Liberal housing and transportation policies caused the spread of coronavirus mostly in liberal meccas

Washington Post:
Trump made us No. 1 — in the spread of a deadly disease
This is an op-ed by Jennifer Rubin who earlier said more Republicans than Democrats would be struck by the virus.  She was clearly dead wrong about that.  New York, California, and Washington state are the epicenters of the outbreak.  They are all predominately Democrat states and they have two things in common that led to the spread of the virus.  They have high-density housing and mass transit systems that push people into close contact with each other and make social distancing impossible.  Trump can hardly be held liable for the circumstances that led to these areas' problems.

By pushing this bogus claim she has to ignore the fact that China was responsible for the spread of the disease by failing to be honest about it.  And, it was liberals which opposed Trump's travel ban which reduced the spread of the disease and would have been even more effective if China had told the world weeks earlier about the human to human contact problem caused by the disease.  Instead, it said the opposite and the liberal World Health Organization backed those claims initially.

She is typical of the blame Trump first approach of the Washington Post where there is little consequence for being so wrong so often.  Did the paper fire anyone for pushing the Russian collusion hoax?


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