Andrew Cuomo could be the Democrat nominee

Peter Skurkiss:
Could New York's governor Andrew Cuomo emerge from the Democrat convention as the consensus nominee?  According to a theory over at the Conservative Tree House, the answer is quite possibly yes. 
What give credence to this idea is the dearth of quality candidates running for the nomination.  Bernie Sanders is totally unacceptable to the party establishment and its major donors.  The big hope of the insiders was Mike Bloomberg, but Mini Mike flamed out on Super Tuesday.  Joe Biden, who is racking up delegates, would be a shoo-in if everything else were equal.  But it is not.  Biden is showing that his mental capacity is rapidly diminishing.  And this is in his scripted public appearances.  One can only imagine what the man is like when out of the spotlight.  The insiders know, and it must give them the willies.  This is probably why Biden is being kept out of sight by his handlers.
What's a party to do?  If there's to be a brokered convention to shove Biden aside, the first name that comes up is Hillary Clinton.  At first blush, the case for her is strong.  She actually won the popular vote in 2016.  The problem here, however, is that Clinton is nearly as despised by the Democrat establishment as she is among Republicans.  She's viewed as being radioactive.  Michelle Obama is another non-starter.  The woman is lazy and has neither charisma nor political experience.  Going through their rolodex, the Democrat bench is threadbare.
In that light, Cuomo might look appealing to the Democrat National Committee.  And presto: Cuomo is being given high marks for his handling of the Wuhan virus in New York — at least by the mainstream media — and getting an inordinate amount of national exposure for his actions.  According to Sundance, this looks like a brilliant political operation on the part of the DNC to anoint Cuomo as "The Chosen One" to face off against President Trump in November.
Cuomo comes across as at least being coherent in dealing with the coronavirus.  Where he might have trouble is if the virus lingers in New York past the convention.  There is also the fact that his brand of liberalism has been an economic failure for New York.  He has blocked upstate production of natural gas and has also blocked pipelines which means new housing is having trouble with issues of heating.  He is an anti-fracking energy Luddite.


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