Trump polling better than media in handling of coronavirus

Daily Caller:
More Americans approve of how President Donald Trump is handling the novel coronavirus pandemic than how the media has dealt with it, according to a Monmouth University poll published Monday.

Fifty percent of Americans think Trump is doing a good job handling the virus and 45% believe he is doing poorly, according to the poll. Comparatively, 45% of Americans approve of how the media is handling the outbreak and 43% disapprove. (RELATED: Media Credits Mike Pence Over His Coronavirus Response)

Some Americans feel that the media has fueled to reports of coronavirus panic, according to a previous article from the Washington Times. Public health and infectious disease experts have urged the public to take the virus seriously, but not overreact.

These experts have credited the media, in part, for pushing rhetoric that could actually be harmful amid the novel coronavirus spread, the Washington Times reported.

Trump also garnered his highest approval ratings dating back to March 2017 and lowest disapproval ratings since June 2018, the poll reported. Forty-fix percent of Americans approve of how Trump is doing as president and 48% disapprove as of March 2020.

Governors received praise for their handling of the novel coronavirus, with 72% of Americans voicing their approval, the poll found. Many governors around the country have issued strict orders as they try to contain the outbreak. These have included shutting down non-essential businesses and even mandating “stay at home” advisories to promote social distancing.
Pence has been effective at working with the governors to deal with the virus and has gotten high marks from them on the federal assistance to their efforts.  The Trump-Pence approach has been to take advantage of the federal system to empower local efforts in dealing with the virus. 

The media has attempted to push its anti-Trump hysteria during the crisis and some in the media would like to silence the President from giving his popular daily briefings.  His ability to get his message out at those briefings makes it harder for them to push their hateful agenda.


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