Germans rebel over pander to Muslim pork phobia

Two German nurseries that decided to take pork off their menus out of respect for Muslim children caused such a furious outcry that they had to be put under police protection.

The kindergartens in the eastern city of Leipzig received threats over the ban, which also included barring gummy bears because they contain gelatine, after it became front-page news this week.

Conservative and far-right politicians criticised the decision, which the nursery management said was taken “out of respect for a changing world” and had the approval of a majority of the parents.

The two nurseries have only two Muslim girls among their 300 children, the Bild newspaper reported.
The Middle East in ancient times had trouble butchering and properly preserving pork.  While the west has been able to properly handle pork for centuries the Middleastern world has made avoiding pork a religious obligation.  There is really no reason to force people of different faiths to abide by the ancient religious beliefs of another sect.  The Germans should not have to give up their culture to pander to immigrants.


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