Democrat politicians should try governance rather than coup attempts against the President

Washington Post:

Democrats struggle to figure out next move against Trump after Mueller hearing falls flat

Several Democrats wondered whether they erred in having Robert S. Mueller III to testify in public, and his appearance aggravated divisions in the party over impeachment.
Ever since the 2016 election, the Democrat politicians have been principally focused on trying to overthrow the election results rather than working on trying to focus on issues of importance to moving the country forward and dealing with the Mexican cartels who they have turned the control of our borders over to. 

They have returned to their old tropes of calling Republican Presidents Hitler and racists.  Demonization appears to be their primary focus rather than working with the President to improve America.  I find their attitude totally disgusting.  They have no basis for impeachment and appear to be struggling to come up with one rather than working on control of the borders and dealing with a runaway budget.  They deserve to be driven from power in 2020 at this rate.


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