Norks use atillery to hit the water this time

ABC News:

North Korea has staged an artillery firing drill in the Yellow Sea and warned that US-South Korean naval exercises planned for the weekend will bring the peninsula closer to war.

Tensions are running high after the North's bombardment of Yeonpyeong island on Tuesday killed four people, injured 18 and set buildings and forests ablaze.

The sound of fresh rounds of artillery emanating from North Korea led to fears of a fresh attack and sent South Koreans who remain on the island running to air raid shelters.

The South Korean government, however, said this seemed to be a training exercise and that no shells landed on its territory.

A defence ministry spokesman said explosions were heard several times and that about 20 shells had apparently landed on the North's side near the disputed border in the Yellow Sea.


Earlier today, North Korea warned that this weekend's planned war games by the South and the United States would push the region towards war.

A US aircraft carrier battle group is heading for the Yellow Sea for the four-day drill starting on Sunday, a show of force designed to deter the North after Tuesday's strike rang alarm bells worldwide.

But the North, unrepentant over its earlier barrage, criticised "the US imperialists and South Korean puppet war-like forces" for what it called an exercise in "sabre-rattling".

"The situation on the Korean peninsula is inching closer to the brink of war due to the reckless plan of those trigger-happy elements to stage again the war exercises targeted against the (North)," its official news agency said.

We are dealing with a bunch of immature jerks in North Korea who think belligerent insults will safeguard them from a response to their aggression. In looking at the correlation of forces, artillery aimed at Seoul is their most dangerous weapon because there is so much of it.

Whether their ammo is in good shape may be a different question in an extended battle. They have not had the money to keep it fresh lately. They would also faced some pretty immediate attacks from bunker busting bombs from South Korea and the US on their well dug in artillery positions.


  1. I wrote the following well over a year ago. In the full post, I made the argument that this President showing the weakness that he is now known for would in fact aid and abet this tin horn dictator in N.Korea. Now, the madman is taking his shots as I feared and the Moron in Chief has the utter gall to proclaim this isn't a crisis or something to that effect. And we should not be the least bit surpirised that China, percieving the weakness on our part would demand we stand down.

    "WE CANNOT NEGOTIATE WITH MADMEN! Chamberlain Jr. has got to get that through his fat head! While we fiddle/faddle, Korea lies to our faces while working at getting what they want! One other thing here. The loonies on the left seem to think the Koreans, being the honorable people that they are ,would never do anything stupid! Wrong!! As is evidenced buy their latest action, the North Koreans are willing to risk destruction well knowing the weak sister leaders of the world will cave in as always. And in the eyes of the morons in power here, they can't deliver a payload! WRONG! They have a short range missile that can deliver a small warhead. And lest anyone forget, we have 35,000 troops around the border there. One bomb. That's all it takes! But we'll trust the Anti-American UN and a madman?! Good Grief!


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