The media's coronavirus flip-flops and wrong turns

Red States:
One of the dumber aspects of the mainstream media’s response to the Wuhan virus is their pretending that they’ve been sounding the alarm from the beginning. As I noted last week, The Washington Post tried to essentially rewrite history by sharing anonymous leaks from the intelligence community claiming that the President hadn’t seen the virus as a threat early enough.

In reality, the Post and almost every other news outlet at the time were gnashing their teeth over Trump’s very early actions to limit travel and mobilize the CDC. Numerous op-eds, cable news hits, and hard news articles proclaimed those moves as an overreaction and a bucking of “the experts” at places like the World Health Organization (who would later show themselves to basically be a Chinese propaganda outfit).

Now, those same outlets want to make it seem as if they were at the forefront of this all along. Their latest tack is to blame Fox News for people supposedly not taking things seriously enough, soon enough. That’s nonsense and Tucker Carlson let them have it on his show last night.
If you can’t watch the video, here are some more examples to show the finger should be pointing out at Fox News, who in fact had hosts like Carlson sounding the alarm all the way back in January.
The truth is, all these outlets now trying to take the moral high ground were just as — if not more — guilty of downplaying the Wuhan virus early on. Almost in unison, they bashed the initial steps Trump took, pronounced the virus not a big issue, and instead focused on claims of “xenophobia” or simply impeachment coverage (remember, Democrats were still trying to remove the President while this outbreak flourished).
The media is so reflexively anti-Trump that all he has to do is state a position and they will immediately take the opposite one and then flip-flop if he moves on as the situation changes.  The only thing the media is consistent about is their opposition to whatever Trump's current policies are.

They should just report the facts and stick with the truth.  It is interesting enough without their anti-Trump spin.


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