Democrats have little credibility in fight over healthcare

NY Times:

‘It’s a Leadership Argument’: Coronavirus Reshapes Health Care Fight

Joe Biden and other Democrats were already talking about health care before the coronavirus, but the outbreak gives new urgency to a central issue for the party.
The Democrat leadership from Obama on down lied to get Obamacare passed and they mainly lied to other Democrats who were reluctant to embrace government healthcare.  Those lies were a major reason why they lost control of Congress. 

They only regain control of the House by lying about alleged collusion with Russians to win the 2018 election.  In the latter event, they were aided and abetted by dishonest reporting of the media.  The media has further lost credibility with its outlandish coverage of the coronavirus epidemic. 

They have been so locked into finding excuses for defeating the President that they blundered from the Russian collusion hoax to a Ukraine impeachment debacle and their coverage of the virus is their latest.

The irony is that these bogus charges have made the President stronger.  If they were not so committed to unfair reporting they might have been more effective.  Now the President's supporters do not trust them at all and they can't wait to vote against the media and Democrats.

Joe Biden may not be as crazy as Bernie Sanders, but he comes across as an addled pervert to many.  Not being a commie probably will not be enough for him to win a general election.


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