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The media has been misleading us about Biden

 The debate exposed not only Biden but the mainstream media which has been pretending that he was OK.  Now the whole world including US adversaries know Biden is not up to the job. I suspect. His staff has actually been running the presidency for sometime.  The media has let them get away with this ruse, but that is no longer possible after the debate. The Democrats are probably desperate to get Biden to withdraw while they search for a replacement and it is more than unlikely that they will pick Kamala Harris who as unqualified for the job as Biden.

Democrats ‘threat to democracy’ BS backfires

 The Federalist Wire reports that The Washington Post/Scholar Survey found that 38% of voters favor Trump as a defender of Democracy and only 29% favor Biden on that score. I am not surprised.  It has been a BS attempt by the Biden campaign all along.  That campaign is desperate because Biden continues to trail Trump in most polls about the election. It is just silly to think that a democratic election is a threat to democracy.  It should also be noted that Trump has indicated that this would be his last term in office.  After all, Trump is 78 years old already.

Will Dems replace Biden as candidate in 2024?

 There are certainly reasons to replace Biden on the Democrat ticket along with Kamala Harris.  Neither has shown much competence for the jobs they have.  Biden has been catastrophic as president spending the country into record inflation and his weakness agenda has led to war in Europe and the Middle East. Harris seems too inept to be considered as a replacement for Biden.  In fact, they may be one of the reasons why Biden selected her as his VP. Biden’s age is another reason to consider someone else, and while Trump is 78 he seems significantly sharper than Biden and had a much more successful term as president. Gov. Newsom has been mentioned as a potential candidate, but his time as Governor of California has not been impressive compared to former governors like Reagan.

Dems campaign theme against Trump is one of the dumbest of all time

 The Democrats keep saying Trump is a threat to democracy.  I suspect this is because he questioned the outcome of the 2020 election which is something Democrats have done when they lost a close election.   The fact is that Trump served his four years and left office and is running for election again.  Polls indicate that Trump is leading Biden at this point.  Biden is the one who is trying to put his opponent in jail.  That sounds more like someone who is a threat to democracy.

Leftist delusion about Trump

  Post See new posts Conversation Eric Abbenante @EricAbbenante Subscribe Chris Matthews unhinged rant claiming if Trump wins, America will no longer be a free country. Tulsi Gabbard reminds him that the erosion of rights has occurred under the Biden administration: CM: "Trump has made sure I'm going to get even with half of this country that's probably going to vote against me. He's going after public officials, he's going after commentators, he's going to go after editorial writers, he's going to go after everybody. So it's not going to be a free country. He is out there to remove people's rights. We do not know where it's going to end. Nobody can sit here and say they know where Trump is going to stop." TG: "The erosion of free speech, the targeting of political opponents has actually occurred under the Biden administration." I know Biden and Chris Matthews have memory issues, but Trump did not jail his political opponents dur

Post debate poll reflects Trump win

 Daily Mail: Daily Mail's devastating snap poll reveals how many independent voters think Joe needs to drop out after disastrous debate with Trump... who won the night by 36 POINTS That kind of result means many previous Biden supporters were dismayed by Biden's performance.  See also: CNN PANIC: Biden was ‘Dismal,’ ‘Not Coherent,’ Dems Want New Candidate ... “Anderson this was a game-changing debate in the sense that right now as we speak, there is a deep, a wide, and a very aggressive panic in the Democratic Party,” chief national correspondent John King announced. King admitted that he was hearing from Democrats that they were scrambling for a way to install a different candidate.... ... And:   Chip Roy Introduces House Resolution to Remove Biden from Office via 25th Amendment This will put political pressure on many House Democrats particular in swing districts. 

Trump's post debate ad exposes Biden incoherence

    Biden struggles to complete sentences. And: Report: Donors Back Away from Joe Biden After Debate And:  Kamala's Debate Clean Up Duty Went As Expected

Liberals have made life unaffordable in states they control

 Washington Examiner: If you want to afford to raise a family, living in a blue state is a bad idea, according to a new report from CNBC . The five most expensive states for a family of four to live in are solidly Democratic, the report found. You can thank Democratic politicians in Massachusetts , Hawaii , Connecticut , New York , and California for making life unaffordable for people. While liberals in the federal government contributed to the problem by exacerbating inflation with wasteful spending, state and local governments also needlessly make life more expensive for their constituents. Each of the 10 states with the highest average state and local tax burden in the country has a Democratic-controlled state legislature, while New York and Hawaii top the list, according to WalletHub . When you let people keep more of the money they make, they won’t need to make as much to survive. However, taxing people at high rates doesn’t guarantee they will receive worthwhile services in re

Left panics over Biden debate

 Fox News: Biden debate debacle: 10 eye-opening media responses, from MSNBC panic to 'The View' calling for replacement Many of Biden’s media allies have seen enough I think they have been ignoring the obvious for months.  The debate was clearly not the first time Biden's cognitive issues have been on display.  There have been clips of his problems for months on internet platforms. See also Joe Biden Did Not Just Sink His Reelection Bid at the Debate; He Took the Press Down With Him

Biden's healthcare scandal

  Jay Bhattacharya @DrJBhattacharya · 8h Flashback: Biden Admin cuts monoclonal antibodies supplies to the American south during its 2021 delta wave, leading to many preventable deaths. Few presidents in history have done more harm to public trust in public health than Pres. Biden. Quote Jay Bhattacharya @DrJBhattacharya · Aug 17, 2022 11 months ago during the delta wave in the US south, the Biden admin cut off supplies of monoclonal ABs -- a life-saving early treatment -- to states controlled by its political enemies. I have no idea why this isn't a first-order political scandal. https:// oclonal-antibodies-florida-desantis … 55 880 2.3K 86K