Gov. Abbott orders Texas schools to remain closed until May 4

Houston Chronicle:
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott ordered schools in the state to remain closed until Monday, May 4 unless otherwise extended.

Under the executive order Abbott issued Tuesday, which will be in place until April 30, Texans are expected to limit person interactions except for essential activities and services.

HOUSTON CORONAVIRUS UPDATES: Harris County to extend stay-at-home order

State residents will not be required to shelter-in-place. Grocery stores, banks, hardware stores, and other essential businesses will remain open.

The order empowers any law enforcement officer in the state to impose its directives through fines, imprisonment or a quarantine order.

Abbott said 42,922 people have been tested for the virus, with 3,266 positive cases across 122 counties. Only 2.4 percent of the beds available for COVID-19 patients are currently occupied, he said.
There have been 41 deaths so far attributed to the coronavirus in Texas.

What is not clear is whether students will be required to do homeschooling during the time the schools are ordered closed.  One of my granddaughters is doing virtual classes for her school.  Another has so far not received any assignments.

There has been an increase in diagnosed cases of coronavirus within Washington County but it is still in single digits.  I have seen no report of deaths from the virus within the county.  Most of the Texas deaths appear to be in major metro areas.


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