The anti-science left and media critical of expert urging calm

NY Times:

For Dr. Deborah Birx, Urging Calm Has Come With Heavy Criticism

The White House’s coronavirus response coordinator drew criticism for comments she
made about ventilator shortages, and for gushing praise of President Trump.
I have been impressed by Dr. Birx since she first appeared on the press briefings as an expert.   She is way smarter than the media and critics.  She also is trying to calm the political panic over ventilators.  It looks like New York politicians are being greedy in an attempt to hoard the current limited supply.  I think they will have what they need when they need them and do not need to be warehousing supplies that might also be needed elsewhere.  Between what they have and the ability to covert other equipment to that purpose they should be alright.

BTW, can CPAC machines also be converted to use as ventilators?  There must be thousands of those around that could be repurposed.

I think the criticism of Dr. Birx is just more bad faith bad-mouthing of the administration's response to dealing with the crisis.  It is another reason the media is held in such low regard in dealing with it.  It is part of the left-wings reflexive opposition to anything said by the Trump administration.

It should be noted that the virus is having a devastating impact on local media as most of their ad sources have been shut down by the virus. Many of the stores and entertainment venues are not open and the grocery stores and pharmacies don't need to run sales to attract buyers.


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