city to a 'Third World Country'  A clip recorded in 2015, during Bernie Sanders' first attempt for the presidential Democrat nomination, heard the candidate suggest the area showed no signs of being within a developed economy. This is another example of how Democrats have a double standard in playing the race card.  They reflexively use only against Republicans even if they are making the same criticism they have.  To suggest that Cummings is above criticism because of his race is absurdly racist on their part.

A deluge of pregnant women eager to have anchor babies as they cross the border

Breitbart/NBC News: A “growing number” of pregnant migrants from across Central America are waiting in Mexico as they hope to deliver their babies in the United States to secure them birthright citizenship, NBC News reports. A report by NBC News chronicles how pregnant migrant women are increasingly flowing into shelters in Mexico along the southern border as the Trump administration’s “Remain in Mexico” policy mandates they wait there while their asylum claims are reviewed. These expecting mothers, mostly from Central America and Haiti, hope to secure American citizenship for their babies by getting U.S. asylum through the country’s birthright citizenship policy. ... There is more. These people are abusing the system and the Democrat politicians are fine with that.  Those politicians are unwilling to do anything to fix the immigration and asylum system.

Baltimore residents agree with Trump about Cummings

The Blaze: Baltimore residents reveal how locals really feel about Elijah Cummings with scathing honesty ... "What he said was definitely true. [Cummings] hasn't done anything for us," one Baltimore resident named Michelle told Baltimore County Republican Central Committee member Kimberly Klacik of Trump's tweets. "As far as the houses and everything, like I said, [Cummings] has never done anything for not even one person that I know of. I never heard anybody say anything about him," Michelle explained. "And people want to talk about Donald Trump ... why is [Cummings] over there taking care of people at the border? We hungry. We need a place to stay." "We feel like we in a concentration camp — and it's just sad," she went on to say. "[Cummings is] more worried about them than his own people — it's just crazy." ... "Trump is not racist," Michelle said. "I'm glad that [Trump] put [Cummings] on

Media ignores the substance of Trump's remarks about Cummings to play the race card to defend Democrats' failures

Politico: On the attack: Trump targets Cummings for second straight day The president’s scathing and scolding words spark condemnation, as well as increased debate over his use of divisive rhetoric. Media uses minority privilege to avoid discussion of the substance of Trump's comments about the abysmal mess in Cummings district.  For too long the media has ignored the failures of Democrat-run and ruined cities.

Democrat politicians have lost the ability to act like normal Americans

Derek Hunter: Imagine being a Democrat right now. You have the House, and the Republican majority in the Senate is small. In the race for the presidency, you have every advantage with the exception of incumbency. Yes, the economy is booming but there isn’t a mainstream media or cultural institution that isn’t on your side and willing to anything to help you win. All you have to do is not act crazy and you’re 99 percent of the way home. And that’s the problem, there are no longer any sane Democrats. The House hearing with Robert Mueller on Wednesday was supposed to be their shining moment, their chance to rally the country to their thus far rejected cause. Instead, it was another in a long line of flops. After watching it, I wanted to call a hotline to, as I put it in my podcast, report a shameless display of elder abuse. It’s true that Mueller didn’t want to be there, but it appears everyone was wrong about the reason why. He’s not “above the fray,” as he was portrayed by liberal

Muller hearing was the Al Capone vault news of politics

Kyle Smith: Democrats were hoping for Eliot Ness. Instead, Robert Mueller was their Grandpa Simpson — feeble, forgetful, confused. Far from hurling thunderbolts at the White House, he seemed like a guy who would need to pause for a few seconds if called upon to distinguish his ass from his elbow. As James Freeman, resident wit of The Wall Street Journal, asked, “Did Robert Mueller read the Mueller Report?” Hopes could hardly have been higher for Mueller, the mighty matinee idol of justice who was going to rid the nation of Donald Trump. That this would result in the elevation of Mike Pence, who if anything is even more hated by liberals than the boss (at least Trump isn’t religious), seems not to have occurred to anyone. If Trump somehow was able to cancel the coronation of Queen Pantsuit, it must have been a crime and it had to be punished. This was the Dem Dream that would not die. How short of expectations did Mueller fall? His appearance was the Al Capone’s Vault of political

The twin obsessions of Democrat politicians--impeachment and race

Michael Goodwin: To judge by what they say and do, Democrats are obsessed with two topics: impeachment and race. With Robert Mueller’s disastrous performance driving a stake through the heart of the former, race is shaping up as a defining issue in this week’s second round of presidential debates. As a New York Times article put it, “The searing fight over race, inequality and history has come to dominate the Democratic presidential contest.” Count that as an understatement. Just ask Joe Biden, who’s still wondering what hit him at the first debate. But he shouldn’t get lost looking back because the same club is about to whack him again. Hoping to copy Sen. Kamala Harris, who scorched Biden over his opposition to school busing nearly 50 years ago and leapfrogged into the top tier of candidates, Sen. Cory Booker is preparing his own assault along racial lines. Booker, polling at a measly 2 percent, is faulting Biden’s criminal-justice plan and calling him the “proud architect”

Democrat politicians unhappy with each other

Monica Showalter: Democrats are turning on each other. Out of money, out of ideas, zero accomplishments, and with no goodies to dispense, they are now moving into a full-blown hatefest against one other. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her squad, it turns out, were just the least of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's problems. Here's the dumpster fire going on with angry black and Latino representatives effectively accusing the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the group charged with holding the House for the Democrats, of racism, according to Politico : Senior Hispanic and black members of Congress have privately clashed with Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-Ill.) over her personnel decisions, what they say are tone-deaf comments on race and whether she's lived up to the promises she made during the campaign to win the chairmanship of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “There is not one person of color — black or brown, that I’m aware of — at any position of

The disgusting Democrat policies

Melanie Phillips: ... The anti-Jewish and anti-Israel prejudices repeatedly expressed by certain members of the Squad have disquieted many American Jews. Yet the Democratic Party, which still attracts unquestioning support from some three-quarters of Jewish voters, has failed to discipline these women—not just for their Jew-baiting, but also for their deep-dyed anti-Americanism and anti-white racism. Worse still, the broader party is itself enmeshed with extremism through its attacks on the enforcement of immigration law and its reluctance to condemn the supposedly antifascist but violent and nihilistic Antifa protest group. Last weekend, Willem Van Spronsen, an Antifa member who was armed with a rifle and home-made bombs, attacked an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention centre in Tacoma, Wash. and was shot dead by police officers. Yet while hysteria erupted against Trump over his tweets, there was minimal coverage of this attack. That was because the Antifa t

Democrat districts with the highest homeless rates

Found this on Facebook: Charlie Kirk Nancy Pelosi's district—second highest homelessness rate in America AOC's district—highest homelessness rate in America Elijah Cummings' district—more than 4,000 homeless on any given night You show me a American wasteland, I'll show you somewhere a Democrat is in charge Trump should be critical of these Congressional Reprenstiives too.  It would create a dilemma for the media but they would still call it racist and sexist rather than admit that Democrat policies produce bad results.

Mexican pollution sickens Border Patrol agents

Washington Examiner: Raw sewage teeming with toxic chemicals dumped in Mexico's northern border city of Tijuana has been flowing for decades into the United States while local, state, and federal authorities in both countries have failed to prevent it. Now, those on the front lines of this crisis are saying enough is enough. Unrestrained run-offs of ugly green and brown liquids have caused both figurative and literal headaches for U.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to the Tijuana River Valley, a stretch of land south of San Diego from where the Tijuana River flows north from downtown Tijuana into California and then west to the Pacific Ocean. Some of the sewage is intentionally dumped in Mexico with the full knowledge that it will end up as a gruesome export to the United States. “It’s been, like, 20 years it’s been a problem, but not until recently the residents of Imperial Beach are telling the politicians they need to do something about this beachfront property ... We’ve b

BDS is a movement pushed by people hostile to the Jewish state

NY Times: Is B.D.S. Anti-Semitic? A Closer Look at the Boycott Israel Campaign The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement aims to press Israel to change its policies toward the Palestinians. It has generated heated debate and much misinformation. The reasons the Palestinians don't have a state is because they have been making unrealistic demands on Israel.  There is no basis for their demand to return to pre-1967 borders which were based on a ceasefire line in a previous war.  It is an absurd demand.  The Arabs lost a war of aggression in that war which allowed Israel to return to its historic borders.  Demanding that Israel make suicidal concessions is not a road to peace.  Gaza is an example of what you get when you make concessions.  It is an apartheid entity that is still openly hostile to Israel's existence.  The people of Gaza are worse off because of Israel's departure.

Democrats and their media cohorts respond to Trumps allegation of failed policies by Democrats with bogus claims or racism

streiff: It Wasn’t Racist When Bernie Sanders Said That Elijah Cummings’s Constituents Were Living In Squalor And It Isn’t Racist Now This morning President Trump took aim at Maryland Representative Elijah Cummings for his Captain Ahab-like monomania about persecuting Trump while most of his district compares unfavorably with random cities in Syria in terms of services and safety. ... Just because incompetent politicians like Cummings happen to be black does not excuse them from criticism.  Such criticism by Trump was based on the actual conditions in Baltimore that politicians like Sanders have also criticized and not been called racists.  Democrats, by resorting to bogus claims of racism are cheapening the term and making it meaningless.

The Mueller cover up

Elizabeth Vaughn: ... The Wall Street Journal’s Kimberley Strassel wrote an excellent editorial entitled “What Mueller Was Trying to Hide,” in which she argues that the investigation was about protecting the actual miscreants in the collusion hoax. Strassel wrote : The most notable aspect of the Mueller report was always what it omitted: the origins of this mess…The Mueller report authors studiously wrote around the dossier, mentioning it only in perfunctory terms. The report ignored Mr. Steele’s paymaster, Fusion GPS, and its own ties to Russians. It also ignored Fusion’s paymaster, the Clinton campaign, and the ugly politics behind the dossier hit job. Mr. Mueller’s testimony this week put to rest any doubt that this sheltering was deliberate. In his opening statement he declared that he would not “address questions about the opening of the FBI’s Russia investigation, which occurred months before my appointment, or matters related to the so-called Steele Dossier.” The purpos

GOP making Democrats defend their most unpopular members

NY Times: Pelosi. Clinton. Obama. Now ‘the Squad’ Is the New Target for the Right. Four women have reached a notoriety virtually unheard-of for freshman House members, thanks to a relentless conservative fire usually trained on senior Democrats. The four women have exhibited bigotry on a large scale and embraced policies that are unpopular with a majority in this country.  Making them the face of the Democrat party presents a real dilemma for Democrat candidates.  It will be especially difficult in swing districts.

Media ignores the evils of Antifa

Natalie Winters: The media’s coverage of the Tacoma ICE facility shooting demonstrates why they deserve the “fake news” moniker. “I regret that I will miss the rest of the revolution. Doing what I can to help defend my precious and wondrous people is an experience too rich to describe. I am Antifa,” wrote Willem Van Spronsen. Given Van Spronsen’s unambiguous, self-proclaimed association with Antifa and his history of activism on behalf of the group, his motivation for attempting to carry out a violent, presumably murderous act against the staff at an immigrant detention facility in Tacoma, Washington was clear. “I am Antifa” leaves little room for debate. CNN, however, interprets these three incriminating words differently: “The motive behind the armed man’s pre-dawn attack is unclear.” Other establishment media outlets kept their coverage vague, omitting Van Spronsen’s well-documented connections to Antifa: The Washington Post entitled their report, “Armed man killed du

Because you are partisans willing to believe a lie

Rep. Mary Kay Scanlon: Why We're Moving Forward With Impeachment It is clear to most Americans that Democrat politicians are unwilling to accept the facts and are still wedded to the bought and paid for Russian lies spread by Fusion GPS and Steele.  Their hatred for Trump is overwhelming their common sense.  They are also still fishing for excuses for their coup attempt

The dangers of living in a sanctuary state

Monica Showalter: California officials keep schoolkids in the dark about MS-13 slaughter spree in their midst ... In the sanctuary city of Los Angeles, things are different for illegals. Twenty-two MS-13 members who'd chopped up a classmate and ripped his heart out at a Panorama City neighborhood school were apparently left to do what they do by authorities, and anyone saying anything about it or wondering where the disappeared kid was got sanctioned and punished. The remaining kids were reportedly so scared they wouldn't talk about it, according to the report. What a nightmare going to that school must have been and probably still is. ... California's empathy for monsters is extraordinary.  It also endangers its citizens.

Voters not as supportive of Medicare for All as Democrat candidates

Washington Free Beacon: As Democratic presidential candidates prepare for the second round of debates in Detroit next week, the party is hoping the candidate who ends up winning the nomination in 2020 will fare better in Michigan than Hillary Clinton, who managed to lose to reliably blue state to Donald Trump by 10,704 votes, thanks in no small part to bumbling incompetence. A recent poll, however, suggests that Michigan voters are not on board with the healthcare proposals championed by many of the leading candidates in the field. A survey of likely Michigan voters published this week found that a majority opposes a "Medicare for All" policy that would eliminate private health insurance and replace it with a government-run, single-payer system. According to the poll, 52 percent of likely voters in Michigan oppose Medicare for All, with nearly 40 percent saying they "strongly oppose" the idea. Just 37 percent of likely voters said they support it. ... I don&

Factory orders jumped in June

Breitbart: The rebound in U.S. manufacturing was even stronger in June than economists expected. Demand for durable goods, those expected to last at least three years, rose 2 percent in June from the previous month, the Commerce Department said Thursday. Economists had expected just a half a percentage point improvement after two straight months of declines. The headline number was boosted by soaring aircraft orders connected with the Paris Air Show. Airline orders had slumped in the prior two months thanks to the grounding of Boeing’s 737 MAX airplanes. Orders for cars and parts were up 3.1 percent, also more than expected. Excluding the volatile transportation category, durable goods orders rose 1.2 percent. That marks the second consecutive month of rising orders, confirming the rebound of U.S. factory activity seen in the New York and Philadelphia regional Fed surveys. Economists had been expecting a mere two-tenths of a percentage point improvement. ... Economists conti

US tells Europe that bartering with Iran for oil would violate sanctions

Washington Examiner: American officials have issued a warning to European nations that they risk falling foul of sanctions on Iran if they press ahead with a barter system that could allow the export of Iranian oil. Last week, Russia signaled it was interested in joining the mechanism, known as Instex, as part of an effort to resuscitate a 2015 nuclear deal abandoned by President Trump last year. The U.S. has said using the channel for food and medicine would not breach sanctions. But a recent announcement that European ministers were considering extending it to oil risks undermining Washington’s strategy of “maximum pressure.” A senior administration official told the Washington Examiner that the Treasury Department wrote to the board of Instex and “communicated exactly our displeasure at the creation of an instrument that, on its face, seems to foster the evasion of sanctions and the danger associated with that and reminded them what was and was not sanctionable.” The Uni

Trump tries to help black artist arrested in Sweden and media still injects race into the story critical of President

Washington Post: Sweden caught in Trump crossfire over arrest of rapper A$AP Rocky A case involving sensitive issues of race, nationality and the rule of law is now a political flash point with a president known for sowing divisions over those issues. How is this sowing division on an issue of race?  The Washington Post obviously hates the President and therefore is critical of whatever he does and he has done much to help the black community since his election.  From prison reform to jobs, Trump has done more for the rank and file blacks than Obama ever did.

Based on my experience in Vietnam I think blacks would be wise to wear sunscreen

NY Times: Should Black People Wear Sunscreen? Does it make sense for me, a dark-skinned black woman, to wear sunscreen? The answer is more complicated than it may seem. I saw blacks with sunburn like their white counterparts when we lived outside in the bush. It was more obvious for lighter colored blacks, but it did happen.

Nadler's fruitless quest for impeachment goes on despite the lack of evidence

NY Times: Raising Prospect of Impeaching Trump, House Seeks Mueller’s Grand Jury Secrets In a court filing, House Democrats said they need access to secret grand jury evidence because they are weighing whether to recommend impeaching President Trump. The Democrats go from one failure to the next in their coup attempt against the President.  So far the only real evidence they have against the President is that he won fair and square and that they hate him and his policies which have lifted millions out of poverty and produced unprecedented new jobs.  They are a minority in the country who want impeachment and they are earning a justifiable loss of power for pushing this coup.  Nadler is a poor excuse for a lawyer. BTW, polling after the Mueller testimony shows no bump for impeachment . A new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll, conducted immediately after former special counsel Robert Mueller’s congressional testimony, shows little impact on support for impeaching President Donald T

The Mueller investigation was not a pursuit of the truth, it was a sham

Margot Cleveland: Mueller’s Ignorance Of Fusion GPS Proves His Investigation Was A Sham Robert Mueller’s ignorance when queried about Fusion GPS exposed both the proceedings and the special counsel probe as a sham. It never made any sense that an investigation that was supposed to be about Russian interference with the 2016 election would ignore those responsible for the Steele dossier which was chocked full of Russian lies. ... Yet here he was, telling Congress that Fusion GPS and the Steele dossier were outside of his “purview.” But the Steele dossier built the entire case of Russia collusion. It justified the four Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act surveillance orders on former Trump adviser Carter Page. It detailed supposed connections between Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen and the Kremlin. Had anyone truly believed there was collusion between Trump’s 2016 campaign and Russia, they would have pulled every thread in the Steele dossier to see if something stuck. Rep. M

Democrat lies about Trump and Russia conclusively revealed

Tucker Carlson: The Russia hoax ended on Wednesday -- we can say that. It ended not with a bang, but with the muddled half-memories of a fading old man slipping in and out of focus. America sat transfixed by Robert Mueller's halting testimony before Congress. No honest person could have come away at the end believing that the president of the United States colluded with the Russian government to steal an election. That was the allegation, you'll remember. And then, after the most extensive investigation in modern American history, we found the truth. And so, we can say conclusively, once again, what we told you the day this all started, the whole thing is a crock. It never happened. They were lying to you. That's clear now. The debate is over. But that doesn't mean the Russia story has quite ended. There are loose ends. For two and a half years, some of the most powerful people in America -- supposedly serious, well-educated people, very smart people -- these pe