Trump is right about Sharpton

Bob McManus:
Once upon a time, when I was editing this newspaper’s opinion pages, somebody decided that it wouldn’t hurt to have a slightly more cordial relationship with the Rev. Al ­Sharpton.

So there we were, in a Manhattan steakhouse, discussing not much because it quickly had become clear that Sharpton enjoyed being New York’s premier racial grievance-monger, so there was no common ground to be had.

But he did show a flicker of interest in a $350 cognac on the after-dinner menu — glancing over with amusement in his eyes as the waiter hovered. “If you do, reverend,” I said, “I’m asking for separate checks.”

Then came that towering thundercloud of a frown — meant to intimidate, as all too often it does.

I laughed. He screwed his face up tighter. I laughed again.

And then so did he, and presently the evening ended with a handshake and a personal lesson learned: If you push back at Rev, Al, he’s not so tough.

Not enough people understand that though — not enough see through the scam.

Al Sharpton has been making a good living for 35 years now, pushing New York and the nation as far as his bullhorn audacity will carry him — which is pretty damned far for a one-time FBI informer who started with nothing and brought even less to the table. He rode an eagerness to exploit racial discord, a couple of incendiary slogans and the cowardice of state, local and national leadership to fame and fortune.
Obama gave this conman access to the White House and Trump did not.  That is likely one of the reasons Sharpton decided to exploit the brouhaha in Baltimore.


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