Trump has impressive press briefing and scolds several reporters

Washington Post:
Trump berates PBS NewsHour reporter for ‘threatening’ question, hits ‘nice’ question out of park
He also scolded a CNN reporter for misleading reports on that network which implied that Trump was demanding personal appreciation from those he was helping.  He made the reporter repeat the entire statement he made which showed he was talking about the efforts of FEMA and others on the White House team who were trying to help the states deal with the coronavirus crisis.   It wasn't just CNN that used the shortened quote to attack the President.  Two of the top reporters at the NY Times also mislead readers about the entirety of the statement.

It was one of the President's strongest briefings.  He also brought out industry leaders who are contributing to the effort to fight the virus showing how he is building a team of leaders in this country dedicated to helping those on the frontlines of this fight.

I think the main reason that the media hates these press briefings is that Trump will not let them push their own agenda.  He actively challenges the spin they try to put on his remarks.  I rather like that.  The media is exposed for its dishonest approach to conveying the news.  All they would have to do to avoid this scolding from the President is just be fair, but that looks like too much to ask of most of these people.

It should also be noted that Trump's recent town hall meeting of Fox is the highest-rated political town hall in history.


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