Mexican Meth Makers

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Washington Post:

Exploiting loopholes in the global economy, Mexican crime syndicates are importing mass quantities of the cold medicines and common chemicals used to manufacture methamphetamine - turning Mexico into the No. 1 source for all meth sold in the United States, law enforcement agents say.

Nearly three years ago, the Mexican government appeared on the verge of controlling the sale of chemicals used to make the drugs, but the syndicates have since moved to the top of the drug trade.

Cartels have quickly learned to use dummy corporations, false labeling and lax customs enforcement in China, India and Bangladesh to smuggle tons of the pills into Mexico for conversion into methamphetamine. Ordinary cold, flu and allergy medicine used to make methamphetamine - pills banned in Mexico and restricted in the United States - are still widely available in many countries.

In the past 18 months, Mexican armed forces have raided more than 325 sophisticated factories capable of producing a million pounds of potent methamphetamine a year. Seizures of Mexican methamphetamine along the southwest border have doubled.

The stuff is highly addictive and tends to make people do crazy things including kill others to get the funds to buy more of the stuff. I know of one man who stole money from his son's business in order to get more meth.

Some of the large quantities are coming across at Laredo and moving up the I-35 corridor through San Antonio, Austin, Dallas and on up to Minneapolis. We need to work with Mexico to crack down on the export of these drugs from the supplying countries and if necessary prosecuting the companies and their owners.
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