Michigan's incompetent Democrat governor tries to blame Trump for her screw up

Elizabeth Vaughn:
Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, a Democrat, spent a lot of time last week disparaging President Trump’s response to the coronavirus crisis. She went so far as to imply that Trump Administration officials were blocking vendors’ attempts to ship much needed medical supplies to the state. And every step of the way, she was aided by a compliant media.
In other words, now that everybody knows she was late in submitting the paperwork, she can no longer blame it on Trump.

But, why did she blame it on Trump in the first place?

Donald Trump Jr. believes she was trying to hurt his father’s popularity in the state ahead of the election. He may be right. Following her ridiculous non-answer to Chuck Todd’s question, he tweeted, “So it appears the governor of Michigan lied about what was actually going on to try to hurt Trump in Michigan. Typical Democrat politics and typical media response…also absolutely disgusting. Don’t they have bigger stuff to worry about?”

He may be right. Although Michigan is a very blue state, President Trump managed to defeat Hillary Clinton by a paper-thin margin of .23%. He wound up winning the state by 10,704 votes out of a total of 4,548,382 cast.

Polling data leading up to the election showed Trump behind Clinton in Michigan by 5-7 points. To give you an idea of how blue the state is, Michigan’s 16 electoral votes have gone to the Democrat in the previous seven presidential elections. In 2012, Obama defeated Romney by a 9.5% margin.

Trump held a well-attended rally in Battle Creek, MI on December 18 at the very hour that the House of Representatives was voting to impeach him. Over 20,000 people attended the rally, including several thousand Michigan Democrats. Trump’s campaign manager, Brad Parscale, who collects data from each attendee, reported that 17% of those who showed up that evening were Democrats. That number is actually down slightly from his average Democratic presence per rally of 23%, but in a state as blue as Michigan, it’s phenomenal.
In the end, this was likely one of several reasons why Whitmer tried to give the impression that Michigan was being singled out.
Her interview with Chuck Todd forced a grudging admission from her on the screwup, but Whitmer has run into complaints on her leadership before this crisis hit.


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