Time to get back to work?

NY Times:

Texas Lt. Gov. Suggests Grandparents Are Willing to Risk Lives for Work Amid Pandemic

Texas has not issued a statewide stay-at-home order, preferring local control. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said as a senior citizen he’s “all in” on keeping the economy going. “Let’s get back to work,” he said.
I am not sure a statewide back to work order would contain the virus.  However, there are roughly 200 Texas counties where there is no evidence of the virus where people could probably go back to work immediately without great danger.  Unfortunately, the restrictions would probably still be in place in some of the great cities in the state.

What we are learning is the virus is especially contagious in high-density population centers and especially spread by mass transit.  Those situations will probably take longer to fix.   But if you look at the hot spots for the virus, New York City, the Bay Area of California and LA and the Seattle area they all have high-density population centers and subways and trains which put people in close contact with each other.  We are also starting to see similar problems in the Chicago area.

But none of this is now a problem in rural Texas counties.


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