Trump needs to make sure new IG is not a left wing Democrat out to sabotage efforts to deal with virus

Washington Post:

Trump takes step to try to curb new inspector general’s autonomy, as battle over stimulus oversight begins

President Trump called “unreasonable” the broad investigative authority given to a new inspector general office.
IG's have a mixed reputation in recent months.  The DOJ IG did a pretty good job of finding the abuses at the FBI, DOJ and FISA court.  The Intel IG appears to have participated in a coup attempt by facilitating an alleged whistleblower's use of hearsay to help Democrats mount a misguided impeachment effort.  I suspect the Democrats insisted on this one in another attempt to push their next coup attempt.

The Democrats have not acted in good faith on much of anything since the 2016 election and I doubt they will start now even if it hurts the country.


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