People will remember what Democrat politicians did to stall relief for those put out of work by coronavirus

Boston Herald Editorial:
If so, what is the coronavirus to Democrats? They see themselves as champions of the people, the last defense against an apocalypse surely being cooked up by Trump. And yet — when the chips really down, and there’s the chance to vote and quickly get money out to Americans who need it now, they lard the bill with pet policy provisions.

At a time when people are stocking up on staples like beans to last through a quarantine, the Democrats are serving pork.

Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., defended the move: “This is a policy disagreement, and I have an obligation as a representative of my state to stand up and say when I don’t think a $2 trillion bill is going to fix the problem. It may make a lot of people rich, but it doesn’t have the resources in it today to take care of the most vulnerable in this country, and it’s not going to do the primary job at hand, which is to stop the virus.”

No, it’s not going to stop the virus. But that money will help those who had steady jobs just a few weeks ago and are struggling now.

The coronavirus will end at some point, and there will be many takeaways from how our leaders handled the crisis. “Policy disagreements” that delayed the release of funds to struggling Americans will be one such memory.
It was one of the more cynical moves by politicians in a crisis people are likely to ever see.  Republicans should be rewarded for standing up to this attempted political extortion plot.


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