The Democrats goofy position on racism

Monica Showalter:
The Washington Times' Cheryl Chumley found a poll that tells us a lot about why Democrats, the historic party of racism, think the way they do (non-subscription version here):
In what has to be one of the most interesting polls of the day, Rasmussen Reports finds that "one-in-three Democrats think it's racism any time a white politician criticizes a politician of color."
Think what that means.
White politicians can't say a word against black politicians, Hispanic politicians, Asian politicians — any politician with a skin color that deviates from white — without being accused of racism, according to about a third of Democrats.
Without being guilty of being racist, that is.
That's just crazy. That's just speech-stifling, freedom-chilling crazy.
It's also, as Chumley herself notes later in the piece, actually pretty racist.
See, black people are different from white people in that they're supposedly these fragile flowers.  They can't take political give-and-take the way whites can; any disagreement with one of them is evidence of racism in a way it wouldn't be if the speaker were white.  Same with Hispanics and Asians.
So any disagreement with, say, Maxine Waters, when she spouts something stupid, is the same as putting on the white hooded bed sheet.  Waters, of course, is black, and therefore not only can't be disagreed with, but she evidently can't say anything stupid, either.
There you have.  It explains some of the bogus claims of racism when "people of color" are criticized for their goofy policy positions.


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