Democrats the big loser with their Mueller show

John Kass:
The left’s anxiety attacks are their own affair. It’s what happens when people insist on clinging to a fantasy, that Mueller would appear and make their dreams a reality.

Mueller had warned them he wouldn’t perform for them. He told them he’d stay with what was in the report, but the Democrats trotted him out anyway, and they cranked up their organ music as if he were their monkey and told him to dance.

And he wouldn’t.

Is that Mueller’s fault? No, it’s their fault.

The Democrats said Americans didn’t read the Mueller report, they wanted Mueller to give them the movie. But it wasn’t “Seven Days in May.” It was more like “Pee-wee’s Big Adventure.”

The Mueller report made it clear that there wasn’t enough to prove a conspiracy with the Russians. And without a crime, all the Democrats have is their hurt feelings. And House Speaker Nancy Pelosi knows it.

As Trump puffed his chest in victory, the Democrats lined up and tried to spin again Wednesday evening, but they were exhausted, and it was over.

They’ll keep beating their Russian horse. But Trump and the Republicans will now move to the next phase of the story. Attorney General William Barr and FBI Inspector General Michael Horowitz are investigating the federal investigators who started it all.

“I believe what you’re going to find out, you are going to find out a lot of things that were done very wrong,” Trump said. “That’s something you haven’t been writing about. And that has to do with the other side, with this thing called ‘investigate the investigators.’ Let’s see what happens. That’s going to be very interesting.”
The Democrat Russian collusion hoax is now clearly seen to be a fraud and they seem to be the only ones not willing to admit what is obvious to the rest of us.


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