Media frustrated by not being able to drive down Trump's approval rating?

NY Times:

Who Are the Voters Behind Trump’s Higher Approval Rating?

Despite the president’s slow performance on the coronavirus and his series of falsehoods, some independent voters and Democrats are giving him a measure of credit for his handling of the crisis.
Trump had been attracting Democrat voters to his campaign rallies.  Some 10 to 20 percent of those participating in the rallies self-identified as Democrats.  I suspect that is because his policies were bringing jobs back to this country.  I also think that one of the reasons Democrats are against the reopening of the country is that they want to depress those voters.

One of the things that is helping Trump is that his performance at the press briefings has impressed those forced to stay at home.  At the same time, the performance of much of the media at these events has really hurt the credibility of reporters and their media.  What is clear from watching them is that they have an agenda-driven approach to covering the news and they have been exposed as partisans with by-lines.

From the major papers to the networks, reporters have been engaged in the politics of fraud in an attempt to hurt the President politically.  One of their tricks is to report only a portion of what the President said which they can take out of context.  By failing to disclose a material fact they are in effect selling a fraudulent premise.  At a recent press conference, the President caught reporters phrasing questions that way and forced them to read the entire quote to show the true meaning of what he said.


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