Press briefings exposes how bad many of the reporters are

Charles Hurt:
The Fourth Estate has become a useless appendage on the republic. A useless appendage filled with self-serving, cancerous pus.

“Enemy of the People,” you might call them.

While generously patting themselves on the back, navel-gazers in the national political media today often talk about how they are on the “front row of history” and how they are charged with “writing the first draft of history.”

They are — if nothing — modest.

The truth is that many of them are so steeped in their own stupidity and so deeply hidebound by their own prejudices that they cannot be relied upon to accurately report the time of day. They are so enthralled by the scent of power that they could not even reliably report if it is day or night.

During President Obama’s administration, they swooned like damsels in love.

Under President Trump, they get vapors, hyperventilate and keel over like a herd of fainting goats.
The irony is that they think Trump is ignorant and dangerous, but he winds up exposing their prejudice and ignorance in a way that is so entertaining that they would now like to not have him at their gaggles and many in the media want to not have him talk directly to the people so they can push their hostile beliefs without interruption for the truth.  None of them come across as particularly smart and their gotcha questions are sophomoric.  I think this is because they have no commitment to fairness in dealing with Trump.


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