Democrats lost their minds when Trump was elected and then lost their edge on the internet

NY Times:

Trump Won the Internet. Democrats Are Scrambling to Take It Back.

In the era of big data, memes and disinformation, the Democrats are trying to regain their digital edge as the president and his loyalists dictate the terms of debate.
First and foremost the Democrats and their media cohorts embraced the big lie of the Russian collusion hoax and then they tried to turn diplomatic negotiations into an impeachable offense.  They wasted so much time on crap that wasn't true to attack the President that they lost what edge that had even with the full-throated embrace of most of the media.   Meanwhile, Trump and his supporters were able to get their message out on social media and they did it with interesting memes and other material.

With the Democrats and the media believing so many things that were not true the Republicans pushed ahead actually gained support in the face of a virulent opposition.


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