Democrat hysteria about Trump not playing well with voters

NY Times:

These Michigan Voters Show How Trump’s ‘Go Back’ Attack May Help Him

Voters in a part of the state that swung for Mr. Trump in 2016 have largely overlooked his recent attacks on four congresswomen, instead focusing their ire on Democrats.
I too find Democrat policy positions and their hysteria about all things Trump a big turnoff.  There is not a Democrat in their huge field of candidates I would find acceptable.  I also do not like the policies of the Squad.  I find them offensive. 

I also think it is absurd to say that criticism of them is racist.  That just makes no sense.  There is no such thing as "people of color" privilege which protects someone from criticism. 

To be racist someone would have to use a racial slur or at least identify them by race and say they are being criticized because of their race. 

As for telling them, they could leave if they don't like it here, There were millions of people who said the same thing during the Vietnam war and it had zero to do with race.  Merle Haggard even had a hit song which used that phrase.

I also noticed that critics of the President in the media leave out the part where he said they could return.


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