Grocery sales may save some restaurants

Epoch Times:
Restaurants across the nation are adapting to the shutdowns caused by the CCP virus pandemic by switching to grocery sales. The strategy is a win-win-win situation, as it helps businesses stay afloat, alleviates supply shortages at regular grocery stores, and diffuses the supply glut in the hospitality industry. Some restaurants are also combining grocery sales with deliveries.

The CCP virus, also known as the novel coronavirus, broke out in the central Chinese city of Wuhan around November 2019 and was allowed to spread across China and the world due to a coverup and mismanagement by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Many U.S. states have banned eat-in restaurants in an effort to mitigate the epidemic. As massive layoffs sweep through the industry, many restaurateurs are looking to adapt. Meanwhile, some states have rolled back regulations to allow restaurants to sell their bulk supply of food directly to customers.

“We’re trying to help our supply chain,” he said. “We’re buying product that at the moment is stuck in the supply chain because all of those distribution companies are selling to hotels, to restaurants, to cruise ships. Their market got immediately shut down about a week ago. So there’s an incredible backlog of product, dairy, meat, perishables, everything you can think of that you’ve ever bought in a restaurant is backed up with all of these suppliers.”

Sharp is trying to keep most of his 47 employees on payroll by reassigning them to the new task—break up the wholesale packages into smaller ones, listed on his website for regular shoppers to buy.

Locale Italian Kitchen in Mountain’s Edge, Las Vegas, has adopted a similar strategy. Besides takeout options, it offers meat at wholesale prices.

“People obviously aren’t coming out of their houses and coming to frequent restaurants, so we’re offering all our wholesale meats at that cost,” chef and co-owner Nicole Brisson told Eater Las Vegas. “They’ll pay what we pay for it. We’ve had a lot of great traction today. Families have come out of the woodwork and are really are excited about this because all the supermarkets are out of meat.”
I have not been able to find local restaurants doing this in my community but people in large metro areas would probably have better luck.


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