Why the media really sucks at reporting stories about alleged racism

Erick Erickson:
The very same media that amplified and ran with the Covington Catholic school story in Washington is now running a story about Georgia state legislator Erica Thomas.

Thomas claims a man in a grocery story told her to go back to where she came from. Except she’s now walked that back.

But it didn’t matter. The media seized on the story, even as the walking back began. Additionally, just a cursory look at the social media presence of the man Thomas accused would show the attack made no sense. The man has denounced Donald Trump’s tweets and expressed his offense at the President’s statements. The man is also a lifelong and active Democrat.

But the media ran with the story anyway. They used it as an example of a racially divided and hateful country filled with those emboldened by the President.

Yet again, the media rushed to tar and feather someone innocent of the racial sentiment of which the media had accused them.
They have their narrative and they will not let the facts get in the way so spreading it.


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