The idiocy of Democrats' demands on coronavirus bill also exposes the evils of liberalism

Red States:
Just how bad is Pelosi’s new bill? Tom Cotton lays out a brutal thread showing just how insane their demands are.

The idiocy of all this is hard to overstate. When an economy is already teetering on the edge, you don’t rush to double the minimum wage, throw in gobs of new regulations, and try to bring about race quotas. I’ve already touched on the climate change nonsense in the bill, which serves no purpose but to bankrupt the airlines and stop air travel.

Further, what in the world does early voting, election audits, and a USPS bailout have to do with the Wuhan virus? The answer is nothing. Pelosi and her awful caucus are seeking to use this bill as a catch all for their wildest liberal dreams, and they are doing it while knowing it will cost American lives and livelihoods. I try not to get too invested in political machinations, as I recognize they are par for the Washington course, but this is simply disgusting.
Idiocy is beginning to look like an understatement to describe these absurd demands.   They are not germane to the problem the bill is supposed to deal with and they look like the use of a crisis to extort unpopular Democrat ideas into law.  What they have done is expose more of the evils of liberalism.


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