Trump listens to the experts on when to reopen the economy

Washington Post:

As Trump changed course, both public health and politics played a role

Campaign officials are said to have briefed the president in recent days about their fears of reopening the economy too soon, arguing that a spike in deaths could be more politically damaging than the economic downturn.
It was not just camp[aign officials who made that recommendation.  Trump has been listening to the experts on the Coronavirus taskforce and taking their advice on measures to contain the outbreak.  He has actually been ahead of the Democrats on measures to contain the disease with his early travel bans which virtually all the Democrats opposed.  Those same Democrats are now castigating the President for not moving quicker although many of the leaders of the party encouraged large gatherings that help spread the disease.  The Democrat duplicity in dealing with the virus will be an issue in the 2020 campaign.


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