Top ten governors are Republican and seven of the bottom ten are Democrats

Revealed: The Top Ten Most Popular Governors in America Are...All Republicans

This list includes northeastern moderates like Baker and Hogan, mainstream conservatives like Sununu and Hutchinson, and hardcore conservatives like Abbott (who also happens to be quite effective and savvy). The number that really jumps out at me is the blowout success of Ron DeSantis. He was one of the most polarizing and controversial candidates on the ballot in 2018, and won an upset victory by a whisker. Now he's 37 points above water, with just one-in-five Floridians disapproving of his job performance. He campaigned as a Trumpy populist, but has governed more as a center-right pragmatist, earning accolades from a wide array of voters in the largest and most diverse battleground state in America. As for the bottom ten, seven of them are Democrats....
Gov. Abbott continues to be popular in Texas.  What is passing strange is that Democrats still get elected in failing blue states despite the obvious bad policies which are dragging them down.


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