I was 20 years ahead on the migration away from urban area

Washington Post:

The Great American Migration of 2020: On the move to escape the coronavirus

Even as most people stay close to home, millions of others have been on the move, a mass migration that looks urgent and temporary but might contain the seeds of a wholesale shift in where and how Americans live. But virus fugitives often are running into fierce opposition on their routes.
In the late 1990's I decided to build a house in the country and distance myself from urban living.  I have never regretted the move and now it looks like many others are envious of my circumstances.  I have a quarter of a mile walk just to get to my mailbox.  I do have some very kind neighbors a mile or so from my house.  But I am comfortably living in a house that is ideal for quarantining.  I do have to make occasional runs to the grocery store and Walmart but these forays are generally brief and uneventful.  Because it is several miles to the stores we have always kept a well stock pantry and freezer.

One of the things that have become clear with this virus.  High-density urban living and public transportation rapidly spread this contagious disease.


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