Trump sees a phased reopening of the country. It looks like Midwest Farmers maybe first

Washington Examiner:
President Trump said he expected certain parts of the United States to open up again sooner than other parts, starting with the "farm belt" and "parts of the Midwest."

"I think we can open up sections, quadrants, and then just keep them going until the whole country is opened up," the president said Thursday on Fox News. "But we have to open up. The people want to get back to work. They want to get back. That's the way we're engineered."

Trump said earlier this week that his target goal to reopen the country would be Easter, which is on April 12. The comment has received pushback from some public health experts, and the president has signaled he is willing to adjust the date.

Anthony Fauci called the president's goal of Easter "aspirational" in a Thursday interview and said it was meant to give people hope.
Most of the current cases have been in high-density population centers near public transportation.  Farmers look like a good bet to go first and that would also restart the fresh food deliveries.


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