Democrats would rather blame Trump than China for coronavirus pandemic

Stu Cvrk:
With the Chinese plague now affecting 199 countries, people around the world are focusing their ire on the source of the problem – Communist China. They know that, had the ChiComs come clean from the beginning, not destroyed data and lab samples, openly shared information about the virus, and implemented containment procedures just three weeks earlier, an estimated 95% of the spread of the virus around the world could have been contained, as discussed here.

Australians have it figured out, as Rita Panahi, host of the Outsiders news and commentary show, states:

China’s initial cover-up included destroying lab samples that established in December the cause of unexplained viral infections in the Hubei province. How many lives would have been saved if China had listened to experts instead of silencing them? … The Chinese communist regime has through its ineptitude, dishonesty and negligence unleashed a virus that will leave tens of thousands dead and likely cause a global recession. We must not allow this totalitarian regime to re-write history.

The Italians, who have lost over 9,000 of their fellow citizens, have it figured out, too:

Enough is enough. Not only are Italy, as a nation, and Italians as a people affected by the coronavirus pandemic, but we also have to face – the frankly disgusting, given the situation – Chinese ‘propaganda’.

We are angry because of the fact that Chinese doctors and journalists ended up in prison when they tried to alert the rest of the world, we are angry because people are dying like flies, because our hospitals are full and doctors and nurses cannot face the emergency anymore. We are angry because we are in lockdown, and while we try to cope with it, we also have to bear Zhao Lijian and his likes insulting us with the Chinese anthem, and their vile insinuations.

We are angry because colleagues tell me Milan has become like Gwadar, with Chinese flags waving out of the hospitals along with the Italian ones. Something I never thought I would see in my life.

We should not let China benefit from the Wuhan virus. This virus has been unleashed upon the rest of the world by the endemic failures of the Beijing regime: lack of transparency, lack of democracy, aggressive economic strategies, imperialistic designs. We should hold China responsible and ask Beijing for reparations, economic and moral reparations. We should ask for war damage: because what else is this if not a war?

Why, yes, we SHOULD ask Communist China for reparations, shouldn’t we? But that’s not how Democrats roll. They are all about attacking and blaming the Trump Administration for “inadequate response” – or in making common cause with the ChiComs by accusing President Trump of “racism” for implementing the China travel ban and for properly tying the name of the virus to its origin, as is done for all viruses. Check out the latest in Democrat-media complex attacks on President Trump here. A WaPo columnist (I refuse to name the slimeball) claims that “President Trump has made America #1 in the spread of the virus.” These are simply outrageous and despicable attacks.

Maybe the Democrats’ blame game is to deflect from willful lack of preparation for pandemics by various Democrat governors. Take California, whose Democrat governors over that past decade shifted state investments to other (Democrat) priorities after the last Republican governor Arnold Schwarzenegger addressed the problem....

Or maybe it’s about covering up for Andrew Cuomo’s lies....

Or maybe it’s to deflect from another failure of Barack Hussein Obama that has now been exposed. While loudly blaming the Trump administration for a shortage of N95 respirator masks, the Democrat-media complex make no mention of the fact that it was the Obama administration that was responsible for the shortfall, as reported here....
There is more.

Democrats have been dishonest about the virus and have been aided and abetted by a dishonest media.  Both are engaged in the politics of fraud with many willful failures to disclose information needed to put their statements in context.

Here are more examples of NY Times reporters shortening quotes from the President to make his meaning very different from what he actually said.  They have engaged in material failures to disclose.  In securities law, it is called fraud by omission.  More examples of media malpractice are here where misleading stories about a lack of equipment are rampant.


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